oracle flexcube private banking vulnerabilities and exploits

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Pivotal Software Spring FrameworkRedhat Openshift -Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12.3.3Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform Enterprise Manager Base Platform Enterprise Manager Base Platform Communications Converged Application ServerOracle Communications Diameter Signaling RouterOracle Communications Performance Intelligence CenterOracle Communications Services GatekeeperOracle Insurance Calculation Engine 10.2.1Oracle Insurance Rules Palette 10.0Oracle Insurance Rules Palette 10.1Oracle Application Testing Suite Weblogic Server Weblogic Server Insurance Rules Palette 10.2Oracle Health Sciences Information Manager 3.0Oracle Healthcare Master Person Index 3.0Oracle Retail Customer Insights 15.0Oracle Retail Customer Insights 16.0Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server 14.0Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server 14.1Oracle Retail Order Broker 15.0Oracle Retail Order Broker 16.0Oracle Retail Open Commerce Platform 5.3.0Oracle Primavera Gateway 17.12Oracle Goldengate For Big Data Goldengate For Big Data Agile Product Lifecycle Management 9.3.3Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management 9.3.4Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management 9.3.5Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management 9.3.6Oracle Utilities Network Management System Flexcube Private Banking Flexcube Private Banking Weblogic Server Primavera Gateway 16.2Oracle Primavera Gateway 15.2Oracle Hospitality Guest Access 4.2.0Oracle Hospitality Guest Access 4.2.1Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Integrator 3.2.0Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Integrator 3.1.0Oracle Retail Open Commerce Platform 6.0.1Oracle Application Testing Suite Application Testing Suite Application Testing Suite Healthcare Master Person Index 4.0Oracle Insurance Calculation Engine 10.2Oracle Tape Library Acsls 8.4Oracle Service Architecture Leveraging Tuxedo Service Architecture Leveraging Tuxedo Retail Predictive Application Server 15.0Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server 16.0Oracle Retail Order Broker 5.1Oracle Retail Order Broker 5.2Oracle Retail Open Commerce Platform 6.0.0Oracle Insurance Calculation Engine 10.1.1Oracle Insurance Rules Palette 11.0Oracle Insurance Rules Palette 11.1Oracle Big Data Discovery 1.6.0Oracle Goldengate For Big Data Enterprise Manager For Mysql Database 13.2Oracle Flexcube Private Banking Flexcube Private Banking Flexcube Private Banking Communications Unified Inventory Management 7.3.2Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management 7.3.4Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management 7.3.5Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management 7.4.0