microsoft windows server 2016 1803 vulnerabilities and exploits

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Firmware -Siemens Scalance W786-2ia Firmware -Siemens Scalance W788-1 Firmware -Siemens Scalance W788-2 Firmware -Siemens Scalance Wam763-1 Firmware -Siemens Scalance Wam766-1 Firmware -Siemens Scalance Wam766-1 6ghz Firmware -Siemens Scalance Wum763-1 Firmware -Siemens Scalance Wum766-1 Firmware -Siemens Scalance Wum766-1 6ghz Firmware -Arista C-100 Firmware -Arista C-110 Firmware -Arista C-120 Firmware -Arista C-130 Firmware -Arista C-200 Firmware -Arista C-230 Firmware -Arista C-235 Firmware -Arista C-250 Firmware -Arista C-260 Firmware -Arista C-65 Firmware -Arista C-75 Firmware -Arista O-105 Firmware -Arista O-90 Firmware -Arista W-118 Firmware -Arista W-68 Firmware -Cisco 1100 Firmware -Cisco 1100-4p Firmware -Cisco 1100-8p Firmware -Cisco 1101-4p Firmware -Cisco 1109-2p Firmware -Cisco 1109-4p Firmware -Cisco Aironet 1532 Firmware -Cisco Aironet 1542d Firmware -Cisco Aironet 1542i Firmware -Cisco Aironet 1800 Firmware -Cisco Aironet 1800i Firmware -Cisco Aironet 1810 Firmware -Cisco Aironet 1810w Firmware -Cisco Aironet 1815 Firmware -Cisco Aironet 1815i Firmware -Cisco Aironet 1832 Firmware -Cisco Aironet 1842 Firmware -Cisco Aironet 1852 Firmware -Cisco Aironet Ap803 Firmware -Cisco Aironet Iw3702 Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9105 Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9105axi Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9105axw Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9115 Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9115 Ap Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9115axe Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9115axi Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9117 Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9117 Ap Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9117axi Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9120 Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9120 Ap Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9120axe Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9120axi Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9120axp Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9124 Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9124axd Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9124axi Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9130 Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9130 Ap Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9130axe Firmware -Cisco Catalyst 9130axi Firmware -Cisco Ip Phone 6861 Firmware -Cisco Ip Phone 8821 Firmware -Cisco Ip Phone 8832 Firmware -Cisco Ip Phone 8861 Firmware -Cisco Ip Phone 8865 Firmware -Cisco Ir829-2lte-ea-ak9 Firmware -Cisco Ir829-2lte-ea-bk9 Firmware -Cisco Ir829-2lte-ea-ek9 Firmware -Cisco Ir829gw-lte-ga-ck9 Firmware -Cisco Ir829gw-lte-ga-ek9 Firmware -Cisco Ir829gw-lte-ga-sk9 Firmware -Cisco Ir829gw-lte-ga-zk9 Firmware -Cisco Ir829gw-lte-na-ak9 Firmware -Cisco Ir829gw-lte-vz-ak9 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Gr10 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Gr60 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr12 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr20 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr26 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr30h Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr32 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr33 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr34 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr36 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr42 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr42e Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr44 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr45 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr46 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr46e Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr52 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr53 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr53e Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr55 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr56 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr62 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr66 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr70 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr72 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr74 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr76 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr84 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mr86 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mx64w Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mx65w Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mx67cw Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mx67w Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mx68cw Firmware -Cisco Meraki Mx68w Firmware -Cisco Meraki Z3 Firmware -Cisco Meraki Z3c Firmware -Cisco Webex Board 55 Firmware -Cisco Webex Board 55s Firmware -Cisco Webex Board 70 Firmware -Cisco Webex Board 70s Firmware -Cisco Webex Board 85s Firmware -Cisco Webex Dx70 Firmware -Cisco Webex Dx80 Firmware -Cisco Webex Room 55 Firmware -Cisco Webex Room 55 Dual Firmware -Cisco Webex Room 70 Firmware -Cisco Webex Room 70 Dual Firmware -Cisco Webex Room 70 Dual G2 Firmware -Cisco Webex Room 70 Single Firmware -Cisco Webex Room 70 Single G2 Firmware -Cisco Webex Room Kit Firmware -Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini Firmware -Intel Ac 8260 Firmware -Intel Ac 8265 Firmware -Intel Ac 9260 Firmware -Intel Ac 9560 Firmware -Intel Killer Ac 1550 Firmware -Intel Killer Wi-fi 6 Ax1650 Firmware -Intel Killer Wi-fi 6e Ax1675 Firmware -Intel Proset Ac 3165 Firmware -Intel Proset Ac 3168 Firmware -Intel Proset Ac 8260 Firmware -Intel Proset Ac 8265 Firmware -Intel Proset Ac 9260 Firmware -Intel Proset Ac 9461 Firmware -Intel Proset Ac 9462 Firmware -Intel Proset Ac 9560 Firmware -Intel Proset Wi-fi 6 Ax200 Firmware -Intel Proset Wi-fi 6 Ax201 Firmware -Intel Proset Wi-fi 6e Ax210 Firmware -Intel Proset Wireless 7265 \\(rev D\\) Firmware -Intel Wi-fi 6 Ax200 Firmware -Intel Wi-fi 6 Ax201 Firmware -Linux Linux Kernel