oracle retail xstore point of service 7.1.5 vulnerabilities and exploits

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Apache Nifi 1.15.0Apache Nifi 1.14.0Apache Commons BeanutilsDebian Debian Linux 8.0Opensuse Leap 15.1Opensuse Leap 15.0Fedoraproject Fedora 31Fedoraproject Fedora 30Redhat Enterprise Linux Workstation 7.0Redhat Enterprise Linux Server Tus 7.7Redhat Enterprise Linux Server Aus 7.7Redhat Enterprise Linux Server 7.0Redhat Enterprise Linux Eus 7.7Redhat Enterprise Linux Desktop 7.0Redhat Jboss Enterprise Application Platform 7.2.0Oracle Agile Plm 9.3.3Oracle Agile Plm 9.3.5Oracle Agile Plm 9.3.6Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management Integration Pack 3.5Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management Integration Pack 3.6Oracle Application Testing Suite Banking Platform 2.4.0Oracle Banking Platform 2.7.1Oracle Banking Platform 2.9.0Oracle Communications Billing And Revenue Management Elastic Charging Engine Communications Billing And Revenue Management Elastic Charging Engine Communications Cloud Native Core Console 1.4.0Oracle Communications Cloud Native Core Policy 1.9.0Oracle Communications Cloud Native Core Unified Data Repository 1.6.0Oracle Communications Evolved Communications Application Server 7.1Oracle Communications Metasolv Solution 6.3.0Oracle Communications Metasolv Solution 6.3.1Oracle Communications Performance Intelligence Center Communications Pricing Design Center Communications Unified Inventory Management 7.3.4Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management 7.3.5Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management 7.4.0Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management 7.4.1Oracle Customer Management And Segmentation Foundation 18.0Oracle Enterprise Manager For Virtualization Financial Services Revenue Management And Billing Analytics 2.7Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management And Billing Analytics 2.8Oracle Flexcube Private Banking 12.0.0Oracle Flexcube Private Banking 12.1.0Oracle Fusion Middleware Fusion Middleware Fusion Middleware Healthcare Foundation 7.1.5Oracle Healthcare Foundation 7.2.2Oracle Healthcare Foundation 7.3.0Oracle Healthcare Foundation 7.3.1Oracle Healthcare Foundation 8.0.1Oracle Hospitality Opera 5 5.5Oracle Hospitality Opera 5 5.6Oracle Insurance Data Gateway Jd Edwards Enterpriseone OrchestratorOracle Jd Edwards Enterpriseone Orchestrator Jd Edwards Enterpriseone ToolsOracle Jd Edwards Enterpriseone Tools Peoplesoft Enterprise Peopletools 8.56Oracle Peoplesoft Enterprise Peopletools 8.57Oracle Peoplesoft Enterprise Pt Peopletools 8.56Oracle Peoplesoft Enterprise Pt Peopletools 8.57Oracle Peoplesoft Enterprise Pt Peopletools 8.58Oracle Primavera GatewayOracle Real-time Decisions Solutions Retail Advanced Inventory Planning 