Published: 13/05/2019 Updated: 09/10/2019
CVSS v2 Base Score: 7.2 | Impact Score: 10 | Exploitability Score: 3.9
CVSS v3 Base Score: 6.7 | Impact Score: 5.9 | Exploitability Score: 0.8
VMScore: 641
Vector: AV:L/AC:L/Au:N/C:C/I:C/A:C

Vulnerability Summary

A vulnerability in the logic that handles access control to one of the hardware components in Cisco's proprietary Secure Boot implementation could allow an authenticated, local malicious user to write a modified firmware image to the component. This vulnerability affects multiple Cisco products that support hardware-based Secure Boot functionality. The vulnerability is due to an improper check on the area of code that manages on-premise updates to a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) part of the Secure Boot hardware implementation. An attacker with elevated privileges and access to the underlying operating system that is running on the affected device could exploit this vulnerability by writing a modified firmware image to the FPGA. A successful exploit could either cause the device to become unusable (and require a hardware replacement) or allow tampering with the Secure Boot verification process, which under some circumstances may allow the malicious user to install and boot a malicious software image. An attacker will need to fulfill all the following conditions to attempt to exploit this vulnerability: Have privileged administrative access to the device. Be able to access the underlying operating system running on the device; this can be achieved either by using a supported, documented mechanism or by exploiting another vulnerability that would provide an attacker with such access. Develop or have access to a platform-specific exploit. An attacker attempting to exploit this vulnerability across multiple affected platforms would need to research each one of those platforms and then develop a platform-specific exploit. Although the research process could be reused across different platforms, an exploit developed for a given hardware platform is unlikely to work on a different hardware platform.

