CVE-2023-32784 vulnerabilities and exploits

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Manager 17.1.0F5 Big-ip Application Visibility And Reporting 17.1.0F5 Big-ip Carrier-grade Nat 17.1.0F5 Big-ip Ddos Hybrid Defender 17.1.0F5 Big-ip Domain Name System 17.1.0F5 Big-ip Fraud Protection Service 17.1.0F5 Big-ip Global Traffic Manager 17.1.0F5 Big-ip Link Controller 17.1.0F5 Big-ip Local Traffic Manager 17.1.0F5 Big-ip Policy Enforcement Manager 17.1.0F5 Big-ip Ssl Orchestrator 17.1.0F5 Big-ip Webaccelerator 17.1.0F5 Big-ip Websafe 17.1.0F5 Nginx Plus R30F5 Nginx PlusF5 Nginx Plus R29F5 Big-ip Next 20.0.1F5 Big-ip Next Service Proxy For KubernetesF5 NginxF5 Nginx Ingress ControllerApache Tomcat 11.0.0Apache TomcatApple Swiftnio Http\\/2Grpc Grpc 1.57.0Grpc GrpcMicrosoft Windows Server 2016 -Microsoft Windows Server 2019 -Microsoft Windows Server 2022 -Microsoft Windows 10 22h2Microsoft Windows 10 1809Microsoft Windows 11 21h2Microsoft Windows 11 22h2Microsoft Windows 10 1607Microsoft .netMicrosoft Windows 10 21h2Microsoft Visual Studio 2022Microsoft CoreMicrosoft Azure Kubernetes ServiceNodejs Node.jsMicrosoft Cbl-marinerDena H2oFacebook ProxygenApache Traffic ServerApache ApisixAmazon Opensearch Data PrepperDebian Debian Linux 10.0Debian Debian Linux 11.0Debian Debian Linux 12.0Kazu-yamamoto Http2Istio IstioVarnish Cache Project Varnish CacheTraefik Traefik 3.0.0Traefik TraefikProjectcontour ContourLinkerd Linkerd 2.13.0Linkerd Linkerd 2.13.1Linkerd Linkerd 2.14.0Linkerd Linkerd 2.14.1Linkerd LinkerdLinecorp ArmeriaRedhat Enterprise Linux 6.0Redhat Jboss Enterprise Application Platform 6.0.0Redhat Jboss Fuse 6.0.0Redhat Satellite 6.0Redhat Jboss Enterprise Application Platform 7.0.0Redhat Decision Manager 7.0Redhat Jboss Core Services -Redhat Enterprise Linux 8.0Redhat Single Sign-on 7.0Redhat Jboss Fuse 7.0.0Redhat Process Automation 7.0Redhat Jboss Data Grid 7.0.0Redhat Quay 3.0.0Redhat Openshift Container Platform 4.0Redhat Openstack Platform 16.1Redhat Advanced Cluster Management For Kubernetes 2.0Redhat Build Of Quarkus -Redhat Integration Service Registry -Redhat Integration Camel K -Redhat Openshift Service Mesh 2.0Redhat Jboss A-mq 7Redhat 3scale Api Management Platform 2.0Redhat Ceph Storage 5.0Redhat Openstack Platform 16.2Redhat Enterprise Linux 9.0Redhat Ansible Automation Platform 2.0Redhat Integration Camel For Spring Boot -Redhat Migration Toolkit For Applications 6.0Redhat Openshift Developer Tools And Services -Redhat Openshift Api For Data Protection -Redhat Openshift Serverless -Redhat Build Of Optaplanner 8.0Redhat Openshift Data Science -Redhat Advanced Cluster Security 4.0Redhat Advanced Cluster Security 3.0Redhat Cert-manager Operator For Red Hat Openshift -Redhat Openshift Dev Spaces -Redhat Cost Management -Redhat Migration Toolkit For Virtualization -Redhat Jboss A-mq Streams -Redhat Cryostat 2.0Redhat Network Observability Operator -Redhat Node Healthcheck Operator -Redhat Openshift Gitops -Redhat Openshift Virtualization 4Redhat Logging Subsystem For Red Hat Openshift -Redhat Openshift Pipelines -Redhat Openshift Sandboxed Containers -Redhat Openshift Secondary Scheduler Operator -Redhat Openshift Container Platform Assisted Installer -Redhat Certification For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0Redhat Certification For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0Redhat Migration Toolkit For Containers -Redhat Openstack Platform 17.1Redhat Openshift -Redhat Run Once Duration Override Operator -Redhat Service Interconnect 1.0Redhat Openshift Distributed Tracing -Redhat Support For Spring Boot -Redhat Web Terminal -Redhat Node Maintenance Operator -Redhat Machine Deletion Remediation Operator -Redhat Fence Agents Remediation Operator -Redhat Self Node Remediation Operator -Redhat Service Telemetry Framework 1.5Fedoraproject Fedora 37Fedoraproject Fedora 38Netapp Astra Control Center -Akka Http ServerKonghq Kong GatewayJenkins JenkinsApache SolrOpenresty OpenrestyCisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise -Cisco Prime InfrastructureCisco Secure Malware AnalyticsCisco Secure Dynamic Attributes ConnectorCisco Firepower Threat DefenseCisco Fog DirectorCisco Ios XeCisco Prime Network RegistrarCisco Prime Cable ProvisioningCisco Prime Access RegistrarCisco Data Center Network Manager -Cisco Iot Field Network DirectorCisco Ios XrCisco Crosswork Zero Touch ProvisioningCisco Crosswork Data Gateway 5.0Cisco Crosswork Data GatewayCisco ExpresswayCisco Connected Mobile ExperiencesCisco Telepresence Video Communication ServerCisco Unified Contact Center Domain Manager -Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise - Live Data ServerCisco Unified Contact Center Management Portal -Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced -Cisco Enterprise Chat And Email -Cisco Ultra Cloud Core - Session Management FunctionCisco Ultra Cloud Core - Serving Gateway FunctionCisco Ultra Cloud Core - Policy Control FunctionCisco Ultra Cloud Core - Policy Control Function 2024.01.0Cisco Secure Web Appliance FirmwareCisco Nx-os