Published: 13/06/2019 Updated: 19/06/2019
CVSS v2 Base Score: 2.1 | Impact Score: 2.9 | Exploitability Score: 3.9
CVSS v3 Base Score: 3.3 | Impact Score: 1.4 | Exploitability Score: 1.8
VMScore: 187
Vector: AV:L/AC:L/Au:N/C:P/I:N/A:N

Vulnerability Summary

Logic condition in specific microprocessors may allow an authenticated user to potentially enable partial physical address information disclosure via local access.

Vulnerability Trend

Affected Products

Vendor Product Versions
Intel2000e Firmware-
Intel2002e Firmware-
Intel2950m Firmware-
Intel2955u Firmware-
Intel2957u Firmware-
Intel2961y Firmware-
Intel2970m Firmware-
Intel2980u Firmware-
Intel2981u Firmware-
Intel3550m Firmware-
Intel3556u Firmware-
Intel3558u Firmware-
Intel3560m Firmware-
Intel3560y Firmware-
Intel3561y Firmware-
Intel3805u Firmware-
Intel3825u Firmware-
IntelE3-1220 Firmware-
IntelE3-1220l Firmware-
IntelE3-1225 Firmware-
IntelE3-1226 Firmware-
IntelE3-1230 Firmware-
IntelE3-1230l Firmware-
IntelE3-1231 Firmware-
IntelE3-1240 Firmware-
IntelE3-1240l Firmware-
IntelE3-1241 Firmware-
IntelE3-1245 Firmware-
IntelE3-1246 Firmware-
IntelE3-1265l Firmware-
IntelE3-1268l Firmware-
IntelE3-1270 Firmware-
IntelE3-1271 Firmware-
IntelE3-1275 Firmware-
IntelE3-1275l Firmware-
IntelE3-1276 Firmware-
IntelE3-1280 Firmware-
IntelE3-1281 Firmware-
IntelE3-1285 Firmware-
IntelE3-1285l Firmware-
IntelE3-1286 Firmware-
IntelE3-1286l Firmware-
IntelE5-1428l Firmware-
IntelE5-1620 Firmware-
IntelE5-1630 Firmware-
IntelE5-1650 Firmware-
IntelE5-1660 Firmware-
IntelE5-1680 Firmware-
IntelE5-2408l Firmware-
IntelE5-2418l Firmware-
IntelE5-2428l Firmware-
IntelE5-2438l Firmware-
IntelE5-2603 Firmware-
IntelE5-2608l Firmware-
IntelE5-2609 Firmware-
IntelE5-2618l Firmware-
IntelE5-2620 Firmware-
IntelE5-2623 Firmware-
IntelE5-2628l Firmware-
IntelE5-2630 Firmware-
IntelE5-2630l Firmware-
IntelE5-2637 Firmware-
IntelE5-2640 Firmware-
IntelE5-2643 Firmware-
IntelE5-2648l Firmware-
IntelE5-2650 Firmware-
IntelE5-2650l Firmware-
IntelE5-2658 Firmware-
IntelE5-2658a Firmware-
IntelE5-2660 Firmware-
IntelE5-2667 Firmware-
IntelE5-2670 Firmware-
IntelE5-2680 Firmware-
IntelE5-2683 Firmware-
IntelE5-2687w Firmware-
IntelE5-2690 Firmware-
IntelE5-2695 Firmware-
IntelE5-2697 Firmware-
IntelE5-2698 Firmware-
IntelE5-2699 Firmware-
IntelE5-4610 Firmware-
IntelE5-4620 Firmware-
IntelE5-4627 Firmware-
IntelE5-4640 Firmware-
IntelE5-4648 Firmware-
IntelE5-4650 Firmware-
IntelE5-4655 Firmware-
IntelE5-4660 Firmware-
IntelE5-4667 Firmware-
IntelE5-4669 Firmware-
IntelE7-4809 Firmware-
IntelE7-4820 Firmware-
IntelE7-4830 Firmware-
IntelE7-4850 Firmware-
IntelE7-8860 Firmware-
IntelE7-8867 Firmware-
IntelE7-8870 Firmware-
IntelE7-8880 Firmware-
IntelE7-8880l Firmware-
IntelE7-8890 Firmware-
IntelE7-8891 Firmware-
IntelE7-8893 Firmware-
IntelI3-4000m Firmware-
IntelI3-4005u Firmware-
IntelI3-4010u Firmware-
IntelI3-4010y Firmware-
IntelI3-4012y Firmware-
IntelI3-4020y Firmware-
IntelI3-4025u Firmware-
IntelI3-4030u Firmware-
IntelI3-4030y Firmware-
IntelI3-4100e Firmware-
IntelI3-4100m Firmware-
IntelI3-4100u Firmware-
IntelI3-4102e Firmware-
IntelI3-4110e Firmware-
IntelI3-4110m Firmware-
IntelI3-4112e Firmware-
IntelI3-4120u Firmware-
IntelI3-4130 Firmware-
IntelI3-4130t Firmware-
IntelI3-4150 Firmware-
IntelI3-4150t Firmware-
IntelI3-4158u Firmware-
IntelI3-4160 Firmware-
IntelI3-4160t Firmware-
IntelI3-4170 Firmware-
IntelI3-4170t Firmware-
IntelI3-4330 Firmware-
IntelI3-4330t Firmware-
IntelI3-4330te Firmware-
IntelI3-4340 Firmware-
IntelI3-4340te Firmware-
IntelI3-4350 Firmware-
IntelI3-4350t Firmware-
IntelI3-4360 Firmware-
IntelI3-4360t Firmware-
IntelI3-4370 Firmware-
IntelI3-4370t Firmware-
IntelI5-4200h Firmware-
IntelI5-4200m Firmware-
IntelI5-4200u Firmware-
IntelI5-4200y Firmware-
IntelI5-4202y Firmware-
IntelI5-4210h Firmware-
IntelI5-4210m Firmware-
IntelI5-4210u Firmware-
IntelI5-4210y Firmware-
IntelI5-4220y Firmware-
IntelI5-4250u Firmware-
IntelI5-4258u Firmware-
IntelI5-4260u Firmware-
IntelI5-4278u Firmware-
IntelI5-4288u Firmware-
IntelI5-4300m Firmware-
IntelI5-4300u Firmware-
IntelI5-4300y Firmware-
IntelI5-4302y Firmware-
IntelI5-4308u Firmware-
IntelI5-4310m Firmware-
IntelI5-4310u Firmware-
IntelI5-4330m Firmware-
IntelI5-4340m Firmware-
IntelI5-4350u Firmware-
IntelI5-4360u Firmware-
IntelI5-4400e Firmware-
IntelI5-4402e Firmware-
IntelI5-4402ec Firmware-
IntelI5-4410e Firmware-
IntelI5-4422e Firmware-
IntelI5-4430s Firmware-
IntelI5-4440 Firmware-
IntelI5-4440s Firmware-
IntelI5-4460 Firmware-
IntelI5-4460s Firmware-
IntelI5-4460t Firmware-
IntelI7-7800x Firmware-
IntelI7-7820x Firmware-
IntelI9-7900x Firmware-
IntelI9-7920x Firmware-
IntelI9-7940x Firmware-
IntelI9-7960x Firmware-
IntelI9-7980xe Firmware-
IntelI9-9900x Firmware-
IntelI9-9920x Firmware-
IntelI9-9940x Firmware-
IntelI9-9960x Firmware-
IntelI9-9980xe Firmware-

