Published: 14/05/2019 Updated: 13/08/2019
CVSS v2 Base Score: 7.5 | Impact Score: 6.4 | Exploitability Score: 10
CVSS v3 Base Score: 9.8 | Impact Score: 5.9 | Exploitability Score: 3.9
VMScore: 670
Vector: AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:P/I:P/A:P

Vulnerability Summary

A buffer overflow vulnerability in WhatsApp VOIP stack allowed remote code execution via specially crafted series of SRTCP packets sent to a target phone number. Affected Versions: The issue affects WhatsApp for Android before v2.19.134, WhatsApp Business for Android before v2.19.44, WhatsApp for iOS before v2.19.51, WhatsApp Business for iOS before v2.19.51, WhatsApp for Windows Phone before v2.18.348, and WhatsApp for Tizen before v2.18.15.

Vulnerability Trend

Affected Products

Vendor Product Versions
WhatsappWhatsapp2.2.5, 2.6.4, 2.6.5, 2.6.6, 2.6.7, 2.6.9, 2.6.10, 2.8.1, 2.8.2, 2.8.3, 2.8.4, 2.8.6, 2.8.7, 2.10.1, 2.10.2, 2.11.3, 2.11.4, 2.11.5, 2.11.6, 2.11.7, 2.11.8, 2.11.9, 2.11.11, 2.11.12, 2.11.14, 2.11.15, 2.11.16, 2.12.1, 2.12.2, 2.12.3, 2.12.4, 2.12.6, 2.12.7, 2.12.8, 2.12.9, 2.12.10, 2.12.11, 2.12.12, 2.12.13, 2.12.14, 2.12.15, 2.12.16, 2.12.17, 2.16.1, 2.16.2, 2.16.3, 2.16.4, 2.16.5, 2.16.6, 2.16.7, 2.16.8, 2.16.9, 2.16.10, 2.16.11, 2.16.12, 2.16.13, 2.16.14, 2.16.15, 2.16.16, 2.16.17, 2.16.18, 2.16.19, 2.16.20, 2.17.1, 2.17.2, 2.17.3, 2.17.4, 2.17.5, 2.17.7, 2.18.93

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