14.1Oracle Retail Back Office 14.1Oracle Retail Central Office 14.1Oracle Retail Merchandising System Retail Point-of-service 14.1Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server 16.0Oracle Retail Price Management 14.0Oracle Retail Price Management 14.0.1Oracle Retail Price Management 15.0Oracle Retail Price Management 16.0Oracle Retail Returns Management 14.1Oracle Retail Xstore Point Of Service 7.1Oracle Retail Xstore Point Of Service 15.0Oracle Retail Xstore Point Of Service 16.0Oracle Retail Xstore Point Of Service 17.0Oracle Retail Xstore Point Of Service 18.0Oracle Service Bus Service Bus Service Bus Solaris Cluster 4.4Oracle Utilities Framework Utilities Framework Utilities FrameworkOracle Utilities Framework Utilities Framework Utilities Framework Weblogic Server
Eclipse Jetty 7.0.0Eclipse Jetty 7.1.2Eclipse Jetty 7.1.3Eclipse Jetty 7.1.4Eclipse Jetty 7.1.5Eclipse Jetty 7.4.4Eclipse Jetty 7.4.5Eclipse Jetty 7.5.0Eclipse Jetty 8.1.8Eclipse Jetty 8.1.7Eclipse Jetty 8.1.6Eclipse Jetty 8.1.5Eclipse Jetty 8.1.20Eclipse Jetty 8.1.21Eclipse Jetty 8.1.19Eclipse Jetty 8.0.0Eclipse Jetty 8.0.1Eclipse Jetty 8.0.2Eclipse Jetty 8.0.3Eclipse Jetty 7.6.0Eclipse Jetty 7.6.1Eclipse Jetty 7.6.2Eclipse Jetty 7.6.11Eclipse Jetty 7.6.12Eclipse Jetty 7.6.13Eclipse Jetty 9.3.0Eclipse Jetty 9.3.8Eclipse Jetty 9.3.1Eclipse Jetty 9.3.2Eclipse Jetty 9.3.9Eclipse Jetty 9.3.17Eclipse Jetty 9.3.18Eclipse Jetty 9.3.19Eclipse Jetty 9.3.20Eclipse Jetty 9.4.0Eclipse Jetty 9.4.7Eclipse Jetty 9.4.8Eclipse Jetty 9.4.15Eclipse Jetty 9.2.8Eclipse Jetty 9.2.7Eclipse Jetty 9.2.6Eclipse Jetty 9.2.5Eclipse Jetty 9.2.17Eclipse Jetty 9.2.18Eclipse Jetty 9.2.19Eclipse Jetty 9.2.20Eclipse Jetty 9.1.1Eclipse Jetty 9.1.2Eclipse Jetty 9.1.3Eclipse Jetty 9.1.4Eclipse Jetty 9.0.1Eclipse Jetty 9.0.2Eclipse Jetty 9.0.3Eclipse Jetty 8.1.22Eclipse Jetty 7.0.1Eclipse Jetty 7.0.2Eclipse Jetty 9.3.7Eclipse Jetty 9.3.3Eclipse Jetty 9.3.4Eclipse Jetty 9.3.10Eclipse Jetty 9.3.11Eclipse Jetty 9.3.15Eclipse Jetty 9.3.16Eclipse Jetty 9.3.21Eclipse Jetty 9.3.22Eclipse Jetty 9.4.1Eclipse Jetty 9.4.2Eclipse Jetty 9.4.5Eclipse Jetty 9.2.4Eclipse Jetty 9.2.2Eclipse Jetty 9.2.10Eclipse Jetty 9.2.11Eclipse Jetty 9.2.14Eclipse Jetty 9.2.16Eclipse Jetty 9.2.22Eclipse Jetty 9.2.24Eclipse Jetty 9.1.0Eclipse Jetty 9.1.5Eclipse Jetty 9.1.6Eclipse Jetty 9.0.0Eclipse Jetty 9.0.4Eclipse Jetty 9.0.5Eclipse Jetty 8.2.0Eclipse Jetty 8.1.9Eclipse Jetty 8.1.3Eclipse Jetty 8.1.2Eclipse Jetty 8.1.1Eclipse Jetty 8.1.11Eclipse Jetty 8.1.12Eclipse Jetty 8.1.16Eclipse Jetty 8.1.18Eclipse Jetty 8.1.0Eclipse Jetty 7.6.3Eclipse Jetty 7.6.4Eclipse Jetty 7.6.5Eclipse Jetty 7.6.6Eclipse Jetty 7.6.7Eclipse Jetty 7.6.9Eclipse Jetty 7.6.14Eclipse Jetty 7.6.16Eclipse Jetty 7.6.18Eclipse Jetty 7.6.19Eclipse Jetty 7.6.20Eclipse Jetty 7.6.21Eclipse Jetty 7.5.2Eclipse Jetty 7.5.3Eclipse