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A team of academic researchers has discovered a follow-on to the Rowhammer class of attacks that allows attackers to read memory data on a target Windows computer, without actually accessing the memory itself. The method is dubbed RAMBleed.
Andrew Kwong and Daniel Genkin at the University of Michigan, Daniel Gruss at Graz University of Technology and Yuval Yarom at University of Adelaide have disclosed the attack method, which, by observing Rowhammer-induced bit flips in memory, can deduce...

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Boffins blast boards to boost bits

Bit boffins from Australia, Austria, and the US have expanded upon the Rowhammer memory attack technique to create more dangerous variation called RAMBleed that can expose confidential system memory.
The memory integrity issue tied to Rowhammer was known to Intel since at least 2012 and began to be explored in academic research in 2014. The following year, Google Project Zero researchers developed an exploit technique to gain kernel privileges by repeatedly writing to memory locations into...

RAMBleed Attack Can Steal Sensitive Data From Computer Memory
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Researchers found a new vulnerability that impacts the confidentiality of data stored in a computer's memory. Using it, they were successfully able to extract a signing key from an OpenSSH server using normal user privileges.
Dubbed RAMBleed, the attack is based on the Rowhammer vulnerability and can be used to break the safe-storage promise of random access memory (RAM) modules; even those that integrate error-correcting code (ECC) mechanism.
Rowhammer started as an experimental stu...