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Important: Istio-Proxy Security Update

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Synopsis Important: Istio-Proxy Security Update Type/Severity Security Advisory: Important Topic An update for Istio-Proxy is now available for Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh Tech Preview 090Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact ofimportant A Common Vulnerability Sco ...

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How to use this tool? If envoy is in your path, Simply run it! $ envoy-cves ✔ Success! your envoy was tested and is immune to CVE-2019-9901 Make sure that the option normalize_path is turned on in your HCM settings ✔ Success! your envoy was tested and is immune to CVE-2019-9900 If not, provide the path to envoy in a flag: envoy-cves --envoy=/path/to/envoy ✘ Fail! your

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