CVE-2021-40724 vulnerabilities and exploits

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-Qualcomm Pm6250 Firmware -Qualcomm Pm6350 Firmware -Qualcomm Pm640a Firmware -Qualcomm Pm640l Firmware -Qualcomm Pm640p Firmware -Qualcomm Pm660 Firmware -Qualcomm Pm660a Firmware -Qualcomm Pm660l Firmware -Qualcomm Pm670 Firmware -Qualcomm Pm670a Firmware -Qualcomm Pm670l Firmware -Qualcomm Pm7150a Firmware -Qualcomm Pm7150l Firmware -Qualcomm Pm7250 Firmware -Qualcomm Pm7250b Firmware -Qualcomm Pm7350c Firmware -Qualcomm Pm8004 Firmware -Qualcomm Pm8005 Firmware -Qualcomm Pm8008 Firmware -Qualcomm Pm8009 Firmware -Qualcomm Pm8150 Firmware -Qualcomm Pm8150a Firmware -Qualcomm Pm8150b Firmware -Qualcomm Pm8150c Firmware -Qualcomm Pm8150l Firmware -Qualcomm Pm8250 Firmware -Qualcomm Pm8350 Firmware -Qualcomm Pm8350b Firmware -Qualcomm Pm8350bh Firmware -Qualcomm Pm8350bhs Firmware -Qualcomm Pm8350c Firmware -Qualcomm Pm855 Firmware -Qualcomm Pm855a Firmware -Qualcomm Pm855b Firmware -Qualcomm Pm855l Firmware -Qualcomm Pm855p Firmware -Qualcomm Pm8909 Firmware -Qualcomm Pm8916 Firmware 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