oracle graalvm 19.3.4 vulnerabilities and exploits

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Openssl OpensslDebian Debian Linux 9.0Debian Debian Linux 10.0Fedoraproject Fedora 32Fedoraproject Fedora 33Oracle Api Gateway Peoplesoft Enterprise Peopletools 8.56Oracle Business Intelligence Peoplesoft Enterprise Peopletools 8.57Oracle Jd Edwards World Security A9.4Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Manager Base Platform Business Intelligence Peoplesoft Enterprise Peopletools 8.58Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform Communications Session Router Cz8.2Oracle Communications Session Router Cz8.3Oracle Communications Subscriber-aware Load Balancer Cz8.2Oracle Communications Subscriber-aware Load Balancer Cz8.3Oracle Communications Subscriber-aware Load Balancer Cz8.4Oracle Communications Unified Session Manager Scz8.2.5Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker Pcz3.1Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker Pcz3.2Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker Pcz3.3Oracle Enterprise Manager For Storage Management Enterprise Manager Ops Center Enterprise Session Border Controller Cz8.2Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller Cz8.3Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller Cz8.4Oracle Essbase 21.2Oracle Graalvm 19.3.4Oracle Graalvm 20.3.0Oracle Http Server Jd Edwards Enterpriseone ToolsOracle MysqlOracle Business Intelligence Communications Cloud Native Core Network Function Cloud Native Environment 1.10.0Oracle Communications Diameter Intelligence HubOracle Communications Session Border Controller Cz8.2Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Cz8.3Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Cz8.4Oracle Communications Session Router Cz8.4Oracle Mysql ServerNetapp Santricity Smi-s Provider -Netapp Snapcenter -Netapp Oncommand Workflow Automation -Netapp Oncommand Insight -Netapp Data Ontap -Netapp Clustered Data Ontap Antivirus Connector -Netapp Solidfire -Netapp Hci Management Node -Netapp Hci Storage Node -Netapp Active Iq Unified Manager -Netapp E-series Santricity Os ControllerNetapp Manageability Software Development Kit -Netapp Plug-in For Symantec Netbackup -Netapp Hci Compute Node -Netapp Ef600a Firmware -Netapp Aff A250 Firmware -Tenable Log Correlation EngineTenable Nessus Network MonitorSiemens Sinec Infrastructure Network Services