Vulnerability Trend

Affected Products

Vendor Product Versions
CiscoEnterprise Network Compute System*
CiscoAnalog Voice Network Interface Modules Firmware*
CiscoAsr 1000 Series Firmware*
CiscoAsr 1001 Firmware16.0.0
CiscoCatalyst 9800-40 Wireless Controller Firmware-
CiscoCatalyst 9800-80 Wireless Controller Firmware-
CiscoIntegrated Services Router T1/e1 Voice And Wan Network Interface Modules Firmware*
CiscoIos(4)st, -, 3.3.0se, 3.3.0xo, 3.3.1se, 3.3.1xo, 3.3.2se, 3.3.2xo, 3.3.3se, 3.3.4se, 3.3.5se, 3.5.0e, 3.5.1e, 3.5.2e, 3.5.3e, 3.6.0e, 3.6.1e, 3.6.2ae, 3.6.2e, 3.6.3e, 3.6.4e, 3.7.0e, 3.7.1e, 3.7.2e, 3.7.3e, 4.1, 4.1.1, 4.1.2, 8.2, 8.3, 9.0, 9.1, 9.14, 10.0, 10.3, 10.3(3.3), 10.3(3.4), 10.3(4.2), 10.3(4.3), 10.3(16), 10.3(19a), 11, 11.0, 11.0(12), 11.0(17), 11.0(17)bt, 11.0(18), 11.0(20.3), 11.0(22a), 11.0(22b), 11.0(x), 11.0.12(a)bt, 11.1, 11.1(5), 11.1(7), 11.1(7)aa, 11.1(7)ca, 11.1(9)ia, 11.1(11), 11.1(12), 11.1(13), 11.1(13)aa, 11.1(13)ca, 11.1(13)ia, 11.1(14), 11.1(15), 11.1(15)aa, 11.1(15)ca, 11.1(15)ia, 11.1(16), 11.1(16)aa, 11.1(16)ia, 11.1(17), 11.1(17)cc, 11.1(17)ct, 11.1(18), 11.1(20)aa4, 11.1(22), 11.1(24), 11.1(24a), 11.1(24b), 11.1(24c), 11.1(28a)ct, 11.1(28a)ia, 11.1(36)ca2, 11.1(36)ca4, 11.1(36)cc2, 11.1(36)cc4, 11.1aa, 11.1ca, 11.1cc, 11.1ct, 11.1ia, 11.2, 11.2(4), 11.2(4)f, 11.2(4)f1, 11.2(4)xa, 11.2(4)xaf, 11.2(8), 11.2(8)p, 11.2(8)sa1, 11.2(8)sa3, 11.2(8)sa5, 11.2(8.2)sa6, 11.2(8.9)sa6, 11.2(9)p, 11.2(9)xa, 11.2(10), 11.2(10)bc, 11.2(11), 11.2(11b)t2, 11.2(14)gs2, 11.2(15)g, 11.2(15a)p, 11.2(15b), 11.2(16), 11.2(16)p, 11.2(17), 11.2(18), 11.2(19)gs0.2, 11.2(19a)gs6, 11.2(23a)bc1, 11.2(26)p2, 11.2(26)p5, 11.2(26a), 11.2(26b), 11.2(26e), 11.2bc, 11.2f, 11.2gs, 11.2p, 11.2sa, 11.2wa3, 11.2wa4, 11.2xa, 11.3, 11.3(1), 11.3(1)ed, 11.3(1)t, 11.3(2)xa, 11.3(7)db1, 11.3(8)db2, 11.3(8)t1, 11.3(11)b, 11.3(11b), 11.3(11b)t2, 11.3(11c), 11.3(11d), 11.3aa, 11.3da, 11.3db, 11.3ha, 11.3ma, 11.3na, 11.3t, 11.3wa4, 11.3xa, 12.0, 12.0(1), 12.0(1)db, 12.0(1)s, 12.0(1)st, 12.0(1)t, 12.0(1)t1, 12.0(1)w, 12.0(1)xa, 12.0(1)xa1, 12.0(1)xa2, 12.0(1)xa3, 12.0(1)xa4, 12.0(1)xb, 12.0(1)xb1, 12.0(1)xe, 12.0(2), 12.0(2)db, 12.0(2)s, 12.0(2)t, 12.0(2)t1, 12.0(2)xc, 12.0(2)xd, 12.0(2)xe, 12.0(2)xf, 12.0(2)xg, 12.0(2)xh, 12.0(2a), 12.0(2a)t1, 12.0(2b), 12.0(3), 12.0(3)db, 12.0(3)dc, 12.0(3)dc1, 12.0(3)t2, 12.0(3)xe, 12.0(3)xe1, 12.0(3)xe2, 12.0(3.2), 12.0(3.3)s, 12.0(3.4)t, 12.0(3.6)w5(9.0.5), 12.0(3a), 12.0(3b), 12.0(3c), 12.0(3d), 12.0(4), 12.0(4)db, 12.0(4)s, 12.0(4)t, 12.0(4)t1, 12.0(4)xe, 12.0(4)xe1, 12.0(4)xe2, 12.0(4)xh, 12.0(4)xh1, 12.0(4)xh2, 12.0(4)xh3, 12.0(4)xh4, 12.0(4)xi, 12.0(4)xi1, 12.0(4)xi2, 12.0(4)xj, 12.0(4)xj1, 12.0(4)xj2, 12.0(4)xj3, 12.0(4)xj4, 12.0(4)xj5, 12.0(4)xj6, 12.0(4)xl, 12.0(4)xl1, 12.0(4)xm, 12.0(4)xm1, 12.0(4a), 12.0(4b), 12.0(5), 12.0(5)da, 12.0(5)da1, 12.0(5)db, 12.0(5)dc, 12.0(5)s, 12.0(5)t, 12.0(5)t1, 12.0(5)t2, 12.0(5)wc, 12.0(5)wc2, 12.0(5)wc2b, 12.0(5)wc3, 12.0(5)wc3b, 12.0(5)wc5a, 12.0(05)wc8, 12.0(5)wc9, 12.0(5)wc9a, 12.0(5)wc11, 12.0(5)wc13, 12.0(5)wx, 12.0(5)xe, 12.0(5)xe1, 12.0(5)xe2, 12.0(5)xe3, 12.0(5)xe4, 12.0(5)xe5, 12.0(5)xe6, 12.0(5)xe7, 12.0(5)xe8, 12.0(5)xk, 12.0(5)xk1, 12.0(5)xk2, 12.0(5)xn, 12.0(5)xn1, 12.0(5)xq, 12.0(5)xq1, 12.0(5)xs, 12.0(5)xs1, 12.0(5)xs2, 12.0(5)xt1, 12.0(5)xu, 12.0(5)xw, 12.0(5)yb4, 12.0(5.1)xp, 12.0(5.2)xu, 12.0(5.3)wc1, 12.0(5.4)wc1, 12.0(5a)e, 12.0(6), 12.0(6)da, 12.0(6)s, 12.0(6)s1, 12.0(6)s2, 12.0(6)sc, 12.0(6)t, 12.0(6)xr, 12.0(6a), 12.0(6b), 12.0(7), 12.0(7)db, 12.0(7)db1, 12.0(7)db2, 12.0(7)dc, 12.0(7)dc1, 12.0(7)s, 12.0(7)s1, 12.0(7)sc, 12.0(7)t, 12.0(7)t1, 12.0(7)t2, 12.0(7)t3, 12.0(7)wx5(15a), 12.0(7)xe, 12.0(7)xe1, 12.0(7)xe2, 12.0(7)xf, 12.0(7)xf1, 12.0(7)xk, 12.0(7)xk1, 12.0(7)xk2, 12.0(7)xk3, 12.0(7)xr, 12.0(7)xr1, 12.0(7)xr2, 12.0(7)xr3, 12.0(7)xr4, 12.0(7)xv, 12.0(7.4)s, 12.0(7a), 12.0(8), 12.0(8)da, 12.0(8)da1, 12.0(8)s, 12.0(8)s1, 12.0(8)sc, 12.0(8)sc1, 12.0(8.0.2)s, 12.0(8.3)sc, 12.0(8a), 12.0(9), 12.0(9)s, 12.0(9)s8, 12.0(9)sc, 12.0(9)sl, 12.0(9)sl1, 12.0(9)sl2, 12.0(9)st, 12.0(9a), 12.0(10), 12.0(10)s, 12.0(10)s1, 12.0(10)s2, 12.0(10)s3, 12.0(10)s3b, 12.0(10)s4, 12.0(10)s5, 12.0(10)s6, 12.0(10)s7, 12.0(10)s8, 12.0(10)sc, 12.0(10)sc1, 12.0(10)sl, 12.0(10)st, 12.0(10)st1, 12.0(10)st2, 12.0(10)sx, 12.0(10)w5, 12.0(10)w5(18f), 12.0(10)w5(18g), 12.0(10a), 12.0(11), 12.0(11)s, 12.0(11)s1, 12.0(11)s2, 12.0(11)s3, 12.0(11)s4, 12.0(11)s5, 12.0(11)s6, 12.0(11)sc, 12.0(11)sl, 12.0(11)sl1, 12.0(11)st, 12.0(11)st1, 12.0(11)st2, 12.0(11)st3, 12.0(11)st4, 12.0(11a), 12.0(12), 12.0(12)s, 12.0(12)s1, 12.0(12)s2, 12.0(12)s3, 12.0(12)s4, 12.0(12)sc, 12.0(12a), 12.0(13), 12.0(13)s, 12.0(13)s1, 12.0(13)s2, 12.0(13)s3, 12.0(13)s4, 12.0(13)s5, 12.0(13)s6, 12.0(13)s8, 12.0(13)sc, 12.0(13)w5(19c), 12.0(13)wt6(1), 12.0(13a), 12.0(14), 12.0(14)s, 12.0(14)s1, 12.0(14)s7, 12.0(14)s8, 12.0(14)sl1, 12.0(14)st, 12.0(14)st1, 12.0(14)st2, 12.0(14)st3, 12.0(14)w5(20), 12.0(14a), 12.0(15), 12.0(15)s, 12.0(15)s1, 12.0(15)s2, 12.0(15)s3, 12.0(15)s4, 12.0(15)s5, 12.0(15)s6, 12.0(15)s7, 12.0(15)sc, 12.0(15)sc1, 12.0(15)sl, 12.0(15a), 12.0(15b), 12.0(16), 12.0(16)s, 12.0(16)s1, 12.0(16)s2, 12.0(16)s3, 12.0(16)s4, 12.0(16)s5, 12.0(16)s6, 12.0(16)s7, 12.0(16)s8, 12.0(16)s8a, 12.0(16)s9, 12.0(16)s10, 12.0(16)sc, 12.0(16)sc1, 12.0(16)sc2, 12.0(16)sc3, 12.0(16)st, 12.0(16)st1, 12.0(16)w5(21), 12.0(16.06)s, 12.0(16a), 12.0(17), 12.0(17)s, 12.0(17)s1, 12.0(17)s2, 12.0(17)s3, 12.0(17)s4, 12.0(17)s5, 12.0(17)s6, 12.0(17)s7, 12.0(17)sl, 12.0(17)sl1, 12.0(17)sl2, 12.0(17)sl3, 12.0(17)sl4, 12.0(17)sl5, 12.0(17)sl6, 12.0(17)sl8, 12.0(17)sl9, 12.0(17)st, 12.0(17)st1, 12.0(17)st2, 12.0(17)st3, 12.0(17)st4, 12.0(17)st5, 12.0(17)st6, 12.0(17)st7, 12.0(17)st8, 12.0(17a), 12.0(18), 12.0(18)s, 12.0(18)s1, 12.0(18)s2, 12.0(18)s3, 12.0(18)s4, 12.0(18)s5, 12.0(18)s5a, 12.0(18)s6, 12.0(18)s7, 12.0(18)sl, 12.0(18)st, 12.0(18)st1, 12.0(18)w5(22b), 12.0(18a), 12.0(18b), 12.0(19), 12.0(19)s, 12.0(19)s1, 12.0(19)s2, 12.0(19)s2a, 12.0(19)s3, 12.0(19)s4, 12.0(19)sl, 12.0(19)sl1, 12.0(19)sl2, 12.0(19)sl3, 12.0(19)sl4, 12.0(19)sp, 12.0(19)sp1, 12.0(19)st, 12.0(19)st1, 12.0(19)st2, 12.0(19)st3, 12.0(19)st4, 12.0(19)st5, 12.0(19)st6, 12.0(19a), 12.0(19b), 12.0(20), 12.0(20)sl, 12.0(20)sp, 12.0(20)sp1, 12.0(20)sp2, 12.0(20)st, 12.0(20)st1, 12.0(20)st2, 12.0(20)st3, 12.0(20)st4, 12.0(20)st5, 12.0(20)st6, 12.0(20)st7, 12.0(20)sx, 12.0(20)w5(22b), 12.0(20.4)sp, 12.0(20a), 12.0(21), 12.0(21)s, 12.0(21)s1, 12.0(21)s2, 12.0(21)s3, 12.0(21)s4, 12.0(21)s4a, 12.0(21)s5, 12.0(21)s5a, 12.0(21)s6, 12.0(21)s6a, 12.0(21)s7, 12.0(21)s8, 12.0(21)sl, 12.0(21)sp, 12.0(21)sp1, 12.0(21)sp2, 12.0(21)sp3, 12.0(21)sp4, 12.0(21)st, 12.0(21)st1, 12.0(21)st2, 12.0(21)st2a, 12.0(21)st2b, 12.0(21)st3, 12.0(21)st3a, 12.0(21)st4, 12.0(21)st5, 12.0(21)st6, 12.0(21)st6a, 12.0(21)st7, 12.0(21)sx, 12.0(21)sx1, 12.0(21)sz, 12.0(21a), 12.0(22), 12.0(22)s, 12.0(22)s1, 12.0(22)s2, 12.0(22)s2a, 12.0(22)s2b, 12.0(22)s2c, 12.0(22)s2d, 12.0(22)s2e, 12.0(22)s3, 12.0(22)s3a, 12.0(22)s3b, 12.0(22)s3c, 12.0(22)s4, 12.0(22)s4a, 12.0(22)s5, 12.0(22)s5a, 12.0(22)s6, 12.0(22)sy, 12.0(23), 12.0(23)s, 12.0(23)s1, 12.0(23)s2, 12.0(23)s2a, 12.0(23)s3, 12.0(23)s3a, 12.0(23)s3b, 12.0(23)s3c, 12.0(23)s4, 12.0(23)s5, 12.0(23)s6, 12.0(23)s6a, 12.0(23)sx, 12.0(23)sx1, 12.0(23)sx2, 12.0(23)sx3, 12.0(23)sx4, 12.0(23)sx5, 12.0(23)sz, 12.0(23)sz3, 12.0(24), 12.0(24)s, 12.0(24)s1, 12.0(24)s2, 12.0(24)s2a, 12.0(24)s2b, 12.0(24)s3, 12.0(24)s4, 12.0(24)s4a, 12.0(24)s5, 12.0(24)s6, 12.0(24.2)s, 12.0(25), 12.0(25)s, 12.0(25)s1, 12.0(25)s1a, 12.0(25)s1b, 12.0(25)s1c, 12.0(25)s1d, 12.0(25)s2, 12.0(25)s3, 12.0(25)s4, 12.0(25)sx, 12.0(25)sx1, 12.0(25)sx2, 12.0(25)sx3, 12.0(25)sx4, 12.0(25)sx5, 12.0(25)sx6, 12.0(25)sx6e, 12.0(25)sx7, 12.0(25)sx8, 12.0(25)sx9, 12.0(25)sx10, 12.0(25)w5(27), 12.0(25)w5(27c), 12.0(25)w5-27d, 12.0(25.4)s1, 12.0(26), 12.0(26)s, 12.0(26)s1, 12.0(26)s2, 12.0(26)s2c, 12.0(26)s6, 12.0(26)w5(28), 12.0(26)w5(28a), 12.0(27), 12.0(27)s, 12.0(27)s1, 12.0(27)s2, 12.0(27)s3, 12.0(27)s4, 12.0(27)s4z, 12.0(27)s5, 12.0(27)sv, 12.0(27)sv1, 12.0(27)sv2, 12.0(28), 12.0(28)s, 12.0(28)s1, 12.0(28)s2, 12.0(28)s3, 12.0(28)s4, 12.0(28)s4z, 12.0(28)s5, 12.0(28)s6, 12.0(28)w5(31a), 12.0(28)w5-30b, 12.0(28)w5-32a, 12.0(28c), 12.0(28d), 12.0(29)s1, 12.0(30)s, 12.0(30)s1, 12.0(30)s2, 12.0(30)s3, 12.0(30)s4, 12.0(30)s5, 12.0(30)sz10, 12.0(31)s, 12.0(31)s1, 12.0(31)s2, 12.0(31)s3, 12.0(31)s4, 12.0(31)s5, 12.0(31)s6, 12.0(31)sz3, 12.0(32)s, 12.0(32)s1, 12.0(32)s2, 12.0(32)s2a, 12.0(32)s3, 12.0(32)s4, 12.0(32)s5, 12.0(32)s6, 12.0(32)s6(c1), 12.0(32)s7, 12.0(32)s8, 12.0(32)s9, 12.0(32)s10, 12.0(32)s11, 12.0(32)s11z, 12.0(32)s12, 12.0(32)s13, 12.0(32)s14, 12.0(32)s15, 12.0(32)s16, 12.0(32)s17, 12.0(32)sy, 12.0(32)sy1, 12.0(32)sy2, 12.0(32)sy3, 12.0(32)sy4, 12.0(32)sy5, 12.0(32)sy6, 12.0(32)sy7, 12.0(32)sy8, 12.0(32)sy9, 12.0(32)sy9b, 12.0(32)sy10, 12.0(32)sy11, 12.0(32)sy12, 12.0(32)sy13, 12.0(32)sy14, 12.0(32)sy15, 12.0(32)sy16, 12.0(33)s, 12.0(33)s1, 12.0(33)s2, 12.0(33)s3, 12.0(33)s4, 12.0(33)s5, 12.0(33)s6, 12.0(33)s7, 12.0(33)s8, 12.0(33)s9, 12.0(128)s1, 12.0(131)s5, 12.0(131)s6, 12.0da, 12.0db, 12.0dc, 12.0ev, 12.0s, 12.0sc, 12.0sl, 12.0sp, 12.0st, 12.0sv, 12.0sx, 12.0sy, 12.0sz, 12.0t, 12.0w, 12.0w5, 12.0wc, 12.0wt, 12.0wx, 12.0xa, 12.0xb, 12.0xc, 12.0xd, 12.0xe, 12.0xf, 12.0xg, 12.0xh, 12.0xi, 12.0xj, 12.0xk, 12.0xl, 12.0xm, 12.0xn, 12.0xp, 12.0xq, 12.0xr, 12.0xs, 12.0xt, 12.0xu, 12.0xv, 12.0xw, 12.1, 12.1(1), 12.1(1)aa, 12.1(1)aa1, 12.1(1)aa2, 12.1(1)da, 12.1(1)da1, 12.1(1)db, 12.1(1)db1, 12.1(1)db2, 12.1(1)dc, 12.1(1)dc1, 12.1(1)dc2, 12.1(1)e, 12.1(1)e1, 12.1(1)e2, 12.1(1)e3, 12.1(1)e4, 12.1(1)e5, 12.1(1)e6, 12.1(1)ex, 12.1(1)ex1, 12.1(1)ey, 12.1(1)ga, 12.1(1)ga1, 12.1(1)t, 12.1(1)xa, 12.1(1)xa1, 12.1(1)xa2, 12.1(1)xa3, 12.1(1)xa4, 12.1(1)xb, 12.1(1)xc, 12.1(1)xc1, 12.1(1)xd, 12.1(1)xd1, 12.1(1)xd2, 12.1(1)xe, 12.1(1)xe1, 12.1(1)xs, 12.1(1.3)t, 12.1(1a), 12.1(1a)t1, 12.1(1b), 12.1(1c), 12.1(2)e, 12.1(2)e1, 12.1(2)ec1, 12.1(2)t, 12.1(2)xf, 12.1(2)xf1, 12.1(2)xf2, 12.1(2)xf3, 12.1(2)xf4, 12.1(2)xf5, 