Published: 13/09/2022 Updated: 15/09/2022
CVSS v3 Base Score: 5.3 | Impact Score: 1.4 | Exploitability Score: 3.9

Vulnerability Summary

Missing Custom Error Page in GitHub repository ikus060/rdiffweb before 2.4.2.

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ikus-soft rdiffweb

Github Repositories

website • docs • community • demo Welcome to Rdiffweb Rdiffweb is a web application that allows you to view repositories generated by rdiff-backup The purpose of this application is to ease the management of backups and quickly restore your data with a rich and powerful web interface Rdiffweb is written in Python and is released as open source project

website • docs • community Welcome to Minarca Backup Software! Minarca is a free and open-source backup software providing end-to-end integration to put you in control of your backup strategy This Self-Hosted software may suit the needs of service providers or small business Simple to install, to configure and to manage, Minarca