oracle retail applications 12.0 vulnerabilities and exploits

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Oracle Retail Applications 12.0Oracle Retail Applications 12.0inOracle Retail Applications 13.2Oracle Retail Applications 13.3Oracle Retail Applications 13.4Oracle Retail Applications 14.0Oracle Retail Applications 13.0Oracle Retail Applications 13.1Apache Tomcat 7.0.0Apache Tomcat 7.0.14Apache Tomcat 7.0.15Apache Tomcat 7.0.21Apache Tomcat 7.0.22Apache Tomcat 7.0.29Apache Tomcat 7.0.3Apache Tomcat 7.0.36Apache Tomcat 7.0.37Apache Tomcat 7.0.43Apache Tomcat 7.0.44Apache Tomcat 7.0.50Apache Tomcat 7.0.6Apache Tomcat 8.0.0Apache Commons Fileupload 1.0Apache Tomcat 7.0.10Apache Tomcat 7.0.11Apache Tomcat 7.0.19Apache Tomcat 7.0.2Apache Tomcat 7.0.25Apache Tomcat 7.0.26Apache Tomcat 7.0.32Apache Tomcat 7.0.33Apache Tomcat 7.0.4Apache Tomcat 7.0.40Apache Tomcat 7.0.47Apache Tomcat 7.0.48Apache Tomcat 7.0.9Apache Commons Fileupload 1.2Apache Commons Fileupload 1.2.1Apache Tomcat 7.0.12Apache Tomcat 7.0.13Apache Tomcat 7.0.20Apache Tomcat 7.0.27Apache Tomcat 7.0.28Apache Tomcat 7.0.34Apache Tomcat 7.0.35Apache Tomcat 7.0.41Apache Tomcat 7.0.42Apache Tomcat 7.0.49Apache Tomcat 7.0.5Apache Tomcat 8.0.1Apache Commons Fileupload 1.2.2Apache Commons FileuploadApache Tomcat 7.0.1Apache Tomcat 7.0.16Apache Tomcat 7.0.17Apache Tomcat 7.0.18Apache Tomcat 7.0.23Apache Tomcat 7.0.24Apache Tomcat 7.0.30Apache Tomcat 7.0.31Apache Tomcat 7.0.38Apache Tomcat 7.0.39Apache Tomcat 7.0.45Apache Tomcat 7.0.46Apache Tomcat 7.0.7Apache Tomcat 7.0.8Apache Commons Fileupload 1.1Apache Commons Fileupload 1.1.1
Vmware Spring FrameworkVmware Spring Framework 5.1.0Oracle Flexcube Private Banking 12.1.0Oracle Insurance Policy Administration J2ee 10.2.0Oracle Retail Xstore Point Of Service 7.1Oracle Weblogic Server Retail Invoice Matching 13.0Oracle Flexcube Private Banking 12.0.1Oracle Primavera Gateway 16.2Oracle Primavera Gateway 15.2Oracle Retail Invoice Matching 12.0Oracle Flexcube Private Banking 12.0.3Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management 7.3Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Integrator 3.2.0Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12.3.3Oracle Healthcare Master Person Index 3.0Oracle Insurance Calculation Engine 10.2Oracle Insurance Rules Palette 10.0Oracle Insurance Rules Palette 10.1Oracle Insurance Rules Palette 10.2Oracle Insurance Rules Palette 10.2.0Oracle Insurance Rules Palette 11.0Oracle Retail Integration Bus 15.0Oracle Retail Order Broker 5.1Oracle Retail Order Broker 5.2Oracle Retail Order Broker 15.0Oracle Retail Order Broker 16.0Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server 16.0Oracle Retail Service Backbone 15.0Oracle Webcenter Sites Weblogic Server Weblogic Server Agile Plm 9.3.3Oracle Agile Plm 9.3.4Oracle Agile Plm 9.3.5Oracle Agile Plm 9.3.6Oracle Communications Converged Application Server - Service Controller 6.1Oracle Communications Element Manager 8.1.1Oracle Communications Element Manager 8.2.0Oracle Communications Element Manager 8.2.1Oracle Communications Online Mediation Controller 6.1Oracle Communications Session Report Manager 8.1.1Oracle Communications Session Report Manager 8.2.0Oracle Communications Session Report Manager 8.2.1Oracle Communications Session Route Manager 8.1.1Oracle Communications Session Route Manager 8.2.0Oracle Communications Session Route Manager 8.2.1Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management 7.4.0Oracle Enterprise Manager For Fusion Applications Goldengate Application Adapters Identity Manager Connector 9.0Oracle Insurance Policy Administration J2ee 10.0Oracle Insurance Policy Administration J2ee 10.2Oracle Mysql Enterprise MonitorOracle Primavera Gateway 17.12Oracle Rapid Planning 12.1Oracle Rapid Planning 12.2Oracle Retail Assortment Planning 15.0Oracle Retail Assortment Planning 16.0Oracle Retail Clearance Optimization Engine 14.0.5Oracle Retail Financial Integration 14.0Oracle Retail Financial Integration 14.1Oracle Retail Financial Integration 15.0Oracle Retail Financial Integration 16.0Oracle Retail Integration Bus 16.0Oracle Retail Invoice Matching 13.1Oracle Retail Invoice Matching 13.2Oracle Retail Invoice Matching 14.0Oracle Retail Invoice Matching 14.1Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server 15.0.3Oracle Weblogic Server Communications Brm - Elastic Charging Engine 11.3Oracle Communications Brm - Elastic Charging Engine 12.0Oracle Communications Converged Application Server - Service Controller 6.0Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router 8.0.0Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router 8.1Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router 8.2Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router 8.2.1Oracle Communications Session Report Manager 8.0.0Oracle Communications Session Report Manager 8.1.0Oracle Communications Session Route Manager 8.0.0Oracle Communications Session Route Manager 8.1.0Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications InfrastructureOracle Healthcare Master Person Index 4.0.2Oracle Insurance Calculation Engine 9.7Oracle Insurance Calculation Engine 10.0Oracle Insurance Calculation Engine 10.1Oracle Insurance Policy Administration J2ee 10.1Oracle Insurance Policy Administration J2ee 10.2.4Oracle Insurance Policy Administration J2ee 11.0Oracle Insurance Policy Administration J2ee 11.1.0Oracle Insurance Policy Administration J2ee 11.2.0Oracle Insurance Rules Palette 10.2.4Oracle Insurance Rules Palette 11.0.2Oracle Insurance Rules Palette 11.1.0Oracle Insurance Rules Palette 11.2.0Oracle Primavera Analytics 18.8Oracle Primavera Gateway 18.8.0Oracle Retail Advanced Inventory Planning 15.0Oracle Retail Integration Bus 15.0.3Oracle Retail Integration Bus 16.0.3Oracle Retail Markdown Optimization 13.4.4Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server 14.0.3Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server Retail Predictive Application Server 14.1.3Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server Retail Predictive Application Server Retail Predictive Application Server 16.0.3Oracle Retail Service Backbone 16.0Oracle Retail Service Backbone 16.0.1Oracle Tape Library Acsls 8.5Debian Debian Linux 9.0