12.1(2)xt2, 12.1(2a), 12.1(2a)aa, 12.1(2a)t1, 12.1(2a)t2, 12.1(2a)xh, 12.1(2a)xh1, 12.1(2a)xh2, 12.1(2a)xh3, 12.1(2b), 12.1(3), 12.1(3)aa, 12.1(3)da, 12.1(3)db, 12.1(3)db1, 12.1(3)dc, 12.1(3)dc1, 12.1(3)dc2, 12.1(3)e, 12.1(3)t, 12.1(3)xg, 12.1(3)xg1, 12.1(3)xg2, 12.1(3)xg3, 12.1(3)xg4, 12.1(3)xg5, 12.1(3)xg6, 12.1(3)xi, 12.1(3)xj, 12.1(3)xk, 12.1(3)xl, 12.1(3)xo, 12.1(3)xp, 12.1(3)xp1, 12.1(3)xp2, 12.1(3)xp3, 12.1(3)xp4, 12.1(3)xq, 12.1(3)xq1, 12.1(3)xq2, 12.1(3)xq3, 12.1(3)xs, 12.1(3)xt, 12.1(3)xt1, 12.1(3)xt2, 12.1(3)xt3, 12.1(3)xw, 12.1(3)xw1, 12.1(3)xw2, 12.1(3a), 12.1(3a)e1, 12.1(3a)e3, 12.1(3a)e4, 12.1(3a)e5, 12.1(3a)e6, 12.1(3a)e7, 12.1(3a)e8, 12.1(3a)ec, 12.1(3a)ec1, 12.1(3a)t1, 12.1(3a)t2, 12.1(3a)t3, 12.1(3a)t4, 12.1(3a)t5, 12.1(3a)t6, 12.1(3a)t7, 12.1(3a)t8, 12.1(3a)xi1, 12.1(3a)xi2, 12.1(3a)xi3, 12.1(3a)xi4, 12.1(3a)xi5, 12.1(3a)xi6, 12.1(3a)xi7, 12.1(3a)xi8, 12.1(3a)xi9, 12.1(3a)xl1, 12.1(3a)xl2, 12.1(3a)xl3, 12.1(3a)xn, 12.1(3b), 12.1(4), 12.1(4)aa, 12.1(4)cx, 12.1(4)da, 12.1(4)db, 12.1(4)db1, 12.1(4)db2, 12.1(4)dc, 12.1(4)dc1, 12.1(4)dc2, 12.1(4)dc3, 12.1(4)e, 12.1(4)e1, 12.1(4)e2, 12.1(4)e3, 12.1(4)ea1, 12.1(4)ea1c, 12.1(4)ea1d, 12.1(4)ea1e, 12.1(4)ec, 12.1(4)xm4, 12.1(4)xy, 12.1(4)xz, 12.1(4)xz7, 12.1(4.3)t, 12.1(4a), 12.1(4b), 12.1(4c), 12.1(5)aa, 12.1(5)da, 12.1(5)da1, 12.1(5)db, 12.1(5)db1, 12.1(5)db2, 12.1(5)dc, 12.1(5)dc1, 12.1(5)dc2, 12.1(5)dc3, 12.1(5)ec, 12.1(5)ec1, 12.1(5)ey, 12.1(5)ey1, 12.1(5)ey2, 12.1(5)t, 12.1(5)t1, 12.1(5)t2, 12.1(5)t3, 12.1(5)t4, 12.1(5)t5, 12.1(5)t6, 12.1(5)t7, 12.1(5)t8, 12.1(5)t9, 12.1(5)t10, 12.1(5)t11, 12.1(5)t12, 12.1(5)t14, 12.1(5)t15, 12.1(5)xg5, 12.1(5)xm, 12.1(5)xm1, 12.1(5)xm2, 12.1(5)xm3, 12.1(5)xm4, 12.1(5)xm5, 12.1(5)xm6, 12.1(5)xm7, 12.1(5)xm8, 12.1(5)xr1, 12.1(5)xr2, 12.1(5)xs, 12.1(5)xs1, 12.1(5)xs2, 12.1(5)xs3, 12.1(5)xs4, 12.1(5)xs5, 12.1(5)xu1, 12.1(5)xu2, 12.1(5)xv, 12.1(5)xv1, 12.1(5)xv2, 12.1(5)xv3, 12.1(5)xv4, 12.1(5)xv5, 12.1(5)xx1, 12.1(5)xx2, 12.1(5)xx3, 12.1(5)xy6, 12.1(5)ya, 12.1(5)ya1, 12.1(5)ya2, 12.1(5)yb, 12.1(5)yb1, 12.1(5)yb2, 12.1(5)yb3, 12.1(5)yb4, 12.1(5)yb5, 12.1(5)yc, 12.1(5)yc1, 12.1(5)yc2, 12.1(5)yc3, 12.1(5)yd, 12.1(5)yd1, 12.1(5)yd2, 12.1(5)yd3, 12.1(5)yd4, 12.1(5)yd5, 12.1(5)yd6, 12.1(5)ye1, 12.1(5)ye2, 12.1(5)ye3, 12.1(5)ye4, 12.1(5)ye5, 12.1(5)ye6, 12.1(5)yf, 12.1(5)yf1, 12.1(5)yf2, 12.1(5)yf3, 12.1(5)yf4, 12.1(5)yh, 12.1(5)yh1, 12.1(5)yh2, 12.1(5)yh3, 12.1(5)yh4, 12.1(5)yi, 12.1(5)yi1, 12.1(5)yi2, 12.1(5a), 12.1(5a)e, 12.1(5a)e1, 12.1(5a)e2, 12.1(5a)e3, 12.1(5a)e6, 12.1(5b), 12.1(5b)e7, 12.1(5c), 12.1(5c)e8, 12.1(5c)e9, 12.1(5c)e10, 12.1(5c)e11, 12.1(5c)e12, 12.1(5c)ex, 12.1(5c)ex1, 12.1(5c)ex2, 12.1(5c)ex3, 12.1(5d), 12.1(5e), 12.1(6), 12.1(6)aa, 12.1(6)da, 12.1(6)e, 12.1(6)e1, 12.1(6)e2, 12.1(6)e3, 12.1(6)e4, 12.1(6)e5, 12.1(6)e6, 12.1(6)e7, 12.1(6)e8, 12.1(6)e12, 12.1(6)e13, 12.1(6)ea1, 12.1(6)ea1a, 12.1(6)ea2, 12.1(6)ea2a, 12.1(6)ea2b, 12.1(6)ea2c, 12.1(6)ec, 12.1(6)ec1, 12.1(6)ex, 12.1(6)ey, 12.1(6)ey1, 12.1(6)ez, 12.1(6)ez1, 12.1(6)ez2, 12.1(6)ez3, 12.1(6)ez4, 12.1(6)ez5, 12.1(6)ez6, 12.1(6.5), 12.1(6.5)ec3, 12.1(6a), 12.1(6b), 12.1(7), 12.1(7)aa, 12.1(7)cx, 12.1(7)cx1, 12.1(7)da, 12.1(7)da1, 12.1(7)da2, 12.1(7)da3, 12.1(7)e, 12.1(7)e0a, 12.1(7)ec, 12.1(7a), 12.1(7a)e1, 12.1(7a)e1a, 12.1(7a)e2, 12.1(7a)e3, 12.1(7a)e4, 12.1(7a)e5, 12.1(7a)e6, 12.1(7a)ey, 12.1(7a)ey1, 12.1(7a)ey2, 12.1(7a)ey3, 12.1(7b), 12.1(7c), 12.1(8), 12.1(8)aa, 12.1(8)aa1, 12.1(8)e, 12.1(8)ea, 12.1(8)ea1b, 12.1(8)ea1c, 12.1(8)ea2b, 12.1(8)ec, 12.1(8)ec1, 12.1(8a), 12.1(8a)e, 12.1(8a)e1, 12.1(8a)e2, 12.1(8a)e3, 12.1(8a)e4, 12.1(8a)e5, 12.1(8a)ew, 12.1(8a)ew1, 12.1(8a)ex, 12.1(8a)ex1, 12.1(8b), 12.1(8b)e6, 12.1(8b)e7, 12.1(8b)e8, 12.1(8b)e9, 12.1(8b)e10, 12.1(8b)e11, 12.1(8b)e12, 12.1(8b)e13, 12.1(8b)e14, 12.1(8b)e15, 12.1(8b)e16, 12.1(8b)e18, 12.1(8b)e19, 12.1(8b)e20, 12.1(8b)ex2, 12.1(8b)ex3, 12.1(8b)ex4, 12.1(8b)ex5, 12.1(8c), 12.1(9), 12.1(9)aa, 12.1(9)e, 12.1(9)e1, 12.1(9)e2, 12.1(9)e3, 12.1(9)ea, 12.1(9)ea1, 12.1(9)ea1a, 12.1(9)ea1d, 12.1(9)ec, 12.1(9)ec1, 12.1(9)ex, 12.1(9)ex1, 12.1(9)ex2, 12.1(9)ex3, 12.1(9a), 12.1(10), 12.1(10)aa, 12.1(10)e, 12.1(10)e1, 12.1(10)e2, 12.1(10)e3, 12.1(10)e4, 12.1(10)e5, 12.1(10)e6, 12.1(10)e6a, 12.1(10)e7, 12.1(10)e8, 12.1(10)ec, 12.1(10)ec1, 12.1(10)ev, 12.1(10)ev1, 12.1(10)ev2, 12.1(10)ev3, 12.1(10)ev4, 12.1(10)ex, 12.1(10)ex1, 12.1(10)ex2, 12.1(10)ey, 12.1(10.5)ec, 12.1(10a), 12.1(11), 12.1(11)ax, 12.1(11)e, 12.1(11)ea1, 12.1(11)ec, 12.1(11)yj, 12.1(11)yj1, 12.1(11)yj2, 12.1(11)yj3, 12.1(11)yj4, 12.1(11.5)e, 12.1(11a), 12.1(11b), 12.1(11b)e, 12.1(11b)e0a, 12.1(11b)e1, 12.1(11b)e2, 12.1(11b)e3, 12.1(11b)e4, 12.1(11b)e5, 12.1(11b)e7, 12.1(11b)e10, 12.1(11b)e11, 12.1(11b)e12, 12.1(11b)e14, 12.1(11b)ec, 12.1(11b)ec1, 12.1(11b)ew, 12.1(11b)ew1, 12.1(11b)ex, 12.1(11b)ex1, 12.1(12), 12.1(12)e, 12.1(12a), 12.1(12b), 12.1(12c), 12.1(12c)e, 12.1(12c)e1, 12.1(12c)e2, 12.1(12c)e3, 12.1(12c)e4, 12.1(12c)e5, 12.1(12c)e6, 12.1(12c)e7, 12.1(12c)ea1, 12.1(12c)ea1a, 12.1(12c)ec, 12.1(12c)ec1, 12.1(12c)ev, 12.1(12c)ev01, 12.1(12c)ev2, 12.1(12c)ev3, 12.1(12c)ew, 12.1(12c)ew1, 12.1(12c)ew2, 12.1(12c)ew3, 12.1(12c)ew4, 12.1(12c)ex, 12.1(12c)ex1, 12.1(12c)ey, 12.1(13), 12.1(13)ay, 12.1(13)e, 12.1(13)e1, 12.1(13)e2, 12.1(13)e3, 12.1(13)e4, 12.1(13)e5, 12.1(13)e6, 12.1(13)e7, 12.1(13)e8, 12.1(13)e9, 12.1(13)e10, 12.1(13)e11, 12.1(13)e12, 12.1(13)e13, 12.1(13)e14, 12.1(13)e15, 12.1(13)e16, 12.1(13)e17, 12.1(13)ea1, 12.1(13)ea1a, 12.1(13)ea1b, 12.1(13)ea1c, 12.1(13)eb, 12.1(13)eb1, 12.1(13)ec, 12.1(13)ec1, 12.1(13)ec2, 12.1(13)ec3, 12.1(13)ec4, 12.1(13)ew, 12.1(13)ew1, 12.1(13)ew2, 12.1(13)ew3, 12.1(13)ew4, 12.1(13)ex, 12.1(13)ex1, 12.1(13)ex2, 12.1(13)ex3, 12.1(13.4)e, 12.1(13a), 12.1(14), 12.1(14)ax, 12.1(14)ax1, 12.1(14)ax2, 12.1(14)ax3, 12.1(14)ax4, 12.1(14)az, 12.1(14)e, 12.1(14)e1, 12.1(14)e2, 12.1(14)e3, 12.1(14)e4, 12.1(14)e5, 12.1(14)e6, 12.1(14)e7, 12.1(14)e9, 12.1(14)e10, 12.1(14)ea1, 12.1(14)ea1a, 12.1(14)ea1b, 12.1(14)eb, 12.1(14)eb1, 12.1(14)eo, 12.1(14)eo1, 12.1(14.5), 12.1(15), 12.1(15)bc1, 12.1(16), 12.1(17), 12.1(18), 12.1(18.4), 12.1(19), 12.1(19)e, 12.1(19)e1, 12.1(19)e2, 12.1(19)e3, 12.1(19)e4, 12.1(19)e6, 12.1(19)e7, 12.1(19)ea1, 12.1(19)ea1a, 12.1(19)ea1b, 12.1(19)ea1c, 12.1(19)ea1d, 12.1(19)eb, 12.1(19)ec, 12.1(19)ec1, 12.1(19)eo, 12.1(19)eo1, 12.1(19)eo2, 12.1(19)eo3, 12.1(19)eo4, 12.1(19)eo5, 12.1(19)eo6, 12.1(19)ew, 12.1(19)ew1, 12.1(19)ew2, 12.1(19)ew3, 12.1(19)fc1, 12.1(19.3)e, 12.1(20), 12.1(20)e, 12.1(20)e1, 12.1(20)e2, 12.1(20)e3, 12.1(20)e4, 12.1(20)e5, 12.1(20)e6, 12.1(20)ea1, 12.1(20)ea1a, 12.1(20)ea2, 12.1(20)eb, 12.1(20)ec, 12.1(20)ec1, 12.1(20)ec2, 12.1(20)ec3, 12.1(20)eo, 12.1(20)eo1, 12.1(20)eo2, 12.1(20)eo3, 12.1(20)eu, 12.1(20)eu1, 12.1(20)ew, 12.1(20)ew1, 12.1(20)ew2, 12.1(20)ew3, 12.1(20)ew4, 12.1(20a), 12.1(21), 12.1(22), 12.1(22)ay1, 12.1(22)e, 12.1(22)e1, 12.1(22)e2, 12.1(22)e3, 12.1(22)e4, 12.1(22)e5, 12.1(22)e6, 12.1(22)ea1, 12.1(22)ea1a, 12.1(22)ea1b, 12.1(22)ea2, 12.1(22)ea3, 12.1(22)ea4, 12.1(22)ea4a, 12.1(22)ea5, 12.1(22)ea5a, 12.1(22)ea6, 12.1(22)ea6a, 12.1(22)ea7, 12.1(22)ea8, 12.1(22)ea8a, 12.1(22)ea9, 12.1(22)ea10, 12.1(22)ea10a, 12.1(22)ea10b, 12.1(22)ea11, 12.1(22)ea12, 12.1(22)ea13, 12.1(22)ea14, 12.1(22)eb, 12.1(22)ec, 12.1(22)ec1, 12.1(23)e, 12.1(23)e1, 12.1(23)e2, 12.1(23)e3, 12.1(23)e4, 12.1(23)eb, 12.1(24), 12.1(25), 12.1(26), 12.1(26)e, 12.1(26)e1, 12.1(26)e2, 12.1(26)e3, 12.1(26)e4, 12.1(26)e5, 12.1(26)e6, 12.1(26)e7, 12.1(26)e8, 12.1(26)e9, 12.1(26)eb, 12.1(26)eb1, 12.1(26)eb3, 12.1(27), 12.1(27)eb, 12.1(27a), 12.1(27b), 12.1(27b)e, 12.1(27b)e1, 12.1(27b)e2, 12.1(27b)e3, 12.1(27b)e4, 12.1aa, 12.1ax, 12.1ay, 12.1az, 12.1cx, 12.1da, 12.1db, 12.1dc, 12.1e, 12.1ea, 12.1eb, 12.1ec, 12.1eo, 12.1eu, 12.1ev, 12.1ew, 12.1ex, 12.1ey, 12.1ez, 12.1ga, 12.1gb, 12.1m, 12.1s, 12.1sec, 12.1t, 12.1x(l), 12.1xa, 12.1xb, 12.1xc, 12.1xd, 12.1xe, 12.1xf, 12.1xg, 12.1xh, 12.1xi, 12.1xj, 12.1xk, 12.1xl, 12.1xm, 12.1xp, 12.1xq, 12.1xr, 12.1xs, 12.1xt, 12.1xu, 12.1xv, 12.1xw, 12.1xx, 12.1xy, 12.1xz, 12.1ya, 12.1yb, 12.1yc, 12.1yd, 12.1ye, 12.1yf, 12.1yh, 12.1yi, 12.1yj, 12.2, 12.2(1), 12.2(1)dx, 12.2(1)dx1, 12.2(1)m0, 12.2(1)mb1, 12.2(1)s, 12.2(1)t, 12.2(1)xa, 12.2(1)xd, 12.2(1)xd1, 12.2(1)xd2, 12.2(1)xd3, 12.2(1)xd4, 12.2(1)xe, 12.2(1)xe1, 12.2(1)xe2, 12.2(1)xe3, 12.2(1)xf, 12.2(1)xf1, 12.2(1)xh, 12.2(1)xq, 12.2(1)xs, 12.2(1)xs1, 12.2(1)xs1a, 12.2(1)xs2, 12.2(1.1), 12.2(1.1)pi, 12.2(1.4)s, 12.2(1a)xc, 12.2(1a)xc1, 12.2(1a)xc2, 12.2(1a)xc3, 12.2(1b), 12.2(1b)da, 12.2(1b)da1, 12.2(1c), 12.2(1d), 12.2(2)b, 12.2(2)b1, 12.2(2)b2, 12.2(2)b3, 12.2(2)b4, 12.2(2)b5, 12.2(2)b6, 12.2(2)b7, 12.2(2)bx, 12.2(2)bx1, 12.2(2)by, 12.2(2)by1, 12.2(2)by2, 12.2(2)by3, 12.2(2)dd, 12.2(2)dd3, 12.2(2)dx3, 12.2(2)t, 12.2(2)t1, 12.2(2)t2, 12.2(2)t3, 12.2(2)t4, 12.2(2)xa, 12.2(2)xa1, 12.2(2)xa2, 12.2(2)xa3, 12.2(2)xa4, 12.2(2)xa5, 12.2(2)xb, 12.2(2)xb1, 12.2(2)xb2, 12.2(2)xb3, 12.2(2)xb4, 12.2(2)xb5, 12.2(2)xb6, 12.2(2)xb7, 12.2(2)xb8, 12.2(2)xb10, 12.2(2)xb11, 12.2(2)xb12, 12.2(2)xb14, 12.2(2)xb15, 12.2(2)xc, 12.2(2)xc1, 12.2(2)xc2, 12.2(2)xf, 12.2(2)xf1, 12.2(2)xf2, 12.2(2)xg, 12.2(2)xg1, 12.2(2)xh, 12.2(2)xh1, 12.2(2)xh2, 12.2(2)xh3, 12.2(2)xi, 12.2(2)xi1, 12.2(2)xi2, 12.2(2)xj, 12.2(2)xj1, 12.2(2)xk, 12.2(2)xk1, 12.2(2)xk2, 12.2(2)xk3, 12.2(2)xn, 12.2(2)xq, 12.2(2)xq1, 12.2(2)xr, 12.2(2)xt, 12.2(2)xt1, 12.2(2)xt2, 12.2(2)xt3, 12.2(2)xu, 12.2(2)xu1, 12.2(2)xu2, 12.2(2)yc, 12.2(2)yc1, 12.2(2)yc2, 12.2(2)yc3, 12.2(2)yc4, 12.2(2)yk, 12.2(2)yk1, 12.2(2.2)t, 12.2(3), 12.2(3.4)bp, 12.2(3a), 12.2(3b), 12.2(3c), 12.2(3d), 12.2(3g), 12.2(4), 12.2(4)b, 12.2(4)b1, 12.2(4)b2, 12.2(4)b3, 12.2(4)b4, 12.2(4)b5, 12.2(4)b6, 12.2(4)b7, 12.2(4)b8, 12.2(4)bc1, 12.2(4)bc1a, 12.2(4)bc1b, 12.2(4)bw, 12.2(4)bw1, 12.2(4)bw1a, 12.2(4)bw2, 12.2(4)bx, 12.2(4)bz1, 12.2(4)bz2, 12.2(4)ja, 12.2(4)ja1, 12.2(4)mb1, 12.2(4)mb2, 12.2(4)mb3, 12.2(4)mb4, 12.2(4)mb5, 12.2(4)mb6, 12.2(4)mb7, 12.2(4)mb8, 12.2(4)mb9, 12.2(4)mb9a, 12.2(4)mb10, 12.2(4)mb11, 12.2(4)mb12, 12.2(4)mb13, 12.2(4)mb13a, 12.2(4)mb13b, 12.2(4)mb13c, 12.2(4)mx, 12.2(4)mx1, 12.2(4)t, 12.2(4)t1, 12.2(4)t2, 12.2(4)t3, 