Important: Red Hat Storage 2.0 security, bug fix, and enhancement update #4

Related Vulnerabilities: CVE-2012-4406   CVE-2012-5635   CVE-2012-5638   CVE-2012-4406   CVE-2012-5638   CVE-2012-5635  


Important: Red Hat Storage 2.0 security, bug fix, and enhancement update #4


Security Advisory: Important


Updated Red Hat Storage 2.0 packages that fix multiple security issues,
several bugs, and add enhancements are now available.

The Red Hat Security Response Team has rated this update as having
important security impact. Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base
scores, which give detailed severity ratings, are available for each
vulnerability from the CVE links in the References section.


Red Hat Storage is a software only, scale-out storage solution that
provides flexible and agile unstructured data storage for the enterprise.

A flaw was found in the way the Swift component used Python pickle. This
could lead to arbitrary code execution. With this update, the JSON
(JavaScript Object Notation) format is used. (CVE-2012-4406)

Multiple insecure temporary file creation flaws were found in Red Hat
Storage. A local user on the Red Hat Storage server could use these flaws
to cause arbitrary files to be overwritten as the root user via a symbolic
link attack. (CVE-2012-5635)

It was found that sanlock created "/var/run/sanlock/" with
world-writable permissions. A local user could use this flaw to make the
sanlock init script kill an arbitrary process when the sanlock daemon is
stopped or restarted. Additionally, "/var/log/sanlock.log" was also
world-writable, allowing local users to modify the contents of the log
file, or store data within it (bypassing any quotas applied to their
account). (CVE-2012-5638)

Red Hat would like to thank Sebastian Krahmer of the SUSE Security Team for
reporting CVE-2012-4406. The CVE-2012-5635 issues were discovered by Kurt
Seifried of the Red Hat Security Response Team and Michael Scherer of the
Red Hat Regional IT team, and CVE-2012-5638 was discovered by David
Teigland of Red Hat.

Bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Options to provide POSIX behavior when the O_DIRECT flag is used with
    the open() system call across many translators. (BZ#856156)
  • A mount time option provided to make the FUSE module's request queue
    length configurable. (BZ#856206)
  • Various fixes in the FUSE module to ensure the 'read-only' (-o ro) mount
    option works. (BZ#858499)
  • Various fixes in GlusterFS's rebalance code to handle failures while
    replica pairs are getting connected and disconnected in quick succession.
  • NFS code fixed to ensure proper inode transformation logic when the
    'enable-ino32' option is set. (BZ#864222)
  • Fixed the behavior of the posix-locks module per POSIX locking
    semantics. As a result, smb-torture's ping-pong tests now run smoothly on
    top of GlusterFS mounts. (BZ#869724)
  • FUSE module enhanced with the enable-ino32 mount option, required by any
    32-bit applications running on top of a GlusterFS mount. (BZ#876679)
  • Corrections were made to fd table behavior when both NFS and
    geo-replication are in progress. (BZ#880193)
  • With this update, disconnections are now handled better in the
    geo-replication 'gsyncd' process. (BZ#880308)
  • With this update, the 'gluster volume geo-replication config checkpoint'
    command returns the output value properly. (BZ#881736)
  • With this enhancement, it is possible to set the 'root-squash' volume
    option with Gluster CLI. Red Hat Storage volumes now support NFS's
    root-squashing behavior. (BZ#883590)
  • NFS POSIX lock issue fixed when 'root-squash' option is enabled on the
    volume. (BZ#906884)
  • Fixed an issue in tracking the changes of Geo-replication when an
    unprivileged user accesses the file system. (BZ#883827)
  • Fixed NFS locking manager (NLM) code to handle IP failover successfully.
  • Fixed issue in rebalance code to handle proper pointer dereference.
  • POSIX module made more robust to handle backend brick failures better.
  • Fixed the 'gluster volume geo-replication' command to provide a
    meaningful message when a wrong hostname is entered. (BZ#902213)
  • Fixed Console Configuration Script where it added invalid 'security'
    configuration for ENGINEDataSource in JBoss. (BZ#922572)
  • Fixed rhsc-setup failure where it does not check for SELinux before
    running setsebool. (BZ#923674)
  • Provided an update to the rhn-client-tools package to ensure setup
    defaults to the correct base Red Hat Enterprise Linux (6.2 Extended Update
    Support). (BZ#911777)

Refer to the Release Notes, available shortly from the link in the
References section, for further information.


All users of Red Hat Storage are advised to upgrade to these updated

Before applying this update, make sure all previously-released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

This update is available via the Red Hat Network. Details on how to
use the Red Hat Network to apply this update are available at

Affected Products

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6 x86_64
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 5 x86_64
  • Red Hat Gluster Storage Server for On-premise 2.0 x86_64
  • Red Hat Storage for Public Cloud (via RHUI) 2.0 x86_64
  • Red Hat Gluster Storage Management Console (for RHEL Server) 2.0 x86_64


  • BZ - 854757 - CVE-2012-4406 Openstack-Swift: insecure use of python pickle()
  • BZ - 856206 - [FEAT] FUSE queue length needs to be configurable
  • BZ - 859387 - [RHEV-RHS] Rebalance migration failures are seen when replicate bricks are brought down and restarted
  • BZ - 869724 - smbtorture's test fails against GlusterFS share
  • BZ - 876679 - 32bit support in Fuse, related to special option nfs.enable-ino32
  • BZ - 883590 - Gluster CLI does not allow setting root squashing
  • BZ - 886364 - CVE-2012-5635 GlusterFS: insecure temporary file creation
  • BZ - 887010 - CVE-2012-5638 sanlock world writable /var/log/sanlock.log
  • BZ - 895841 - [glusterfs-3.3.1qa3]: glusterfs client asserted
  • BZ - 902213 - "gluster volume geo-replication .. config" with an incorrect hostname for the source gives a DeprecationWarning
  • BZ - 922572 - Console Configuration Script adds invalid 'security' configuration for ENGINEDataSource in JBoss
  • BZ - 923674 - rhsc-setup fails: does not check for SELinux before running setsebool