oracle retail xstore point of service 7.1.1 vulnerabilities and exploits

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Eclipse Jetty 7.0.0Eclipse Jetty 7.1.2Eclipse Jetty 7.1.3Eclipse Jetty 7.1.4Eclipse Jetty 7.1.5Eclipse Jetty 7.4.4Eclipse Jetty 7.4.5Eclipse Jetty 7.5.0Eclipse Jetty 7.6.0Eclipse Jetty 7.6.1Eclipse Jetty 7.6.2Eclipse Jetty 7.6.11Eclipse Jetty 7.6.12Eclipse Jetty 7.6.13Eclipse Jetty 8.0.0Eclipse Jetty 8.0.1Eclipse Jetty 8.0.2Eclipse Jetty 8.0.3Eclipse Jetty 8.1.5Eclipse Jetty 8.1.6Eclipse Jetty 8.1.7Eclipse Jetty 8.1.8Eclipse Jetty 8.1.19Eclipse Jetty 8.1.20Eclipse Jetty 8.1.21Eclipse Jetty 8.1.22Eclipse Jetty 9.0.1Eclipse Jetty 9.0.2Eclipse Jetty 9.0.3Eclipse Jetty 9.1.1Eclipse Jetty 9.1.2Eclipse Jetty 9.1.3Eclipse Jetty 9.1.4Eclipse Jetty 9.2.5Eclipse Jetty 9.2.6Eclipse Jetty 9.2.7Eclipse Jetty 9.2.8Eclipse Jetty 9.2.17Eclipse Jetty 9.2.18Eclipse Jetty 9.2.19Eclipse Jetty 9.2.20Eclipse Jetty 9.3.0Eclipse Jetty 9.3.1Eclipse Jetty 9.3.2Eclipse Jetty 9.3.8Eclipse Jetty 9.3.9Eclipse Jetty 9.3.17Eclipse Jetty 9.3.18Eclipse Jetty 9.3.19Eclipse Jetty 9.3.20Eclipse Jetty 9.4.0Eclipse Jetty 9.4.7Eclipse Jetty 9.4.8Eclipse Jetty 9.4.15Eclipse Jetty 7.0.1Eclipse Jetty 7.0.2Eclipse Jetty 7.2.2Eclipse Jetty 7.3.0Eclipse Jetty 7.3.1Eclipse Jetty 7.4.0Eclipse Jetty 7.5.3Eclipse Jetty 7.5.4Eclipse Jetty 7.6.5Eclipse Jetty 7.6.6Eclipse Jetty 7.6.7Eclipse Jetty 7.6.18Eclipse Jetty 7.6.19Eclipse Jetty 7.6.20Eclipse Jetty 7.6.21Eclipse Jetty 8.1.0Eclipse Jetty 8.1.1Eclipse Jetty 8.1.12Eclipse Jetty 7.1.0Eclipse Jetty 7.1.1Eclipse Jetty 7.1.6Eclipse Jetty 7.2.0Eclipse Jetty 7.4.1Eclipse Jetty 7.4.3Eclipse Jetty 7.5.2Eclipse Jetty 7.6.3Eclipse Jetty 7.6.4Eclipse Jetty 7.6.9Eclipse Jetty 7.6.14Eclipse Jetty 7.6.16Eclipse Jetty 8.1.2Eclipse Jetty 8.1.3Eclipse Jetty 8.1.9Eclipse Jetty 8.1.11Eclipse Jetty 8.1.16Eclipse Jetty 8.1.18Eclipse Jetty 8.2.0Eclipse Jetty 9.0.0Eclipse Jetty 9.0.4Eclipse Jetty 9.0.5Eclipse Jetty 9.1.0Eclipse Jetty 9.1.5Eclipse Jetty 9.1.6Eclipse Jetty 9.2.2Eclipse Jetty 9.2.4Eclipse Jetty 9.2.10Eclipse Jetty 9.2.11Eclipse Jetty 9.2.14Eclipse Jetty 9.2.16Eclipse Jetty 9.2.22Eclipse Jetty 9.2.24Eclipse Jetty 9.3.3Eclipse Jetty 9.3.4Eclipse Jetty 9.3.7Eclipse Jetty 9.3.10Eclipse Jetty 9.3.11Eclipse Jetty 9.3.15Eclipse Jetty 9.3.16Eclipse Jetty 9.3.21Eclipse Jetty 9.3.22Eclipse Jetty 9.4.1Eclipse Jetty 9.4.2Eclipse Jetty 9.4.5Eclipse Jetty 9.4.6Eclipse Jetty 9.4.9Eclipse Jetty 9.4.10Eclipse Jetty 9.4.12Eclipse Jetty 9.4.13Eclipse Jetty 8.1.13Eclipse Jetty 8.1.14Eclipse Jetty 