12.2(4)t5, 12.2(4)t6, 12.2(4)t7, 12.2(4)xf, 12.2(4)xf1, 12.2(4)xl, 12.2(4)xl1, 12.2(4)xl2, 12.2(4)xl3, 12.2(4)xl4, 12.2(4)xl5, 12.2(4)xl6, 12.2(4)xm, 12.2(4)xm1, 12.2(4)xm2, 12.2(4)xm3, 12.2(4)xm4, 12.2(4)xr, 12.2(4)xv, 12.2(4)xv1, 12.2(4)xv2, 12.2(4)xv3, 12.2(4)xv4, 12.2(4)xv4a, 12.2(4)xv5, 12.2(4)xw, 12.2(4)xw1, 12.2(4)ya, 12.2(4)ya1, 12.2(4)ya2, 12.2(4)ya3, 12.2(4)ya4, 12.2(4)ya5, 12.2(4)ya6, 12.2(4)ya7, 12.2(4)ya8, 12.2(4)ya9, 12.2(4)ya10, 12.2(4)ya11, 12.2(4)ya12, 12.2(4)ya13, 12.2(4)yb, 12.2(4)yf, 12.2(4)yg, 12.2(4)yh, 12.2(5), 12.2(5)ca1, 12.2(5)da, 12.2(5)da1, 12.2(5a), 12.2(5b), 12.2(5c), 12.2(5d), 12.2(6), 12.2(6.8)t0a, 12.2(6.8)t1a, 12.2(6.8a), 12.2(6c), 12.2(6c)m1, 12.2(6g), 12.2(6h), 12.2(6i), 12.2(6j), 12.2(7), 12.2(7)da, 12.2(7.4)s, 12.2(7a), 12.2(7b), 12.2(7c), 12.2(7e), 12.2(7g), 12.2(8)bc1, 12.2(8)bc2, 12.2(8)by, 12.2(8)by1, 12.2(8)by2, 12.2(8)ja, 12.2(8)mc1, 12.2(8)mc2, 12.2(8)t, 12.2(8)t1, 12.2(8)t2, 12.2(8)t3, 12.2(8)t4, 12.2(8)t5, 12.2(8)t7, 12.2(8)t8, 12.2(8)t10, 12.2(8)tpc10a, 12.2(8)tpc10b, 12.2(8)tpc10c, 12.2(8)tpc10d, 12.2(8)yd, 12.2(8)yd1, 12.2(8)yd2, 12.2(8)yd3, 12.2(8)yj, 12.2(8)yj1, 12.2(8)yl, 12.2(8)ym, 12.2(8)yn, 12.2(8)yn1, 12.2(8)yp, 12.2(8)yw, 12.2(8)yw1, 12.2(8)yw2, 12.2(8)yw3, 12.2(8)yy, 12.2(8)yy1, 12.2(8)yy2, 12.2(8)yy3, 12.2(8)yy4, 12.2(8)zb, 12.2(8)zb1, 12.2(8)zb2, 12.2(8)zb3, 12.2(8)zb4, 12.2(8)zb4a, 12.2(8)zb5, 12.2(8)zb6, 12.2(8)zb7, 12.2(8)zb8, 12.2(9)s, 12.2(9)yo1, 12.2(9)yo2, 12.2(9)yo3, 12.2(9)yo4, 12.2(9.4)da, 12.2(10), 12.2(10)da, 12.2(10)da1, 12.2(10)da2, 12.2(10)da3, 12.2(10)da4, 12.2(10)da5, 12.2(10)da6, 12.2(10)da7, 12.2(10)da8, 12.2(10)da9, 12.2(10.5)s, 12.2(10a), 12.2(10b), 12.2(10d), 12.2(10g), 12.2(11)bc1, 12.2(11)bc1a, 12.2(11)bc1b, 12.2(11)bc2, 12.2(11)bc2a, 12.2(11)bc3, 12.2(11)bc3a, 12.2(11)bc3b, 12.2(11)bc3c, 12.2(11)bc3d, 12.2(11)cx, 12.2(11)cy, 12.2(11)ja, 12.2(11)ja1, 12.2(11)ja2, 12.2(11)ja3, 12.2(11)t, 12.2(11)t1, 12.2(11)t2, 12.2(11)t3, 12.2(11)t4, 12.2(11)t5, 12.2(11)t6, 12.2(11)t8, 12.2(11)t9, 12.2(11)t10, 12.2(11)t11, 12.2(11)yp1, 12.2(11)yp3, 12.2(11)yq, 12.2(11)yr, 12.2(11)ys, 12.2(11)yt, 12.2(11)yt1, 12.2(11)yt2, 12.2(11)yu, 12.2(11)yv, 12.2(11)yv1, 12.2(11)yx, 12.2(11)yx1, 12.2(11)yz, 12.2(11)yz1, 12.2(11)yz2, 12.2(11)zc, 12.2(12), 12.2(12)da, 12.2(12)da1, 12.2(12)da2, 12.2(12)da3, 12.2(12)da4, 12.2(12)da5, 12.2(12)da6, 12.2(12)da7, 12.2(12)da8, 12.2(12)da9, 12.2(12)da10, 12.2(12)da11, 12.2(12)da12, 12.2(12)da13, 12.2(12)da14, 12.2(12.02)s, 12.2(12.02)t, 12.2(12.05), 12.2(12.05)s, 12.2(12.05)t, 12.2(12a), 12.2(12b), 12.2(12b)m1, 12.2(12c), 12.2(12e), 12.2(12f), 12.2(12g), 12.2(12h), 12.2(12i), 12.2(12j), 12.2(12k), 12.2(12l), 12.2(12m), 12.2(13), 12.2(13)ja, 12.2(13)ja1, 12.2(13)ja2, 12.2(13)ja3, 12.2(13)ja4, 12.2(13)mc1, 12.2(13)t, 12.2(13)t1, 12.2(13)t1a, 12.2(13)t2, 12.2(13)t3, 12.2(13)t4, 12.2(13)t5, 12.2(13)t8, 12.2(13)t9, 12.2(13)t10, 12.2(13)t11, 12.2(13)t12, 12.2(13)t13, 12.2(13)t14, 12.2(13)t16, 12.2(13)zc, 12.2(13)zd, 12.2(13)zd1, 12.2(13)zd2, 12.2(13)zd3, 12.2(13)zd4, 12.2(13)ze, 12.2(13)zf, 12.2(13)zf1, 12.2(13)zf2, 12.2(13)zg, 12.2(13)zh, 12.2(13)zh1, 12.2(13)zh2, 12.2(13)zh3, 12.2(13)zh4, 12.2(13)zh5, 12.2(13)zh6, 12.2(13)zh7, 12.2(13)zh8, 12.2(13)zh9, 12.2(13)zh10, 12.2(13)zh11, 12.2(13)zj, 12.2(13)zk, 12.2(13)zl, 12.2(13)zp, 12.2(13)zp1, 12.2(13)zp2, 12.2(13)zp3, 12.2(13)zp4, 12.2(13.03)b, 12.2(13a), 12.2(13e), 12.2(14)s, 12.2(14)s1, 12.2(14)s2, 12.2(14)s3, 12.2(14)s5, 12.2(14)s7, 12.2(14)s8, 12.2(14)s9, 12.2(14)s10, 12.2(14)s11, 12.2(14)s12, 12.2(14)s13, 12.2(14)s14, 12.2(14)s15, 12.2(14)s16, 12.2(14)s17, 12.2(14)s18, 12.2(14)s19, 12.2(14)su, 12.2(14)su1, 12.2(14)su2, 12.2(14)sx, 12.2(14)sx1, 12.2(14)sx2, 12.2(14)sy, 12.2(14)sy1, 12.2(14)sy2, 12.2(14)sy03, 12.2(14)sy4, 12.2(14)sy5, 12.2(14)sz, 12.2(14)sz1, 12.2(14)sz2, 12.2(14)sz3, 12.2(14)sz4, 12.2(14)sz5, 12.2(14)sz6, 12.2(14)za, 12.2(14)za1, 12.2(14)za2, 12.2(14)za3, 12.2(14)za4, 12.2(14)za5, 12.2(14)za6, 12.2(14)za7, 12.2(14)za8, 12.2(14.5), 12.2(14.5)t, 12.2(15)b, 12.2(15)bc, 12.2(15)bc1, 12.2(15)bc1a, 12.2(15)bc1b, 12.2(15)bc1c, 12.2(15)bc1d, 12.2(15)bc1e, 12.2(15)bc1f, 12.2(15)bc1g, 12.2(15)bc2, 12.2(15)bc2a, 12.2(15)bc2b, 12.2(15)bc2c, 12.2(15)bc2d, 12.2(15)bc2e, 12.2(15)bc2f, 12.2(15)bc2g, 12.2(15)bc2h, 12.2(15)bc2i, 12.2(15)bx, 12.2(15)bz, 12.2(15)bz2, 12.2(15)cx, 12.2(15)cz3, 12.2(15)jk, 12.2(15)jk1, 12.2(15)jk2, 12.2(15)jk3, 12.2(15)jk4, 12.2(15)jk5, 12.2(15)mc1, 12.2(15)mc1a, 12.2(15)mc1b, 12.2(15)mc1c, 12.2(15)mc2, 12.2(15)mc2a, 12.2(15)mc2b, 12.2(15)mc2c, 12.2(15)mc2e, 12.2(15)mc2f, 12.2(15)mc2g, 12.2(15)mc2h, 12.2(15)mc2i, 12.2(15)mc2j, 12.2(15)mc2k, 12.2(15)mc2l, 12.2(15)mc2m, 12.2(15)mc2n, 12.2(15)sl1, 12.2(15)t, 12.2(15)t1, 12.2(15)t2, 12.2(15)t4, 12.2(15)t4e, 12.2(15)t5, 12.2(15)t7, 12.2(15)t8, 12.2(15)t9, 12.2(15)t10, 12.2(15)t11, 12.2(15)t12, 12.2(15)t13, 12.2(15)t14, 12.2(15)t15, 12.2(15)t16, 12.2(15)t17, 12.2(15)xr, 12.2(15)xr1, 12.2(15)xr2, 12.2(15)ys, 12.2(15)ys 1.2(1), 12.2(15)zj, 12.2(15)zj1, 12.2(15)zj2, 12.2(15)zj3, 12.2(15)zj5, 12.2(15)zk, 12.2(15)zl, 12.2(15)zl1, 12.2(15)zn, 12.2(15)zo, 12.2(15.1)s, 12.2(16), 12.2(16)b, 12.2(16)b1, 12.2(16)b2, 12.2(16)bx, 12.2(16)bx1, 12.2(16)bx2, 12.2(16)bx3, 12.2(16.1)b, 12.2(16.5)s, 12.2(16a), 12.2(16b), 12.2(16c), 12.2(16f), 12.2(17), 12.2(17)a, 12.2(17)sl5, 12.2(17)zd3, 12.2(17a), 12.2(17a)sx, 12.2(17a)sx1, 12.2(17a)sx2, 12.2(17a)sx3, 12.2(17a)sx4, 12.2(17a)sxa, 12.2(17b), 12.2(17b)sxa, 12.2(17b)sxa2, 12.2(17d), 12.2(17d)sx, 12.2(17d)sxb, 12.2(17d)sxb1, 12.2(17d)sxb2, 12.2(17d)sxb3, 12.2(17d)sxb4, 12.2(17d)sxb5, 12.2(17d)sxb6, 12.2(17d)sxb7, 12.2(17d)sxb8, 12.2(17d)sxb9, 12.2(17d)sxb10, 12.2(17d)sxb11, 12.2(17d)sxb11a, 12.2(17e), 12.2(17f), 12.2(17r)sx5, 12.2(17r)sx6, 12.2(18)ew, 12.2(18)ew2, 12.2(18)ew3, 12.2(18)ew5, 12.2(18)ewa, 12.2(18)ixa, 12.2(18)ixb, 12.2(18)ixb1, 12.2(18)ixb2, 12.2(18)ixc, 12.2(18)ixc1, 12.2(18)ixd, 12.2(18)ixd1, 12.2(18)ixe, 12.2(18)ixf, 12.2(18)ixf1, 12.2(18)ixg, 12.2(18)ixh, 12.2(18)ixh1, 12.2(18)ixh2, 12.2(18)s, 12.2(18)s6, 12.2(18)s8, 12.2(18)s9, 12.2(18)s10, 12.2(18)s11, 12.2(18)s12, 12.2(18)s13, 12.2(18)se, 12.2(18)se1, 12.2(18)so1, 12.2(18)so2, 12.2(18)so3, 12.2(18)so4, 12.2(18)so5, 12.2(18)so6, 12.2(18)so7, 12.2(18)sv, 12.2(18)sv1, 12.2(18)sv2, 12.2(18)sv3, 12.2(18)sw, 12.2(18)sxd, 12.2(18)sxd1, 12.2(18)sxd2, 12.2(18)sxd3, 12.2(18)sxd4, 12.2(18)sxd5, 12.2(18)sxd6, 12.2(18)sxd7, 12.2(18)sxd7a, 12.2(18)sxd7b, 12.2(18)sxe, 12.2(18)sxe1, 12.2(18)sxe2, 12.2(18)sxe3, 12.2(18)sxe4, 12.2(18)sxe5, 12.2(18)sxe6, 12.2(18)sxf, 12.2(18)sxf1, 12.2(18)sxf2, 12.2(18)sxf3, 12.2(18)sxf4, 12.2(18)sxf5, 12.2(18)sxf6, 12.2(18)sxf7, 12.2(18)sxf8, 12.2(18)sxf9, 12.2(18)sxf10, 12.2(18)sxf11, 12.2(18)sxf12, 12.2(18)sxf13, 12.2(18)sxf14, 12.2(18)sxf15, 12.2(18)sxf15a, 12.2(18)sxf16, 12.2(18)sxf17, 12.2(18)sxf17a, 12.2(18)sxf17b, 12.2(18)sxf17c, 12.2(18)sxg, 12.2(18)zu1, 12.2(18)zu2, 12.2(18)zy1, 12.2(18)zy2, 12.2(18)zy3, 12.2(18)zya, 12.2(18)zya1, 12.2(18)zya2, 12.2(18)zya3, 12.2(18.2), 12.2(19), 12.2(19)b, 12.2(19)sl, 12.2(19)sw, 12.2(19a), 12.2(19b), 12.2(19c), 12.2(20)eu, 12.2(20)eu1, 12.2(20)eu2, 12.2(20)ew, 12.2(20)ew2, 12.2(20)ew3, 12.2(20)ewa, 12.2(20)ewa2, 12.2(20)ewa3, 12.2(20)ex, 12.2(20)s, 12.2(20)s1, 12.2(20)s2, 12.2(20)s3, 12.2(20)s4, 12.2(20)s5, 12.2(20)s6, 12.2(20)s7, 12.2(20)s8, 12.2(20)s9, 12.2(20)s10, 12.2(20)s11, 12.2(20)s12, 12.2(20)s13, 12.2(20)s14, 12.2(20)se, 12.2(20)se1, 12.2(20)se2, 12.2(20)se3, 12.2(20)se4, 12.2(20)sw, 12.2(21), 12.2(21)sw, 12.2(21a), 12.2(21b), 12.2(22)ea6, 12.2(22)s, 12.2(22)s1, 12.2(22)s2, 12.2(22)sv, 12.2(22)sv1, 12.2(23), 12.2(23)sv, 12.2(23)sv1, 12.2(23)sw, 12.2(23)sw1, 12.2(23.6), 12.2(23a), 12.2(23c), 12.2(23d), 12.2(23e), 12.2(23f), 12.2(24), 12.2(24)sv, 12.2(24)sv1, 12.2(24a), 12.2(24b), 12.2(25)ew, 12.2(25)ewa, 12.2(25)ewa1, 12.2(25)ewa2, 12.2(25)ewa3, 12.2(25)ewa4, 12.2(25)ewa5, 12.2(25)ewa6, 12.2(25)ewa7, 12.2(25)ewa8, 12.2(25)ewa9, 12.2(25)ewa10, 12.2(25)ewa11, 12.2(25)ewa12, 12.2(25)ewa13, 12.2(25)ewa14, 12.2(25)ex, 12.2(25)ex1, 12.2(25)ey, 12.2(25)ey1, 12.2(25)ey2, 12.2(25)ey3, 12.2(25)ey4, 12.2(25)ez, 12.2(25)ez1, 12.2(25)fx, 12.2(25)fy, 12.2(25)fz, 12.2(25)s, 12.2(25)s1, 12.2(25)s2, 12.2(25)s3, 12.2(25)s4, 12.2(25)s5, 12.2(25)s6, 12.2(25)s7, 12.2(25)s8, 12.2(25)s9, 12.2(25)s10, 12.2(25)s11, 12.2(25)s12, 12.2(25)s13, 12.2(25)s14, 12.2(25)s15, 12.2(25)se, 12.2(25)se1, 12.2(25)se2, 12.2(25)se3, 12.2(25)sea, 12.2(25)seb, 12.2(25)seb1, 12.2(25)seb2, 12.2(25)seb3, 12.2(25)seb4, 12.2(25)sec, 12.2(25)sec1, 12.2(25)sec2, 12.2(25)sed, 12.2(25)sed1, 12.2(25)see, 12.2(25)see1, 12.2(25)see2, 12.2(25)see3, 12.2(25)see4, 12.2(25)sef1, 12.2(25)sef2, 12.2(25)sef3, 12.2(25)seg, 12.2(25)seg1, 12.2(25)seg2, 12.2(25)seg3, 12.2(25)seg4, 12.2(25)seg5, 12.2(25)seg6, 12.2(25)sg, 12.2(25)sg1, 12.2(25)sg2, 12.2(25)sg3, 12.2(25)sg4, 12.2(25)sv, 12.2(25)sv1, 12.2(25)sv2, 12.2(25)sv3, 12.2(25)sw, 12.2(25)sw1, 12.2(25)sw2, 12.2(25)sw3, 12.2(25)sw3a, 12.2(25)sw3b, 12.2(25)sw4, 12.2(25)sw4a, 12.2(25)sw5, 12.2(25)sw6, 12.2(25)sw7, 12.2(25)sw8, 12.2(25)sw9, 12.2(25)sw10, 12.2(25)sw11, 12.2(25)sw12, 12.2(26), 12.2(26)sv, 12.2(26)sv1, 12.2(26b), 12.2(26c), 12.2(27), 12.2(27)sba3, 12.2(27)sbb4e, 12.2(27)sbc, 12.2(27)sbc1, 12.2(27)sbc2, 12.2(27)sbc3, 12.2(27)sbc4, 12.2(27)sbc5, 12.2(27)sbc6, 12.2(27)sv, 12.2(27)sv1, 12.2(27)sv2, 12.2(27)sv3, 12.2(27)sv4, 12.2(27)sv5, 12.2(27a), 12.2(27b), 12.2(27c), 12.2(28), 12.2(28)sb, 12.2(28)sb1, 12.2(28)sb2, 12.2(28)sb3, 12.2(28)sb4, 12.2(28)sb5, 12.2(28)sb5c, 12.2(28)sb6, 12.2(28)sb7, 12.2(28)sb8, 12.2(28)sb9, 12.2(28)sb10, 12.2(28)sb11, 12.2(28)sb12, 12.2(28)sb13, 12.2(28)sb14, 12.2(28)sv, 12.2(28)sv1, 12.2(28)sv2, 12.2(28)vz, 12.2(28)zv2, 12.2(28)zx, 12.2(28a), 12.2(28b), 12.2(28b)zv1, 12.2(28c), 12.2(28d), 12.2(29), 12.2(29)sv, 12.2(29)sv1, 12.2(29)sv2, 12.2(29)sv3, 12.2(29)sv4, 12.2(29)sva2, 12.2(29)svc, 12.2(29)svd, 12.2(29)svd0, 12.2(29)svd1, 12.2(29)sve0, 12.2(29a), 12.2(29a)sv, 12.2(29b), 12.2(29b)sv, 12.2(29b)sv1, 12.2(30)s, 12.2(30)s1, 12.2(30)s2, 12.2(31), 12.2(31)sb2, 12.2(31)sb3, 12.2(31)sb3x, 12.2(31)sb5, 12.2(31)sb6, 12.2(31)sb7, 12.2(31)sb8, 12.2(31)sb9, 