LTS-102 has been updated in the LTS channel to 102.0.5005.182 (Platform Version: 14695.135.0) for most ChromeOS devices. Want to know more about Long-term Support? Click here.

This update contains multiple Security fixes, including:

1340253  Critical CVE-2022-3038 Use after free in Network Service.
1051198  High CVE-2022-3044Inappropriate implementation in Site Isolation. 
1355103  High CVE-2022-3200 Heap buffer overflow in Internals
1343104  High CVE-2022-3201 Insufficient validation of untrusted input in DevTools
1345947  High CVE-2022-3041 Use after free in WebSQL
1336979  High CVE-2022-3043 Heap buffer overflow in Screen Capture.
1341918  High CVE-2022-2858 Use after free in Sign-In Flow
1325256  Medium CVE-2022-2613 Use after free in Input
1345245  Medium CVE-2022-3051 Heap buffer overflow in Exosphere
1346154  Medium CVE-2022-3052 Heap buffer overflow in Ash
1337132  Medium CVE-2022-3050 Heap buffer overflow in WebUI
1316892  Medium CVE-2022-3049 Use after free in SplitScreen
1303308  Medium CVE-2022-3048 Inappropriate implementation in Chrome OS lockscreen

Giuliana Pritchard

Google Chrome OS
Use after free in Sign-In Flow se after free in Sign-In FlowUse after free in Sign-In Flo