Vulnerability Trends

CVE-2018-8611An elevation of privilege vulnerability exists when the Windows kernel fails to properly handle objects in memory, aka "Windows Kernel Elevation of Pr...
CVE-2018-15982Red Hat: CVE-2018-15982: Critical: flash-plugin security update (RHSA-2018:3795)
CVE-2018-15133In Laravel Framework through 5.5.40 and 5.6.x through 5.6.29, remote code execution might occur as a result of an unserialize call on a potentially un...
CVE-2018-19788A flaw was found in PolicyKit (aka polkit) 0.115 that allows a user with a uid greater than INT_MAX to successfully execute any systemctl command.
CVE-2018-1002105In all Kubernetes versions prior to v1.10.11, v1.11.5, and v1.12.3, incorrect handling of error responses to proxied upgrade requests in the kube-apis...
CVE-2018-8626A remote code execution vulnerability exists in Windows Domain Name System (DNS) servers when they fail to properly handle requests, aka "Windows DNS ...
CVE-2018-19968An attacker can exploit phpMyAdmin before 4.8.4 to leak the contents of a local file because of an error in the transformation feature. The attacker m...

Top Vendors

microsoft 6035
oracle 5526
apple 4270
ibm 4229
google 3749
cisco 3658
adobe 2857
debian 2197
linux 2197
redhat 2178