12.2(31)sb10, 12.2(31)sb11, 12.2(31)sb12, 12.2(31)sb13, 12.2(31)sb14, 12.2(31)sb15, 12.2(31)sb16, 12.2(31)sb17, 12.2(31)sb18, 12.2(31)sb19, 12.2(31)sb20, 12.2(31)sb21, 12.2(31)sg, 12.2(31)sga1, 12.2(31)sga2, 12.2(31)sga3, 12.2(31)sga4, 12.2(31)sga5, 12.2(31)sga6, 12.2(31)sga7, 12.2(31)sga8, 12.2(31)sga9, 12.2(31)sga10, 12.2(31)sga11, 12.2(32), 12.2(33), 12.2(33)cx, 12.2(33)cy, 12.2(33)cy1, 12.2(33)cy3, 12.2(33)ira, 12.2(33)irb, 12.2(33)irc, 12.2(33)ird, 12.2(33)ird1, 12.2(33)ire, 12.2(33)ire1, 12.2(33)ire2, 12.2(33)ire3, 12.2(33)irf, 12.2(33)irg, 12.2(33)irg1, 12.2(33)irh, 12.2(33)irh1, 12.2(33)iri, 12.2(33)mra, 12.2(33)mra1, 12.2(33)mrb, 12.2(33)mrb1, 12.2(33)mrb2, 12.2(33)mrb3, 12.2(33)mrb4, 12.2(33)mrb5, 12.2(33)mrb6, 12.2(33)mrc, 12.2(33)sb, 12.2(33)sb1, 12.2(33)sb2, 12.2(33)sb3, 12.2(33)sb4, 12.2(33)sb5, 12.2(33)sb6, 12.2(33)sb6c, 12.2(33)sb7, 12.2(33)sb8, 12.2(33)sb8a, 12.2(33)sb8h, 12.2(33)sb9, 12.2(33)sb10, 12.2(33)sb11, 12.2(33)sb12, 12.2(33)sb13, 12.2(33)sb14, 12.2(33)sb15, 12.2(33)sb16, 12.2(33)sb17, 12.2(33)sb18, 12.2(33)sca, 12.2(33)sca1, 12.2(33)sca2, 12.2(33)scb, 12.2(33)scb1, 12.2(33)scb2, 12.2(33)scb3, 12.2(33)scb4, 12.2(33)scb5, 12.2(33)scb6, 12.2(33)scb7, 12.2(33)scb8, 12.2(33)scb9, 12.2(33)scb10, 12.2(33)scb11, 12.2(33)scc, 12.2(33)scc1, 12.2(33)scc2, 12.2(33)scc3, 12.2(33)scc4, 12.2(33)scc5, 12.2(33)scc6, 12.2(33)scc7, 12.2(33)scd, 12.2(33)scd1, 12.2(33)scd2, 12.2(33)scd3, 12.2(33)scd4, 12.2(33)scd5, 12.2(33)scd6, 12.2(33)scd7, 12.2(33)scd8, 12.2(33)sce, 12.2(33)sce1, 12.2(33)sce2, 12.2(33)sce3, 12.2(33)sce4, 12.2(33)sce5, 12.2(33)sce6, 12.2(33)scf, 12.2(33)scf1, 12.2(33)scf2, 12.2(33)scf3, 12.2(33)scf4, 12.2(33)scf5, 12.2(33)scg, 12.2(33)scg1, 12.2(33)scg2, 12.2(33)scg3, 12.2(33)scg4, 12.2(33)scg5, 12.2(33)scg6, 12.2(33)scg7, 12.2(33)sch0a, 12.2(33)sch1, 12.2(33)sch2, 12.2(33)sch2a, 12.2(33)sch3, 12.2(33)sch4, 12.2(33)sch5, 12.2(33)sch6, 12.2(33)sci, 12.2(33)sci1, 12.2(33)sci1a, 12.2(33)sci2, 12.2(33)sci2a, 12.2(33)sci3, 12.2(33)scj, 12.2(33)scj1, 12.2(33)scj1a, 12.2(33)scj1b, 12.2(33)scj2, 12.2(33)scj2a, 12.2(33)se, 12.2(33)sra, 12.2(33)sra1, 12.2(33)sra2, 12.2(33)sra3, 12.2(33)sra4, 12.2(33)sra5, 12.2(33)sra6, 12.2(33)sra7, 12.2(33)srb, 12.2(33)srb1, 12.2(33)srb2, 12.2(33)srb3, 12.2(33)srb4, 12.2(33)srb5, 12.2(33)srb5a, 12.2(33)srb6, 12.2(33)srb7, 12.2(33)src, 12.2(33)src1, 12.2(33)src2, 12.2(33)src3, 12.2(33)src4, 12.2(33)src5, 12.2(33)src6, 12.2(33)srd, 12.2(33)srd1, 12.2(33)srd2, 12.2(33)srd2a, 12.2(33)srd3, 12.2(33)srd4, 12.2(33)srd5, 12.2(33)srd6, 12.2(33)srd7, 12.2(33)srd8, 12.2(33)sre, 12.2(33)sre0a, 12.2(33)sre1, 12.2(33)sre2, 12.2(33)sre3, 12.2(33)sre4, 12.2(33)sre5, 12.2(33)sre6, 12.2(33)sre7, 12.2(33)sre7a, 12.2(33)sre8, 12.2(33)sre9, 12.2(33)sre10, 12.2(33)sre11, 12.2(33)sre12, 12.2(33)sre13, 12.2(33)sre14, 12.2(33)sre15, 12.2(33)ste0, 12.2(33)sxh, 12.2(33)sxh1, 12.2(33)sxh2, 12.2(33)sxh2a, 12.2(33)sxh3, 12.2(33)sxh3a, 12.2(33)sxh4, 12.2(33)sxh4x, 12.2(33)sxh5, 12.2(33)sxh6, 12.2(33)sxh7, 12.2(33)sxh8, 12.2(33)sxh8a, 12.2(33)sxh8b, 12.2(33)sxi, 12.2(33)sxi0a, 12.2(33)sxi1, 12.2(33)sxi2, 12.2(33)sxi2a, 12.2(33)sxi3, 12.2(33)sxi4, 12.2(33)sxi4a, 12.2(33)sxi4b, 12.2(33)sxi5, 12.2(33)sxi6, 12.2(33)sxi7, 12.2(33)sxi8, 12.2(33)sxi8a, 12.2(33)sxi9, 12.2(33)sxi10, 12.2(33)sxi11, 12.2(33)sxi12, 12.2(33)sxi13, 12.2(33)sxi14, 12.2(33)sxj, 12.2(33)sxj1, 12.2(33)sxj2, 12.2(33)sxj3, 12.2(33)sxj4, 12.2(33)sxj5, 12.2(33)sxj6, 12.2(33)sxj7, 12.2(33)sxj8, 12.2(33)sxj9, 12.2(33)sxj10, 12.2(33)xn1, 12.2(33)xnh, 12.2(33)zm, 12.2(33)zya3c, 12.2(33a)sr, 12.2(33r)srd2, 12.2(34), 12.2(34)sb4e, 12.2(34)sb5, 12.2(34a), 12.2(35), 12.2(35)ex, 12.2(35)ex1, 12.2(35)ex2, 12.2(35)se, 12.2(36)se, 12.2(36)sg, 12.2(37), 12.2(37)ex, 12.2(37)ey, 12.2(37)se, 12.2(37)se1, 12.2(37)se2, 12.2(37)sg, 12.2(37)sg1, 12.2(40), 12.2(40)ex1, 12.2(40)ex2, 12.2(40)ex3, 12.2(40)se, 12.2(40)se1, 12.2(40)se2, 12.2(40)sg, 12.2(40)xo, 12.2(40a), 12.2(43), 12.2(44)ex, 12.2(44)ex1, 12.2(44)se1, 12.2(44)se2, 12.2(44)se3, 12.2(44)se4, 12.2(44)se5, 12.2(44)se6, 12.2(44)sg1, 12.2(44)sq1, 12.2(44)sq2, 12.2(44)sq3, 12.2(44r)sg5, 12.2(46), 12.2(46)ex, 12.2(46)ey, 12.2(46)se, 12.2(46)se1, 12.2(46)se2, 12.2(46)sg, 12.2(46)sg1, 12.2(46)xo, 12.2(46a), 12.2(47)se, 12.2(50)se, 12.2(50)se1, 12.2(50)se2, 12.2(50)se3, 12.2(50)se4, 12.2(50)se5, 12.2(50)sg, 12.2(50)sg1, 12.2(50)sg2, 12.2(50)sg3, 12.2(50)sg4, 12.2(50)sg5, 12.2(50)sg6, 12.2(50)sg7, 12.2(50)sg8, 12.2(50)sq, 12.2(50)sq1, 12.2(50)sq2, 12.2(50)sq3, 12.2(50)sq4, 12.2(50)sq5, 12.2(50)sq6, 12.2(50)sq7, 12.2(50)sy, 12.2(50)sy1, 12.2(50)sy2, 12.2(50)sy3, 12.2(50)sy4, 12.2(52)ex1, 12.2(52)ey1, 12.2(52)ey1b, 12.2(52)ey1c, 12.2(52)ey2, 12.2(52)ey2a, 12.2(52)ey3, 12.2(52)ey3a, 12.2(52)ey3b, 12.2(52)ey4, 12.2(52)se, 12.2(52)se1, 12.2(52)sg, 12.2(52)xo, 12.2(53)ex, 12.2(53)ey, 12.2(53)ez, 12.2(53)se, 12.2(53)se1, 12.2(53)se2, 12.2(53)se3, 12.2(53)sg, 12.2(53)sg1, 12.2(53)sg2, 12.2(53)sg3, 12.2(53)sg4, 12.2(53)sg5, 12.2(53)sg6, 12.2(53)sg7, 12.2(53)sg8, 12.2(53)sg9, 12.2(53)sg10, 12.2(53)sg11, 12.2(54)ex, 12.2(54)se, 12.2(54)sg, 12.2(54)sg1, 12.2(54)wo, 12.2(54)xo, 12.2(55)ex, 12.2(55)ex1, 12.2(55)ex2, 12.2(55)ex3, 12.2(55)ey, 12.2(55)ez, 12.2(55)se, 12.2(55)se1, 12.2(55)se2, 12.2(55)se3, 12.2(55)se4, 12.2(55)se5, 12.2(55)se6, 12.2(55)se7, 12.2(55)se8, 12.2(55)se9, 12.2(55)se10, 12.2(55)se11, 12.2(57)se, 12.2(58)ex, 12.2(58)ex1, 12.2(58)ey, 12.2(58)ey1, 12.2(58)ey2, 12.2(58)ez, 12.2(58)ez1, 12.2(58)se, 12.2(58)se1, 12.2(58)se2, 12.2(58)ses, 12.2(60)ez, 12.2(60)ez1, 12.2(60)ez2, 12.2(60)ez3, 12.2(60)ez4, 12.2(60)ez5, 12.2(60)ez6, 12.2(60)ez7, 12.2(60)ez8, 12.2(60)ez9, 12.2(60)ez10, 12.2(60)ez11, 12.2(99)sx1003, 12.2(99)sx1006, 12.2(99)sx1010, 12.2(99)sx1011, 12.2(99)sx1012, 12.2(99)sx1017, 12.2(100)ira, 12.2(100)sb, 12.2(100)se, 12.2(100)srb, 12.2(100)sv, 12.2(101)sx, 12.2(114)s, 12.2(114)s9, 12.2(114)s11, 12.2(114)s13, 12.2(118)ixf1, 12.2(118)sxf, 12.2(118)sxf10a, 12.2(125)ex, 12.2(125)see, 12.2(127)sv, 12.2(127)sv1, 12.2(128)sv, 12.2(129)sv, 12.2(129)sva, 12.2(129)svd, 12.2(129)svd0, 12.2(129)svd1, 12.2(129)sve0, 12.2(133)scb, 12.2(133)src, 12.2(133)ste0, 12.2(133)sxh, 12.2(133)sxi, 12.2(135)se, 12.2(137)sg, 12.2(144)ey, 12.2(144)sg, 12.2(144)sq, 12.2(146)ey, 12.2(146)se, 12.2(146)sg, 12.2(146)sg1, 12.2(146)xo, 12.2(150)sg, 12.2b, 12.2bc, 12.2bw, 12.2bx, 12.2by, 12.2bz, 12.2ca, 12.2cx, 12.2cy, 12.2cz, 12.2da, 12.2dd, 12.2dx, 12.2e, 12.2eu, 12.2ew, 12.2ewa, 12.2ex, 12.2ey, 12.2ez, 12.2f, 12.2fx, 12.2fy, 12.2fz, 12.2ira, 12.2irb, 12.2irc, 12.2ird, 12.2ire, 12.2irf, 12.2ixa, 12.2ixb, 12.2ixc, 12.2ixd, 12.2ixe, 12.2ixf, 12.2ixg, 12.2ixh, 12.2ja, 12.2jk, 12.2jx, 12.2mb, 12.2mc, 12.2mra, 12.2mrb, 12.2mx, 12.2n, 12.2pb, 12.2pi, 12.2s, 12.2sa, 12.2sb, 12.2sbc, 12.2sca, 12.2scb, 12.2scc, 12.2scd, 12.2sce, 12.2se, 12.2sea, 12.2seb, 12.2sec, 12.2sed, 12.2see, 12.2sef, 12.2seg, 12.2sg, 12.2sga, 12.2sh, 12.2sm, 12.2so, 12.2sq, 12.2sra, 12.2srb, 12.2src, 12.2srd, 12.2sre, 12.2ste, 12.2su, 12.2sv, 12.2sva, 12.2svc, 12.2svd, 12.2sve, 12.2sw, 12.2sx, 12.2sxa, 12.2sxb, 12.2sxd, 12.2sxe, 12.2sxf, 12.2sxh, 12.2sxi, 12.2sxj, 12.2sy, 12.2sz, 12.2t, 12.2tpc, 12.2x, 12.2xa, 12.2xb, 12.2xc, 12.2xd, 12.2xe, 12.2xf, 12.2xg, 12.2xh, 12.2xi, 12.2xj, 12.2xk, 12.2xl, 12.2xm, 12.2xn, 12.2xna, 12.2xnb, 12.2xnc, 12.2xnd, 12.2xne, 12.2xnf, 12.2xo, 12.2xq, 12.2xr, 12.2xs, 12.2xt, 12.2xu, 12.2xv, 12.2xw, 12.2xz, 12.2ya, 12.2yb, 12.2yc, 12.2yd, 12.2ye, 12.2yf, 12.2yg, 12.2yh, 12.2yj, 12.2yk, 12.2yl, 12.2ym, 12.2yn, 12.2yo, 12.2yp, 12.2yq, 12.2yr, 12.2ys, 12.2yt, 12.2yu, 12.2yv, 12.2yw, 12.2yx, 12.2yy, 12.2yz, 12.2za, 12.2zb, 12.2zc, 12.2zd, 12.2ze, 12.2zf, 12.2zg, 12.2zh, 12.2zi, 12.2zj, 12.2zk, 12.2zl, 12.2zm, 12.2zn, 12.2zo, 12.2zp, 12.2zq, 12.2zu, 12.2zx, 12.2zy, 12.2zya, 12.3, 12.3(1), 12.3(1a), 12.3(1a)bw, 12.3(2)ja, 12.3(2)ja1, 12.3(2)ja2, 12.3(2)ja3, 12.3(2)ja4, 12.3(2)ja5, 12.3(2)ja6, 12.3(2)jk, 12.3(2)jk1, 12.3(2)jk2, 12.3(2)jk3, 12.3(2)jk4, 12.3(2)jl, 12.3(2)jl1, 12.3(2)jl2, 12.3(2)jl3, 12.3(2)jl4, 12.3(2)jl5, 12.3(2)t, 12.3(2)t1, 12.3(2)t2, 12.3(2)t3, 12.3(2)t4, 12.3(2)t5, 12.3(2)t6, 12.3(2)t7, 12.3(2)t8, 12.3(2)t9, 12.3(2)xa, 12.3(2)xa1, 12.3(2)xa2, 12.3(2)xa3, 12.3(2)xa4, 12.3(2)xa5, 12.3(2)xa6, 12.3(2)xa7, 12.3(2)xa8, 12.3(2)xb, 12.3(2)xb1, 12.3(2)xb2, 12.3(2)xb3, 12.3(2)xc, 12.3(2)xc1, 12.3(2)xc2, 12.3(2)xc3, 12.3(2)xc4, 12.3(2)xc5, 12.3(2)xc6, 12.3(2)xe, 12.3(2)xe1, 12.3(2)xe2, 12.3(2)xe3, 12.3(2)xe4, 12.3(2)xe5, 12.3(2)xe6, 12.3(2)xf, 12.3(2)xz, 12.3(2)xz1, 12.3(2)xz2, 12.3(3), 12.3(3)b, 12.3(3)b1, 12.3(3a), 12.3(3b), 12.3(3c), 12.3(3d)m0, 12.3(3e), 12.3(3h), 12.3(3i), 12.3(4)eo1, 12.3(4)ja, 12.3(4)ja1, 12.3(4)ja2, 12.3(4)t, 12.3(4)t1, 12.3(4)t2, 12.3(4)t2a, 12.3(4)t3, 12.3(4)t4, 12.3(4)t6, 12.3(4)t7, 12.3(4)t8, 12.3(4)t9, 12.3(4)t10, 12.3(4)t11, 12.3(4)t13, 12.3(4)tpc11a, 12.3(4)tpc11b, 12.3(4)tpc11c, 12.3(4)xd, 12.3(4)xd1, 12.3(4)xd2, 12.3(4)xd3, 12.3(4)xd4, 12.3(4)xe4, 12.3(4)xg, 12.3(4)xg1, 12.3(4)xg2, 12.3(4)xg3, 12.3(4)xg4, 12.3(4)xg5, 12.3(4)xh, 12.3(4)xk, 12.3(4)xk1, 12.3(4)xk2, 12.3(4)xk3, 12.3(4)xk4, 12.3(4)xq, 12.3(4)xq1, 12.3(5), 12.3(5)b1, 12.3(5a), 12.3(5a)b, 12.3(5a)b2, 12.3(5a)b5, 12.3(5b), 12.3(5c), 12.3(5d), 12.3(5e), 12.3(5f), 12.3(6), 12.3(6a), 12.3(6b), 12.3(6c), 12.3(6d), 12.3(6e), 12.3(6f), 12.3(7)ja, 12.3(7)ja1, 12.3(7)ja2, 12.3(7)ja3, 12.3(7)ja4, 12.3(7)ja5, 12.3(7)ja6, 12.3(7)jx, 12.3(7)t, 12.3(7)t1, 12.3(7)t2, 12.3(7)t3, 12.3(7)t4, 12.3(7)t6, 12.3(7)t7, 12.3(7)t8, 12.3(7)t9, 12.3(7)t10, 12.3(7)t11, 12.3(7)t12, 12.3(7)xi1, 12.3(7)xi1b, 12.3(7)xi1c, 12.3(7)xi2, 12.3(7)xi2a, 12.3(7)xi3, 12.3(7)xi4, 12.3(7)xi5, 12.3(7)xi6, 12.3(7)xi7, 12.3(7)xi7a, 12.3(7)xi7b, 12.3(7)xi8, 12.3(7)xi8a, 12.3(7)xi8ba, 12.3(7)xi8c, 12.3(7)xi8d, 12.3(7)xi9, 12.3(7)xi10, 12.3(7)xi10a, 12.3(7)xi11, 12.3(7)xj, 12.3(7)xj1, 12.3(7)xj2, 12.3(7)xr, 12.3(7)xr2, 12.3(7)xr3, 12.3(7)xr4, 12.3(7)xr5, 12.3(7)xr6, 12.3(7)xr7, 12.3(7)xr8, 12.3(7)xs, 12.3(7)xs1, 12.3(7)xs2, 12.3(7.7), 12.3(8)eu, 12.3(8)ja, 12.3(8)ja1, 12.3(8)ja2, 12.3(8)ja3, 12.3(8)jea, 12.3(8)jea1, 12.3(8)jea2, 12.3(8)jea3, 12.3(8)jea4, 12.3(8)jeb, 12.3(8)jeb1, 12.3(8)jeb2, 12.3(8)jec, 12.3(8)jec1, 12.3(8)jec2, 