oracle http server vulnerabilities and exploits

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Oracle Http Server Http Server Http Server Http Server Integrated Lights Out Manager FirmwareOracle Communications Application Session ControllerOracle Http Server Communications Policy ManagementDebian Debian Linux 8.0Debian Debian Linux 7.0Redhat Enterprise Linux Desktop 7.0Redhat Enterprise Linux Server 5.0Redhat Enterprise Linux Workstation 7.0Redhat Satellite 5.7Redhat Enterprise Linux Server 7.0Redhat Enterprise Linux Workstation 5.0Redhat Enterprise Linux Server Aus 6.6Redhat Enterprise Linux Desktop 6.0Redhat Enterprise Linux Server 6.0Redhat Enterprise Linux Workstation 6.0Redhat Enterprise Linux Eus 7.1Redhat Enterprise Linux Eus 6.6Redhat Enterprise Linux Server Tus 7.3Redhat Enterprise Linux Desktop 5.0Redhat Enterprise Linux Server Aus 7.3Redhat Enterprise Linux Server Aus 7.4Redhat Enterprise Linux Eus 7.3Redhat Enterprise Linux Eus 7.4Redhat Enterprise Linux Eus 7.5Redhat Enterprise Linux Server Tus 7.6Redhat Enterprise Linux Server Aus 7.6Redhat Enterprise Linux Eus 7.6Redhat Enterprise Linux Eus 7.2Redhat Enterprise Linux Server Aus 7.7Redhat Enterprise Linux Server Tus 7.7Redhat Enterprise Linux Eus 7.7Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 11Suse Linux Enterprise Debuginfo 11Suse Linux Enterprise Software Development Kit 11Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10Opensuse Opensuse 13.1Opensuse Opensuse 13.2Suse Linux Enterprise Server 12Suse Linux Enterprise Software Development Kit 12Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 12Suse Manager 1.7Canonical Ubuntu Linux 15.04Canonical Ubuntu Linux 12.04Canonical Ubuntu Linux 14.04Redhat Satellite 5.6Fujitsu Sparc Enterprise M3000 FirmwareFujitsu Sparc Enterprise M4000 FirmwareFujitsu Sparc Enterprise M5000 FirmwareFujitsu Sparc Enterprise M8000 FirmwareFujitsu Sparc Enterprise M9000 FirmwareHuawei E6000 Firmware -Huawei E9000 Firmware -Huawei Oceanstor 18500 Firmware -Huawei Oceanstor 18800 Firmware -Huawei Oceanstor 18800f Firmware -Huawei Oceanstor 9000 Firmware -Huawei Oceanstor Cse Firmware -Huawei Oceanstor Hvs85t Firmware -Huawei Oceanstor S2600t Firmware -Huawei Oceanstor S5500t Firmware -Huawei Oceanstor S5600t Firmware -Huawei Oceanstor S5800t Firmware -Huawei Oceanstor S6800t Firmware -Huawei Oceanstor Vis6600t Firmware -Huawei Quidway S9300 Firmware -Huawei S7700 Firmware -Huawei 9700 Firmware -Huawei S12700 Firmware -Huawei S2700 Firmware -Huawei S3700 Firmware -Huawei S5700ei Firmware -Huawei S5700hi Firmware -Huawei S5700si Firmware -Huawei S5710ei Firmware -Huawei S5710hi Firmware -Huawei S6700 Firmware -Huawei S2750 Firmware -Huawei S5700li Firmware -Huawei S5700s-li Firmware -Huawei S5720hi Firmware -Huawei S5720ei Firmware -Huawei Te60 Firmware -Huawei Policy Center V100r003c10Huawei Policy Center V100r003c00Huawei Smc2.0 V100r002c01Huawei Smc2.0 V100r002c02Huawei Smc2.0 V100r002c03Huawei Smc2.0 V100r002c04Huawei Ultravr V100r003c00Huawei Oceanstor Replicationdirector V100r003c00Ibm Cognos Metrics Manager 10.2.1Ibm Cognos Metrics Manager 10.2Ibm Cognos Metrics Manager 10.1.1Ibm Cognos Metrics Manager 10.1Ibm Cognos Metrics Manager 10.2.2