9.0.6Eclipse Jetty 9.0.7Eclipse Jetty 9.2.0Eclipse Jetty 9.2.12Eclipse Jetty 9.2.13Eclipse Jetty 9.2.25Eclipse Jetty 9.2.26Eclipse Jetty 9.2.27Eclipse Jetty 9.3.5Eclipse Jetty 9.3.6Eclipse Jetty 9.3.12Eclipse Jetty 9.3.13Eclipse Jetty 9.3.14Eclipse Jetty 9.3.24Eclipse Jetty 9.3.25Eclipse Jetty 9.3.26Eclipse Jetty 9.4.3Eclipse Jetty 9.4.4Eclipse Jetty 9.4.11Eclipse Jetty 7.2.1Eclipse Jetty 7.4.2Eclipse Jetty 7.5.1Eclipse Jetty 7.6.8Eclipse Jetty 7.6.10Eclipse Jetty 7.6.15Eclipse Jetty 7.6.17Eclipse Jetty 8.0.4Eclipse Jetty 8.1.4Eclipse Jetty 8.1.10Eclipse Jetty 8.1.15Eclipse Jetty 8.1.17Eclipse Jetty 9.2.1Eclipse Jetty 9.2.3Eclipse Jetty 9.2.9Eclipse Jetty 9.2.15Eclipse Jetty 9.2.21Eclipse Jetty 9.2.23Eclipse Jetty 9.3.23Eclipse Jetty 9.4.14Netapp Oncommand System ManagerNetapp Snap Creator Framework -Netapp Snapcenter -Netapp Snapmanager -Netapp Storage Replication Adapter For Clustered Data OntapNetapp Storage Services Connector -Netapp Vasa Provider For Clustered Data OntapNetapp Virtual Storage ConsoleNetapp Element -Oracle Autovue 21.0.2Oracle Communications Analytics 12.1.1Oracle Communications Element Manager 8.0.0Oracle Communications Element Manager 8.1.0Oracle Communications Element Manager 8.1.1Oracle Communications Element Manager 8.2.0Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper 6.0Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper 6.1Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper 7.0Oracle Communications Session Report Manager 8.0.0Oracle Communications Session Report Manager 8.1.0Oracle Communications Session Report Manager 8.1.1Oracle Communications Session Report Manager 8.2.0Oracle Communications Session Route Manager 8.0.0Oracle Communications Session Route Manager 8.1.0Oracle Communications Session Route Manager 8.1.1Oracle Communications Session Route Manager 8.2.0Oracle Data Integrator Data Integrator Endeca Information Discovery Integrator 3.2.0Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform 13.2Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform 13.3Oracle Flexcube Core Banking 5.2.0Oracle Flexcube Core BankingOracle Flexcube Private Banking 12.0.0Oracle Flexcube Private Banking 12.1.0Oracle Fmw Platform Fmw Platform Hospitality Guest Access 4.2.0Oracle Hospitality Guest Access 4.2.1Oracle Retail Xstore Point Of Service 7.1Oracle Retail Xstore Point Of Service 15.0Oracle Retail Xstore Point Of Service 16.0Oracle Retail Xstore Point Of Service 17.0Oracle Unified Directory Unified Directory Debian Linux 9.0Debian Debian Linux 10.0