12.3(8)jec3, 12.3(8)jec4, 12.3(8)jed, 12.3(8)jed1, 12.3(8)jed2, 12.3(8)jee, 12.3(8)jee1, 12.3(8)jk, 12.3(8)jk1, 12.3(8)jk2, 12.3(8)t, 12.3(8)t1, 12.3(8)t3, 12.3(8)t4, 12.3(8)t5, 12.3(8)t6, 12.3(8)t7, 12.3(8)t8, 12.3(8)t9, 12.3(8)t10, 12.3(8)t11, 12.3(8)va, 12.3(8)xu, 12.3(8)xu1, 12.3(8)xu2, 12.3(8)xu3, 12.3(8)xu4, 12.3(8)xu5, 12.3(8)xw, 12.3(8)xw1, 12.3(8)xw2, 12.3(8)xw3, 12.3(8)xx, 12.3(8)xx1, 12.3(8)xx2d, 12.3(8)xx2f, 12.3(8)xy, 12.3(8)xy1, 12.3(8)xy2, 12.3(8)xy3, 12.3(8)xy4, 12.3(8)xy5, 12.3(8)xy6, 12.3(8)xy7, 12.3(8)ya, 12.3(8)ya1, 12.3(8)yd, 12.3(8)yd1, 12.3(8)yf, 12.3(8)yg, 12.3(8)yg1, 12.3(8)yg2, 12.3(8)yg3, 12.3(8)yg4, 12.3(8)yg5, 12.3(8)yg6, 12.3(8)yh, 12.3(8)yi, 12.3(8)yi1, 12.3(8)yi2, 12.3(8)yi3, 12.3(8)za, 12.3(8r), 12.3(9), 12.3(9a), 12.3(9a)bc, 12.3(9a)bc1, 12.3(9a)bc2, 12.3(9a)bc3, 12.3(9a)bc4, 12.3(9a)bc5, 12.3(9a)bc6, 12.3(9a)bc7, 12.3(9a)bc8, 12.3(9a)bc9, 12.3(9a)bc10, 12.3(9b), 12.3(9c), 12.3(9d), 12.3(9e), 12.3(10), 12.3(10a), 12.3(10b), 12.3(10c), 12.3(10d), 12.3(10e), 12.3(10f), 12.3(11), 12.3(11)ja, 12.3(11)ja1, 12.3(11)ja2, 12.3(11)ja3, 12.3(11)ja4, 12.3(11)ja5, 12.3(11)jx, 12.3(11)t, 12.3(11)t2, 12.3(11)t3, 12.3(11)t4, 12.3(11)t5, 12.3(11)t6, 12.3(11)t7, 12.3(11)t8, 12.3(11)t9, 12.3(11)t10, 12.3(11)t11, 12.3(11)xl, 12.3(11)xl1, 12.3(11)xl3, 12.3(11)yf, 12.3(11)yf1, 12.3(11)yf2, 12.3(11)yf3, 12.3(11)yf4, 12.3(11)yj, 12.3(11)yk, 12.3(11)yk1, 12.3(11)yk2, 12.3(11)yk3, 12.3(11)yk4, 12.3(11)yl, 12.3(11)yn, 12.3(11)yr, 12.3(11)ys, 12.3(11)ys1, 12.3(11)ys2, 12.3(11)ys3, 12.3(11)yw, 12.3(11)yz, 12.3(11)yz1, 12.3(11)yz2, 12.3(11)yz3, 12.3(12), 12.3(12a), 12.3(12b), 12.3(12c), 12.3(12d), 12.3(12e), 12.3(12f), 12.3(13), 12.3(13)ym3, 12.3(13a), 12.3(13a)bc, 12.3(13a)bc1, 12.3(13a)bc2, 12.3(13a)bc3, 12.3(13a)bc4, 12.3(13a)bc5, 12.3(13a)bc6, 12.3(13b), 12.3(13c), 12.3(14)t, 12.3(14)t1, 12.3(14)t2, 12.3(14)t3, 12.3(14)t4, 12.3(14)t5, 12.3(14)t6, 12.3(14)t7, 12.3(14)t8, 12.3(14)t9, 12.3(14)ym2, 12.3(14)ym3, 12.3(14)ym4, 12.3(14)ym5, 12.3(14)ym6, 12.3(14)ym7, 12.3(14)ym8, 12.3(14)ym9, 12.3(14)ym10, 12.3(14)ym11, 12.3(14)ym12, 12.3(14)ym13, 12.3(14)yq, 12.3(14)yq1, 12.3(14)yq2, 12.3(14)yq3, 12.3(14)yq4, 12.3(14)yq5, 12.3(14)yq6, 12.3(14)yq7, 12.3(14)yq8, 12.3(14)yt, 12.3(14)yt1, 12.3(14)yu, 12.3(14)yu1, 12.3(14)yv, 12.3(14)zc, 12.3(15), 12.3(15b), 12.3(16), 12.3(16a), 12.3(17a), 12.3(17a)bc1, 12.3(17a)bc2, 12.3(17b), 12.3(17b)bc3, 12.3(17b)bc4, 12.3(17b)bc5, 12.3(17b)bc6, 12.3(17b)bc7, 12.3(17b)bc8, 12.3(17b)bc9, 12.3(17c), 12.3(18a), 12.3(19a), 12.3(20), 12.3(21), 12.3(21)bc, 12.3(21b), 12.3(21b)bc5, 12.3(22), 12.3(22a), 12.3(23), 12.3(23)bc, 12.3(24), 12.3(24a), 12.3(25), 12.3(26), 12.3(100)ja, 12.3(107)ja, 12.3(107)jx, 12.3(107)xi8b, 12.3(107)xi8e, 12.3(111)ja, 12.3(114)ym, 12.3(123)bc, 12.3b, 12.3bc, 12.3bw, 12.3j, 12.3ja, 12.3jea, 12.3jeb, 12.3jec, 12.3jed, 12.3jk, 12.3jl, 12.3jx, 12.3t, 12.3tpc, 12.3va, 12.3xa, 12.3xb, 12.3xc, 12.3xd, 12.3xe, 12.3xf, 12.3xg, 12.3xh, 12.3xi, 12.3xj, 12.3xk, 12.3xl, 12.3xm, 12.3xn, 12.3xq, 12.3xr, 12.3xs, 12.3xt, 12.3xu, 12.3xv, 12.3xw, 12.3xx, 12.3xy, 12.3xz, 12.3ya, 12.3yb, 12.3yc, 12.3yd, 12.3ye, 12.3yf, 12.3yg, 12.3yh, 12.3yi, 12.3yj, 12.3yk, 12.3yl, 12.3ym, 12.3yn, 12.3yq, 12.3yr, 12.3ys, 12.3yt, 12.3yu, 12.3yw, 12.3yx, 12.3yz, 12.3za, 12.4, 12.4(1), 12.4(1a), 12.4(1b), 12.4(1c), 12.4(2)mr, 12.4(2)mr1, 12.4(2)t, 12.4(2)t1, 12.4(2)t2, 12.4(2)t3, 12.4(2)t4, 12.4(2)t5, 12.4(2)t6, 12.4(2)xa, 12.4(2)xa1, 12.4(2)xa2, 12.4(2)xb, 12.4(2)xb1, 12.4(2)xb2, 12.4(2)xb3, 12.4(2)xb4, 12.4(2)xb5, 12.4(2)xb6, 12.4(2)xb7, 12.4(2)xb8, 12.4(2)xb9, 12.4(2)xb10, 12.4(2)xb11, 12.4(2)xb12, 12.4(3), 12.4(3)jk, 12.4(3)jk1, 12.4(3)jk2, 12.4(3)jk3, 12.4(3)jk4, 12.4(3)jl, 12.4(3)jl1, 12.4(3)jl2, 12.4(3)jl3, 12.4(3)t2, 12.4(3a), 12.4(3b), 12.4(3c), 12.4(3d), 12.4(3e), 12.4(3f), 12.4(3g), 12.4(3g)ja, 12.4(3g)ja1, 12.4(3g)ja2, 12.4(3g)ja3, 12.4(3g)jma, 12.4(3g)jma1, 12.4(3g)jma2, 12.4(3g)jmb, 12.4(3g)jmb1, 12.4(3g)jmc, 12.4(3g)jmc1, 12.4(3g)jmc2, 12.4(3g)jx, 12.4(3g)jx1, 12.4(3g)jx2, 12.4(3h), 12.4(3i), 12.4(3j), 12.4(4)mr, 12.4(4)mr1, 12.4(4)t, 12.4(4)t1, 12.4(4)t2, 12.4(4)t3, 12.4(4)t4, 12.4(4)t5, 12.4(4)t6, 12.4(4)t7, 12.4(4)t8, 12.4(4)xc, 12.4(4)xc1, 12.4(4)xc2, 12.4(4)xc3, 12.4(4)xc4, 12.4(4)xc5, 12.4(4)xc6, 12.4(4)xc7, 12.4(4)xd, 12.4(4)xd1, 12.4(4)xd2, 12.4(4)xd4, 12.4(4)xd5, 12.4(4)xd7, 12.4(4)xd8, 12.4(4)xd9, 12.4(4)xd10, 12.4(4)xd11, 12.4(4)xd12, 12.4(4)xp, 12.4(5), 12.4(5a), 12.4(5b), 12.4(5c), 12.4(6)mr, 12.4(6)mr1, 12.4(6)sw, 12.4(6)t, 12.4(6)t1, 12.4(6)t2, 12.4(6)t3, 12.4(6)t4, 12.4(6)t5, 12.4(6)t6, 12.4(6)t7, 12.4(6)t8, 12.4(6)t9, 12.4(6)t10, 12.4(6)t11, 12.4(6)xe, 12.4(6)xe1, 12.4(6)xe2, 12.4(6)xe3, 12.4(6)xe5, 12.4(6)xp, 12.4(6)xt, 12.4(6)xt1, 12.4(6)xt2, 12.4(7), 12.4(7a), 12.4(7b), 12.4(7c), 12.4(7d), 12.4(7e), 12.4(7f), 12.4(7g), 12.4(7h), 12.4(8), 12.4(8a), 12.4(8b), 12.4(8c), 12.4(8d), 12.4(9)mr, 12.4(9)t, 12.4(9)t1, 12.4(9)t2, 12.4(9)t3, 12.4(9)t4, 12.4(9)t5, 12.4(9)t6, 12.4(9)t7, 12.4(9)xf, 12.4(9)xg, 12.4(9)xg1, 12.4(9)xg2, 12.4(9)xg3, 12.4(9)xg4, 12.4(9)xg5, 12.4(10), 12.4(10a), 12.4(10a)ja, 12.4(10b), 12.4(10b)ja1, 12.4(10b)ja1a, 12.4(10b)ja2, 12.4(10b)ja3, 12.4(10b)ja4, 12.4(10b)ja5, 12.4(10b)jda, 12.4(10b)jdc, 12.4(10b)jdd, 12.4(10b)jde, 12.4(10c), 12.4(11)md, 12.4(11)sw1, 12.4(11)sw2, 12.4(11)sw3, 12.4(11)t, 12.4(11)xj2, 12.4(11)xj3, 12.4(11)xj4, 12.4(11)xv1, 12.4(11)xv2, 12.4(11)xw1, 12.4(11)xw2, 12.4(11)xw3, 12.4(11)xw4, 12.4(11)xw5, 12.4(11)xw6, 12.4(11)xw7, 12.4(11)xw8, 12.4(11)xw9, 12.4(11)xw10, 12.4(12), 12.4(12)mr, 12.4(12)mr1, 12.4(12)mr2, 12.4(12a), 12.4(12b), 12.4(12c), 12.4(13), 12.4(13a), 12.4(13b), 12.4(13c), 12.4(13d), 12.4(13d)ja, 12.4(13d)ja1, 12.4(13d)ja1a, 12.4(13e), 12.4(13f), 12.4(13r)t, 12.4(13r)t11, 12.4(14), 12.4(14)xk, 12.4(15)md, 12.4(15)md1, 12.4(15)md2, 12.4(15)md3, 12.4(15)md4, 12.4(15)md5, 12.4(15)md6, 12.4(15)sw, 12.4(15)sw1, 12.4(15)sw2, 12.4(15)sw3, 12.4(15)sw4, 12.4(15)sw5, 12.4(15)sw6, 12.4(15)sw7, 12.4(15)sw8, 12.4(15)sw8a, 12.4(15)sw9, 12.4(15)sw9a, 12.4(15)t, 12.4(15)t1, 12.4(15)t2, 12.4(15)t3, 12.4(15)t4, 12.4(15)t5, 12.4(15)t6, 12.4(15)t7, 12.4(15)t8, 12.4(15)t9, 12.4(15)xf, 12.4(15)xl, 12.4(15)xl1, 12.4(15)xl2, 12.4(15)xl3, 12.4(15)xl4, 12.4(15)xl5, 12.4(15)xl6, 12.4(15)xm, 12.4(15)xm1, 12.4(15)xm2, 12.4(15)xm3, 12.4(15)xn, 12.4(15)xq, 12.4(15)xq1, 12.4(15)xq2, 12.4(15)xq2a, 12.4(15)xq2b, 12.4(15)xq3, 12.4(15)xq4, 12.4(15)xq5, 12.4(15)xq6, 12.4(15)xq7, 12.4(15)xq8, 12.4(15)xr, 12.4(15)xr1, 12.4(15)xr2, 12.4(15)xr3, 12.4(15)xr4, 12.4(15)xr5, 12.4(15)xr6, 12.4(15)xr7, 12.4(15)xr8, 12.4(15)xr9, 12.4(15)xr10, 12.4(15)xy, 12.4(15)xy1, 12.4(15)xy2, 12.4(15)xy3, 12.4(15)xy4, 12.4(15)xy5, 12.4(15)xz, 12.4(15)xz1, 12.4(15)xz2, 12.4(16), 12.4(16)mr, 12.4(16)mr1, 12.4(16)mr2, 12.4(16a), 12.4(16b), 12.4(16b)ja1, 12.4(16b)ja2, 12.4(17), 12.4(18), 12.4(18a), 12.4(18a)ja, 12.4(18a)ja1, 12.4(18a)ja2, 12.4(18a)ja3, 12.4(18b), 12.4(18c), 12.4(18e), 12.4(19), 12.4(19)mr, 12.4(19)mr1, 12.4(19)mr2, 12.4(19)mr3, 12.4(19a), 12.4(19b), 12.4(20)mr, 12.4(20)mr2, 12.4(20)mrb, 12.4(20)mrb1, 12.4(20)mrb2, 12.4(20)t, 12.4(20)t1, 12.4(20)t2, 12.4(20)t3, 12.4(20)t4, 12.4(20)t5, 12.4(20)t6, 12.4(20)t6a, 12.4(20)ya, 12.4(20)ya1, 12.4(20)ya2, 12.4(20)ya3, 12.4(21), 12.4(21a)ja, 12.4(21a)ja50, 12.4(21a)jha1, 12.4(21a)jx, 12.4(21a)jy, 12.4(21a)jy1, 12.4(22)md, 12.4(22)md1, 12.4(22)md2, 12.4(22)md3, 12.4(22)mda, 12.4(22)mda1, 12.4(22)mda2, 12.4(22)mda3, 12.4(22)mda4, 12.4(22)mda5, 12.4(22)mda6, 12.4(22)mda7, 12.4(22)mf, 12.4(22)mx, 12.4(22)t, 12.4(22)t1, 12.4(22)t2, 12.4(22)t3, 12.4(22)t4, 12.4(22)t5, 12.4(22)t6, 12.4(22)xr10, 12.4(22)xr11, 12.4(22)xr12, 12.4(22)yb, 12.4(22)yb1, 12.4(22)yb2, 12.4(22)yb3, 12.4(22)yb4, 12.4(22)yb5, 12.4(22)yb6, 12.4(22)yb7, 12.4(22)yb8, 12.4(22)yd, 12.4(22)yd1, 12.4(22)yd2, 12.4(22)yd3, 12.4(22)yd4, 12.4(22)ye, 12.4(22)ye1, 12.4(22)ye2, 12.4(22)ye3, 12.4(22)ye4, 12.4(22)ye5, 12.4(22)ye6, 12.4(23), 12.4(23)jy, 12.4(23a), 12.4(23b), 12.4(23c)ja, 12.4(23c)ja1, 12.4(23c)ja2, 12.4(23c)ja3, 12.4(23c)ja4, 12.4(23c)ja5, 12.4(23c)ja6, 12.4(23c)ja7, 12.4(23c)ja8, 12.4(23c)ja9, 12.4(23c)jy, 12.4(23c)jz, 12.4(24)gc3a, 12.4(24)md, 12.4(24)md1, 12.4(24)md2, 12.4(24)md3, 12.4(24)md4, 12.4(24)md5, 12.4(24)md6, 12.4(24)md7, 12.4(24)md8, 12.4(24)mda, 12.4(24)mda1, 12.4(24)mda2, 12.4(24)mda3, 12.4(24)mda4, 12.4(24)mda5, 12.4(24)mda6, 12.4(24)mda7, 12.4(24)mda8, 12.4(24)mda9, 12.4(24)mda10, 12.4(24)mda11, 12.4(24)mda12, 12.4(24)mda13, 12.4(24)mdb, 12.4(24)mdb1, 12.4(24)mdb2, 12.4(24)mdb3, 12.4(24)mdb4, 12.4(24)mdb5, 12.4(24)mdb5a, 12.4(24)mdb5b, 12.4(24)mdb6, 12.4(24)mdb7, 12.4(24)mdb8, 12.4(24)mdb9, 12.4(24)mdb10, 12.4(24)mdb11, 12.4(24)mdb12, 12.4(24)mdb13, 12.4(24)mdb14, 12.4(24)mdb15, 12.4(24)mdb16, 12.4(24)mdb17, 12.4(24)mdb18, 12.4(24)mdb19, 12.4(24)mdc, 12.4(24)mdc1, 12.4(24)t, 12.4(24)t1, 12.4(24)t2, 12.4(24)t3, 12.4(24)t3e, 12.4(24)t3f, 12.4(24)t4, 12.4(24)t4a, 12.4(24)t4b, 12.4(24)t4c, 12.4(24)t4d, 12.4(24)t4e, 12.4(24)t4f, 12.4(24)t4l, 12.4(24)t5, 12.4(24)t6, 12.4(24)t7, 12.4(24)t8, 12.4(24)ye, 12.4(24)ye1, 12.4(24)ye2, 12.4(24)ye3, 12.4(24)ye4, 12.4(24)ye5, 12.4(24)ye6, 12.4(24)ye7, 12.4(24)yg1, 12.4(24)yg2, 12.4(24)yg3, 12.4(24)yg4, 12.4(25), 12.4(25)jax, 12.4(25a), 12.4(25b), 12.4(25c), 12.4(25d), 12.4(25d)ja, 12.4(25d)jax1, 12.4(25e), 12.4(25e)ja, 12.4(25e)ja1, 12.4(25e)jal, 12.4(25e)jal1, 12.4(25e)jal1a, 12.4(25e)jal2, 12.4(25e)jam, 12.4(25e)jam1, 12.4(25e)jam2, 12.4(25e)jam3, 12.4(25e)jam4, 12.4(25e)jam5, 12.4(25e)jam6, 12.4(25e)jan1, 12.4(25e)jan2, 12.4(25e)jao, 12.4(25e)jao1, 12.4(25e)jao2, 12.4(25e)jao3, 12.4(25e)jao3a, 12.4(25e)jao4, 12.4(25e)jao5, 12.4(25e)jao5m, 12.4(25e)jao6, 12.4(25e)jao20s, 12.4(25e)jap, 12.4(25e)jap1, 12.4(25e)jap1m, 12.4(25e)jap1n, 12.4(25e)jap2, 12.4(25e)jap4, 12.4(25e)jap5, 12.4(25e)jap6, 12.4(25e)jap7, 12.4(25e)jap8, 12.4(25e)jap9, 12.4(25e)jap10, 12.4(25e)jap26, 12.4(25e)jap100, 12.4(25e)jax, 12.4(25e)jax1, 12.4(25e)jax2, 12.4(25e)jaz, 12.4(25e)jaz1, 12.4(25e)jx, 12.4(25f), 12.4(25g), 12.4(69), 12.4(103)jk, 12.4(103)jl, 12.4(103g)ja, 12.4(103g)jmc, 12.4(103g)jx, 12.4(104)xd, 12.4(106)t, 12.4(106)xt5a, 12.4(110b)ja, 12.4(110b)jda, 