Jetty 7.5.4Eclipse Jetty 7.4.3Eclipse Jetty 7.4.1Eclipse Jetty 7.4.0Eclipse Jetty 7.3.1Eclipse Jetty 7.3.0Eclipse Jetty 7.2.2Eclipse Jetty 7.2.0Eclipse Jetty 7.1.6Eclipse Jetty 7.1.1Eclipse Jetty 7.1.0Eclipse Jetty 9.3.5Eclipse Jetty 9.3.6Eclipse Jetty 9.3.12Eclipse Jetty 9.3.13Eclipse Jetty 9.3.14Eclipse Jetty 9.3.23Eclipse Jetty 9.3.24Eclipse Jetty 9.3.25Eclipse Jetty 9.4.3Eclipse Jetty 9.4.4Eclipse Jetty 9.4.6Eclipse Jetty 9.4.9Eclipse Jetty 9.4.10Eclipse Jetty 9.4.11Eclipse Jetty 9.4.12Eclipse Jetty 9.4.13Eclipse Jetty 9.4.14Eclipse Jetty 9.2.9Eclipse Jetty 9.2.3Eclipse Jetty 9.2.27Eclipse Jetty 9.2.0Eclipse Jetty 9.2.1Eclipse Jetty 9.2.12Eclipse Jetty 9.2.13Eclipse Jetty 9.2.15Eclipse Jetty 9.2.21Eclipse Jetty 9.2.23Eclipse Jetty 9.2.25Eclipse Jetty 9.2.26Eclipse Jetty 9.0.6Eclipse Jetty 9.0.7Eclipse Jetty 8.1.4Eclipse Jetty 8.1.10Eclipse Jetty 8.1.13Eclipse Jetty 8.1.14Eclipse Jetty 8.1.15Eclipse Jetty 8.1.17Eclipse Jetty 8.0.4Eclipse Jetty 7.6.8Eclipse Jetty 7.6.10Eclipse Jetty 7.6.15Eclipse Jetty 7.6.17Eclipse Jetty 7.5.1Eclipse Jetty 7.4.2Eclipse Jetty 7.2.1Eclipse Jetty 9.3.26Netapp Oncommand System ManagerNetapp Snap Creator Framework -Netapp Snapcenter -Netapp Snapmanager -Netapp Storage Replication Adapter For Clustered Data OntapNetapp Storage Services Connector -Netapp Vasa Provider For Clustered Data OntapNetapp Virtual Storage ConsoleNetapp Element -Oracle Autovue 21.0.2Oracle Communications Analytics 12.1.1Oracle Communications Element Manager 8.0.0Oracle Communications Element Manager 8.1.0Oracle Communications Element Manager 8.1.1Oracle Communications Element Manager 8.2.0Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper 6.0Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper 6.1Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper 7.0Oracle Communications Session Report Manager 8.0.0Oracle Communications Session Report Manager 8.1.0Oracle Retail Xstore Point Of Service 15.0Oracle Flexcube Private Banking 12.1.0Oracle Retail Xstore Point Of Service 7.1Oracle Flexcube Private Banking 12.0.0Oracle Flexcube Core Banking 5.2.0Oracle Hospitality Guest Access 4.2.0Oracle Hospitality Guest Access 4.2.1Oracle Retail Xstore Point Of Service 16.0Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Integrator 3.2.0Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform 13.3Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform 13.2Oracle Data Integrator Unified Directory Retail Xstore Point Of Service 17.0Oracle Flexcube Core BankingOracle Data Integrator Communications Session Report Manager 8.1.1Oracle Communications Session Report Manager 8.2.0Oracle Communications Session Route Manager 8.1.1Oracle Communications Session Route Manager 8.2.0Oracle Communications Session Route Manager 8.0.0Oracle Communications Session Route Manager 8.1.0Oracle Unified Directory