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College Website CMS had an SQL injection into the department id parameter. discovered by Ayed Alqahtani (lus33r)

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CVE-2022-27414 - SQL-Injection College Website CMS v10 - CVE-2022-27414 - SQL Injection CVE url cvemitreorg/cgi-bin/cvenamecgi?name=CVE-2022-27414 PoC below Vulnerable Code starts from line 9 in "cwms\departments\indexphp" <?php $departments = $conn->query(&qu

CVE-2022-2741 The denial-of-service can be triggered by transmitting a carefully crafted CAN frame on the same CAN network as the vulnerable node The frame must have a CAN ID matching an installed filter in the vulnerable node (this can easily be guessed based on CAN traffic analyses) The frame must contain the opposite RTR bit as what the filter installed in the vulnerable n