12.4(111)md, 12.4(115)md, 12.4(115)sw1, 12.4(115)sw2, 12.4(115)xn, 12.4(115)xr, 12.4(115)xw, 12.4(115)xy, 12.4(116b)ja, 12.4(118), 12.4(118a)ja, 12.4(119), 12.4(120)t, 12.4(120)ya, 12.4(122)t, 12.4gc, 12.4ja, 12.4jda, 12.4jdc, 12.4jdd, 12.4jk, 12.4jl, 12.4jma, 12.4jmb, 12.4jx, 12.4md, 12.4mda, 12.4mda12, 12.4mdb, 12.4mr, 12.4mra, 12.4mrb, 12.4sw, 12.4t, 12.4xa, 12.4xb, 12.4xc, 12.4xd, 12.4xe, 12.4xf, 12.4xg, 12.4xj, 12.4xk, 12.4xl, 12.4xm, 12.4xn, 12.4xp, 12.4xq, 12.4xr, 12.4xt, 12.4xv, 12.4xw, 12.4xy, 12.4xz, 12.4ya, 12.4yb, 12.4yd, 12.4ye, 12.4yg, 15.0, 15.0(1)ew, 15.0(1)ey, 15.0(1)ey1, 15.0(1)ey2, 15.0(1)m, 15.0(1)m1, 15.0(1)m2, 15.0(1)m3, 15.0(1)m4, 15.0(1)m5, 15.0(1)m5a, 15.0(1)m6, 15.0(1)m7, 15.0(1)m8, 15.0(1)m9, 15.0(1)m10, 15.0(1)m11, 15.0(1)mr, 15.0(1)mr1, 15.0(1)mra, 15.0(1)s, 15.0(1)s1, 15.0(1)s2, 15.0(1)s3a, 15.0(1)s4, 15.0(1)s4a, 15.0(1)s5, 15.0(1)s6, 15.0(1)s10, 15.0(1)se, 15.0(1)se1, 15.0(1)se2, 15.0(1)se3, 15.0(1)sy0, 15.0(1)sy9, 15.0(1)sy10, 15.0(1)xa, 15.0(1)xo, 15.0(1r)m1, 15.0(1r)m3, 15.0(1r)m6, 15.0(1r)m13, 15.0(1r)m15, 15.0(2)ea1, 15.0(2)eb, 15.0(2)ec, 15.0(2)ed, 15.0(2)ed1, 15.0(2)ef, 15.0(2)eg, 15.0(2)eh, 15.0(2)ek, 15.0(2)ek1, 15.0(2)ew, 15.0(2)ex, 15.0(2)ex1, 15.0(2)ex2, 15.0(2)ex3, 15.0(2)ex4, 15.0(2)ex5, 15.0(2)ex8, 15.0(2)ex9, 15.0(2)ex10, 15.0(2)ex11, 15.0(2)ey, 15.0(2)ey1, 15.0(2)ey2, 15.0(2)ey3, 15.0(2)mr, 15.0(2)se, 15.0(2)se1, 15.0(2)se2, 15.0(2)se3, 15.0(2)se4, 15.0(2)se5, 15.0(2)se6, 15.0(2)se7, 15.0(2)se8, 15.0(2)se9, 15.0(2)se10, 15.0(2)se10a, 15.0(2)se11, 15.0(2)sg, 15.0(2)sg1, 15.0(2)sg2, 15.0(2)sg3, 15.0(2)sg4, 15.0(2)sg5, 15.0(2)sg6, 15.0(2)sg7, 15.0(2)sg8, 15.0(2)sg9, 15.0(2)sg10, 15.0(2)sg11, 15.0(2)sqd, 15.0(2)sqd1, 15.0(2)sqd2, 15.0(2)sqd5, 15.0(2)sqd6, 15.0(2)xo, 15.0(2a)se9, 15.0(3)ew, 15.0(5)ew, 15.0(6)ew, 15.0(8)ew, 15.0dpa, 15.0dpb, 15.0m, 15.0mr, 15.0mra, 15.0s, 15.0sa, 15.0sg, 15.0sid, 15.0xa, 15.0xo, 15.1, 15.1(1)mr, 15.1(1)mr1, 15.1(1)mr2, 15.1(1)mr3, 15.1(1)mr4, 15.1(1)s, 15.1(1)s1, 15.1(1)s2, 15.1(1)sg, 15.1(1)sg1, 15.1(1)sg2, 15.1(1)sy, 15.1(1)sy1, 15.1(1)sy2, 15.1(1)sy3, 15.1(1)sy6, 15.1(1)t1, 15.1(1)t2, 15.1(1)t3, 15.1(1)t4, 15.1(1)t5, 15.1(2)ey, 15.1(2)ey1a, 15.1(2)ey2, 15.1(2)ey2a, 15.1(2)ey3, 15.1(2)ey4, 15.1(2)gc, 15.1(2)gc1, 15.1(2)gc2, 15.1(2)mwr, 15.1(2)s, 15.1(2)s1, 15.1(2)s2, 15.1(2)sg, 15.1(2)sg1, 15.1(2)sg2, 15.1(2)sg3, 15.1(2)sg4, 15.1(2)sg5, 15.1(2)sg6, 15.1(2)sg7, 15.1(2)sg7a, 15.1(2)sg8, 15.1(2)sg9, 15.1(2)sng, 15.1(2)sng1, 15.1(2)snh, 15.1(2)sni, 15.1(2)sni1, 15.1(2)sy, 15.1(2)sy1, 15.1(2)sy2, 15.1(2)sy3, 15.1(2)sy6, 15.1(2)sy7, 15.1(2)sy8, 15.1(2)sy10, 15.1(2)t, 15.1(2)t1, 15.1(2)t2, 15.1(2)t3, 15.1(2)t4, 15.1(2)t5, 15.1(2a)sg7, 15.1(3)mr, 15.1(3)mr1, 15.1(3)mra, 15.1(3)mra1, 15.1(3)mra2, 15.1(3)mra3, 15.1(3)mra4, 15.1(3)s, 15.1(3)s0a, 15.1(3)s1, 15.1(3)s2, 15.1(3)s3, 15.1(3)s4, 15.1(3)s5, 15.1(3)s5a, 15.1(3)s6, 15.1(3)sva, 15.1(3)svb, 15.1(3)svb1, 15.1(3)svc, 15.1(3)svd, 15.1(3)svd1, 15.1(3)svd2, 15.1(3)sve, 15.1(3)svf, 15.1(3)svf1, 15.1(3)svf4a, 15.1(3)svg, 15.1(3)t, 15.1(3)t1, 15.1(3)t2, 15.1(3)t3, 15.1(3)t4, 15.1(4)gc, 15.1(4)gc1, 15.1(4)gc2, 15.1(4)m, 15.1(4)m1, 15.1(4)m2, 15.1(4)m3, 15.1(4)m3a, 15.1(4)m4, 15.1(4)m5, 15.1(4)m6, 15.1(4)m7, 15.1(4)m8, 15.1(4)m9, 15.1(4)m10, 15.1(4)m12a, 15.1(4)t, 15.1(100)t, 15.1ey, 15.1gc, 15.1m, 15.1s, 15.1sg, 15.1t, 15.1xb, 15.2, 15.2(1)ex, 15.2(1)ey, 15.2(1)ez, 15.2(1)gc, 15.2(1)gc1, 15.2(1)gc2, 15.2(1)s, 15.2(1)s1, 15.2(1)s2, 15.2(1)sb2, 15.2(1)sc, 15.2(1)sc1, 15.2(1)sy1, 15.2(1)sy1a, 15.2(1)sy2, 15.2(1)sy3, 15.2(1)sy4, 15.2(1)t, 15.2(1)t1, 15.2(1)t2, 15.2(1)t3, 15.2(1)t3a, 15.2(1)t4, 15.2(1s)s1, 15.2(2)e, 15.2(2)e1, 15.2(2)e3, 15.2(2)e4, 15.2(2)e5, 15.2(2)e5a, 15.2(2)e5b, 15.2(2)e6, 15.2(2)e7, 15.2(2)ea2, 15.2(2)ea3, 15.2(2)eb2, 15.2(2)gc, 15.2(2)ja, 15.2(2)ja1, 15.2(2)ja2, 15.2(2)jax, 15.2(2)jax1, 15.2(2)jb, 15.2(2)jb1, 15.2(2)jb2, 15.2(2)jb3, 15.2(2)jb4, 15.2(2)jb5, 15.2(2)jb10, 15.2(2)jn, 15.2(2)jn1, 15.2(2)jn2, 15.2(2)s, 15.2(2)s0a, 15.2(2)s0b, 15.2(2)s0c, 15.2(2)s1, 15.2(2)s2, 15.2(2)sng, 15.2(2)snh1, 15.2(2)sni, 15.2(2)sy, 15.2(2)sy1, 15.2(2)sy2, 15.2(2)sy3, 15.2(2)t, 15.2(2)t1, 15.2(2)t2, 15.2(2)t3, 15.2(2)t4, 15.2(2a)ja, 15.2(3)e3, 15.2(3)e5, 15.2(3)ex, 15.2(3)gc, 15.2(3)gc1, 15.2(3)s, 15.2(3)t, 15.2(3m)e8, 15.2(4)e, 15.2(4)e1, 15.2(4)e3, 15.2(4)e4, 15.2(4)ea, 15.2(4)ea1, 15.2(4)ea3, 15.2(4)ea4, 15.2(4)ec, 15.2(4)ec1, 15.2(4)ec2, 15.2(4)gc, 15.2(4)gc1, 15.2(4)gc2, 15.2(4)gc3, 15.2(4)ja, 15.2(4)ja1, 15.2(4)ja2, 15.2(4)jaz1, 15.2(4)jb, 15.2(4)jb1, 15.2(4)jb2, 15.2(4)jb3, 15.2(4)jb3a, 15.2(4)jb3b, 15.2(4)jb3h, 15.2(4)jb3s, 15.2(4)jb4, 15.2(4)jb5, 15.2(4)jb5h, 15.2(4)jb5m, 15.2(4)jb6, 15.2(4)jb7, 15.2(4)jb50, 15.2(4)jbx, 15.2(4)jn, 15.2(4)jn1, 15.2(4)m1, 15.2(4)m2, 15.2(4)m3, 15.2(4)m4, 15.2(4)m5, 15.2(4)m6a, 15.2(4)m7, 15.2(4)m8, 15.2(4)m9, 15.2(4)m11, 15.2(4)pi, 15.2(4)s0x, 15.2(4)s0xb, 15.2(4)st, 15.2(4m)e1, 15.2(4m)e3, 15.2(4n)e2, 15.2(4o)e2, 15.2(4p)e1, 15.2(5)e1, 15.2(5)e2, 15.2(5)e2a, 15.2(5)e2c, 15.2(5)ea, 15.2(5)ex, 15.2(5)st, 15.2(5a)e, 15.2(5a)e1, 15.2(5b)e, 15.2(5c)e, 15.3, 15.3(1)s1, 15.3(1)s2, 15.3(1)sy, 15.3(1)sy1, 15.3(1)sy2, 15.3(1)t, 15.3(1)t1, 15.3(1)t2, 15.3(1)t3, 15.3(1)t4, 15.3(2)s, 15.3(2)s0a, 15.3(2)s1, 15.3(2)s2, 15.3(2)t, 15.3(2)t1, 15.3(2)t2, 15.3(2)t3, 15.3(2)t4, 15.3(3)ja, 15.3(3)ja1, 15.3(3)ja1m, 15.3(3)ja1n, 15.3(3)ja4, 15.3(3)ja5, 15.3(3)ja6, 15.3(3)ja7, 15.3(3)ja8, 15.3(3)ja9, 15.3(3)ja10, 15.3(3)ja50, 15.3(3)ja76, 15.3(3)ja77, 15.3(3)ja78, 15.3(3)jaa, 15.3(3)jaa50, 15.3(3)jab, 15.3(3)jab1, 15.3(3)jax, 15.3(3)jax1, 15.3(3)jax2, 15.3(3)jb, 15.3(3)jb1, 15.3(3)jb75, 15.3(3)jbb, 15.3(3)jbb1, 15.3(3)jbb2, 15.3(3)jbb4, 15.3(3)jbb5, 15.3(3)jbb6, 15.3(3)jbb6a, 15.3(3)jbb8, 15.3(3)jbb50, 15.3(3)jc, 15.3(3)jc1, 15.3(3)jc100, 15.3(3)jc101, 15.3(3)jc102, 15.3(3)jn, 15.3(3)jn1, 15.3(3)jn2, 15.3(3)jn3, 15.3(3)jn4, 15.3(3)jn7, 15.3(3)jn8, 15.3(3)jn9, 15.3(3)jn100, 15.3(3)jnb, 15.3(3)jnc, 15.3(3)jnc2, 15.3(3)jnc3, 15.3(3)jnd, 15.3(3)jnp, 15.3(3)jnp1, 15.3(3)jnp2, 15.3(3)jnp3, 15.3(3)jpb1, 15.3(3)jpb2, 15.3(3)jpc, 15.3(3)jpc1, 15.3(3)jpc2, 15.3(3)m, 15.3(3)m1, 15.3(3)m2, 15.3(3)m6, 15.3(3)m7, 15.3(3)m8, 15.3(3)m9, 15.3(3)s, 15.3(3)s0.1, 15.3(3)s0b, 15.3(3)s1, 15.3(3)s2, 15.3(3)s3, 15.3(3)s4, 15.3(3)s5, 15.3(3)t, 15.3(100)m, 15.3m, 15.3s, 15.4, 15.4(1)s, 15.4(1)s1, 15.4(1)s2, 15.4(1)s3, 15.4(1)sy, 15.4(1)sy1, 15.4(1)sy2, 15.4(1)t, 15.4(1)t1, 15.4(1)t2, 15.4(1)t3, 15.4(1)t4, 15.4(1.13)s, 15.4(2)s, 15.4(2)s1, 15.4(2)s2, 15.4(2)t, 15.4(2)t1, 15.4(2)t2, 15.4(2)t3, 15.4(2)t4, 15.4(3)m2.2, 15.4(3)m3, 15.4(3)m4, 15.4(3)m5, 15.4(3)m6, 15.4(3)m7, 15.4(3)s, 15.4(3)s1, 15.4(3)s7, 15.4(3)sn1, 15.4s, 15.4sn, 15.4t, 15.5(1)s, 15.5(1)s2, 15.5(1)s3, 15.5(1)s4, 15.5(1)sy, 15.5(1)t, 15.5(1)t1, 15.5(1)t2, 15.5(1)t3, 15.5(1)t4, 15.5(2)s, 15.5(2)s1, 15.5(2)s2, 15.5(2)s3, 15.5(2)s4, 15.5(2)t, 15.5(2)t1, 15.5(2)t2, 15.5(2)t3, 15.5(2)t4, 15.5(2.25)t, 15.5(3)m, 15.5(3)m0a, 15.5(3)m1, 15.5(3)m4, 15.5(3)m5, 15.5(3)m6, 15.5(3)s, 15.5(3)s0a, 15.5(3)s1, 15.5(3)s1a, 15.5(3)s3.16, 15.5(3)sn, 15.5s, 15.5t, 15.6(0.17)t, 15.6(1)t0a, 15.6(2)sn, 15.6(2)sp, 15.6(2)sp1, 15.6(3)m, 15.6(3)m1b, 15.6(3)m2, 15.6(3)m2a, 15.6(3)m3, 15.7(2.0z)m
CiscoIos Xe-, 2.1.0, 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.3, 2.3.0, 2.3.0t, 2.3.1, 2.3.1t, 2.3.2, 2.4.0, 2.4.1, 2.4.2, 2.4.3, 2.4.4, 2.5(.0), 2.5.0, 2.5.1, 2.5.2, 2.6(.0), 2.6(.1), 2.6(.2), 2.6.0, 2.6.1, 2.6.2, 2.6.2a, 3.1.0s, 3.1.0sg, 3.1.1s, 3.1.1sg, 3.1.2s, 3.1.3s, 3.1.4s, 3.1s, 3.1s(.0), 3.1s(.1), 3.1s(.2), 3.1s(.3), 3.1s.0, 3.1s.1, 3.1s.2, 3.1s.3, 3.1s.4, 3.1s.4a, 3.1s.5, 3.1s.6, 3.1sg, 3.1sg.0, 3.1sg.1, 3.2.00.xo.15.0(2)xo, 3.2.0s, 3.2.0sg, 3.2.0xo, 3.2.1s, 3.2.1sg, 3.2.2s, 3.2.2sg, 3.2.3sg, 3.2.4sg, 3.2.11sg, 3.2ja, 3.2s, 3.2s(.0), 3.2s(.1), 3.2s(.2), 3.2s.0, 3.2s.1, 3.2s.2, 3.2s.3, 3.2se, 3.2se.0, 3.2se.1, 3.2se.2, 3.2se.3, 3.2sg, 3.2sg.0, 3.2sg.1, 3.2sg.2, 3.2sg.3, 3.2sg.4, 3.2sg.5, 3.2sg.6, 3.2sg.7, 3.2sg.8, 3.2sg.9, 3.2xo, 3.2xo.0, 3.2xo.1, 3.3.0s, 3.3.0sg, 3.3.1s, 3.3.1sg, 3.3.2s, 3.3.2sg, 3.3.3s, 3.3s, 3.3s(.0), 3.3s(.1), 3.3s(.2), 3.3s.0, 3.3s.1, 3.3s.2, 3.3s 3.3.0s, 3.3s 3.3.1s, 3.3s 3.3.2s, 3.3se, 3.3sg, 3.3sg.0, 3.3sg.1, 3.3sg.2, 3.3sg 3.3.0sg, 3.3sg 3.3.1sg, 3.3sg 3.3.2sg, 3.3sq, 3.3sq.0, 3.3sq.1, 3.3xo, 3.3xo.0, 3.3xo.1, 3.3xo.2, 3.4.0as, 3.4.0s, 3.4.0sg, 3.4.1s, 3.4.1sg, 3.4.2s, 3.4.2sg, 3.4.3s, 3.4.3sg, 3.4.4s, 3.4.4sg, 3.4.5s, 3.4.5sg, 3.4.6sg, 3.4.7asg, 3.4.7sg, 3.4.8sg, 3.4.9sg, 3.4.xs, 3.4s, 3.4s(.0), 3.4s(.1), 3.4s(.2), 3.4s(.3), 3.4s(.4), 3.4s(.5), 3.4s(.6), 3.4s.0, 3.4s.0a, 3.4s.1, 3.4s.2, 3.4s.3, 3.4s.4, 3.4s.5, 3.4s.6, 3.4s 3.4.0as, 3.4s 3.4.0s, 3.4s 3.4.1s, 3.4s 3.4.2s, 3.4s 3.4.3s, 3.4s 3.4.4s, 3.4s 3.4.5s, 3.4s 3.4.6s, 3.4sg, 3.4sg.0, 3.4sg.1, 3.4sg.2, 3.4sg.3, 3.4sg.4, 3.4sg.5, 3.4sg 3.4.7sg, 3.4sq, 3.4sq.0, 3.4sq.1, 3.5.0s, 3.5.1s, 3.5.2s, 3.5.4sq, 3.5.5sq, 3.5.xs, 3.5e, 3.5e.0, 3.5e.1, 3.5e.2, 3.5e.3, 3.5s, 3.5s(.0), 3.5s(.1), 3.5s(.2), 3.5s.0, 3.5s.1, 3.5s.2, 3.5s Base, 3.5sq, 3.6.0s, 3.6.1s, 3.6.2s, 3.6.5ae, 3.6.5be, 3.6.5e, 3.6.6e, 3.6.7e, 3.6e, 3.6e.0, 3.6e.1, 3.6s, 3.6s(.0), 3.6s(.1), 3.6s(.2), 3.6s.0, 3.6s.1, 3.6s.2, 3.6s Base, 3.7.0s, 3.7.1s, 3.7.2s, 3.7.5e, 3.7e, 3.7e.0, 3.7e 3.7.3e, 3.7s, 3.7s(.0), 3.7s(.1), 3.7s.0, 3.7s.1, 3.7s.2, 3.7s.3, 3.7s.4, 3.7s.5, 3.7s.6, 3.7s.7, 3.7s Base, 3.8.0s, 3.8.1s, 3.8.2e, 3.8.2s, 3.8e, 3.8e 3.8.1e, 3.8ex, 3.8s, 3.8s(.0), 3.8s(.1), 3.8s(.2), 3.8s.0, 3.8s.1, 3.8s.2, 3.8s Base, 3.9.0as, 3.9.0s, 3.9.1as, 3.9.1s, 3.9.2e, 3.9.2s, 3.9e, 3.9s, 3.9s.0, 3.9s.1, 3.9s.2, 3.10, 3.10.0s, 3.10.1s, 3.10.1s1, 3.10.1xbs, 3.10.2s, 3.10.3s, 3.10s.0, 3.10s.0a, 3.10s.1, 3.10s.2, 3.10s.3, 3.10s.4, 3.10s.5, 3.10s 3.10.2ts, 3.10s 3.10.7s, 3.11s, 3.11s.0, 3.11s.1, 3.11s.2, 3.11s.3, 3.11s.4, 3.12s, 3.12s.0, 3.12s.1, 3.12s.2, 3.12s.3, 3.13s.0, 3.13s.1, 3.13s.2, 3.14s, 3.14s.0, 3.14s.1, 3.14s.2, 3.14s.3, 3.14s.4, 3.15.1cs, 3.15.4s, 3.15s, 3.15s.0, 3.15s.1, 3.15s.2, 3.16.0cs, 3.16.1s, 3.16.2bs, 3.16s, 3.16s.0, 3.16s.1, 3.17.1as, 3.17.2s, 3.17s, 3.17s.0, 3.17s.1, 3.17s 3.17.0s, 3.18.0as, 3.18.0s, 3.18s, 13.10.2s, 15.4(3)s, 16.1.1, 16.3.4, 16.4.2, 16.5.1, 16.5.1b
CiscoIos Xr7.0.1, 7.1.1
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Vendor Advisories

A vulnerability in the logic that handles access control to one of the hardware components in Cisco's proprietary Secure Boot implementation could allow an authenticated, local attacker to write a modified firmware image to the component This vulnerability affects multiple Cisco products that support hardware-based Secure Boot functionality The v ...

Recent Articles

The Joy of Six... critical security patches: Cisco small biz switches open to hijacking via web UI
The Register • Shaun Nichols in San Francisco • 22 Aug 2019

Plus UCS and more gear needs update: Turn it on, download these fixes, crank it up – and rip the KNOB off

Cisco has emitted a fresh round of software updates to address security holes in its network switches and controllers.
Switchzilla's latest patch bundle includes six alerts for what it rates as critical issues, including flaws in its Small Business 220 Series switches and UCS Director software. Combined with Cisco's fixes for 'high' and 'moderate' issues, the networking giant posted a total of 33 security alerts on Wednesday.
For the Small Business 220 Switches, a pair of patches add...

Cisco Starts Patching Firmware Bug; Millions of Devices Still Vulnerable
Threatpost • Tara Seals • 21 May 2019

Cisco has issued a handful of firmware releases for a high-severity vulnerability in Cisco’s proprietary Secure Boot implementation that impacts millions of its hardware devices, across the scope of its portfolio.
The patches are the first in a planned series of firmware updates that will roll out in waves from now through the fall – some products will remain unpatched and vulnerable through November.
Secure Boot is the vendor’s trusted hardware root-of-trust, implemented in a ...

Cisco Service Provider, WebEx Bugs Offer Up Remote Code Execution
Threatpost • Tara Seals • 16 May 2019

Cisco is warning of critical remote code-execution (RCE) vulnerabilities in the Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI) and Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) Manager, which is used by telcos, mobile carriers, cable companies and ISPs to manage their hardware infrastructure.
The vendor also issued estimated bug-fix dates for an unpatched, high-severity Secure Boot flaw that was disclosed on Monday; and addressed a high-severity flaw that would allow arbitrary code-execution on WebEx for Windows, C...

It's 2019 so now security vulnerabilities are branded using emojis: Meet 😾😾😾, a Cisco router secure boot flaw
The Register • Iain Thomson in San Francisco • 13 May 2019

It's pronounced Thrangrycat: A means to bury spyware deep inside pwned networking gear

Security weaknesses at the heart of some of Cisco's network routers, switches, and firewalls can be exploited by hackers to hide spyware deep inside compromised equipment.
In order to exploit these flaws, dubbed 😾😾😾 or Thrangrycat by their discoverers, a miscreant or rogue employee needs to be able to log into the vulnerable device as an administrator, and can thus already do a lot of damage or snooping on your enterprise anyway.
What makes 😾😾😾 interesting is that i...

Pair of Cisco Bugs, One Unpatched, Affect Millions of Devices
Threatpost • Tara Seals • 13 May 2019

Cisco has disclosed an unpatched, high-severity vulnerability that impacts millions of devices, in the logic that handles access control to one of the hardware components in Cisco’s proprietary Secure Boot implementation.
Cisco has also disclosed a similarly widely-impacting high-severity bug that exists in the web-based user interface (Web UI) of the Cisco IOS XE Software. An authenticated, remote attacker could execute commands on the underlying Linux shell of an affected device with r...