oracle webcenter sites vulnerabilities and exploits

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Apache Groovy 1.7.0Apache Groovy 1.7.4Apache Groovy 1.7.5Apache Groovy 1.8.0Apache Groovy 1.8.1Apache Groovy 1.8.2Apache Groovy 1.8.9Apache Groovy 1.9.0Apache Groovy 2.0.0Apache Groovy 2.0.5Apache Groovy 2.0.6Apache Groovy 2.1.0Apache Groovy 2.1.1Apache Groovy 2.1.8Apache Groovy 2.1.9Apache Groovy 2.2.2Apache Groovy 2.3.0Apache Groovy 2.3.2Apache Groovy 2.3.3Apache Groovy 2.3.10Apache Groovy 2.3.11Apache Groovy 2.4.1Apache Groovy 2.4.2Apache Groovy 1.7.2Apache Groovy 1.7.3Apache Groovy 1.7.10Apache Groovy 1.7.11Apache Groovy 1.8.7Apache Groovy 1.8.8Apache Groovy 2.0.3Apache Groovy 2.0.4Apache Groovy 2.1.6Apache Groovy 2.1.7Apache Groovy 2.2.0Apache Groovy 2.2.1Apache Groovy 2.3.1Apache Groovy 2.3.8Apache Groovy 2.3.9Apache Groovy 2.4.0Apache Groovy 1.7.1Apache Groovy 1.7.8Apache Groovy 1.7.9Apache Groovy 1.8.5Apache Groovy 1.8.6Apache Groovy 2.0.1Apache Groovy 2.0.2Apache Groovy 2.1.4Apache Groovy 2.1.5Apache Groovy 2.3.6Apache Groovy 2.3.7Apache Groovy 1.7.6Apache Groovy 1.7.7Apache Groovy 1.8.3Apache Groovy 1.8.4Apache Groovy 2.0.7Apache Groovy 2.0.8Apache Groovy 2.1.2Apache Groovy 2.1.3Apache Groovy 2.3.4Apache Groovy 2.3.5Apache Groovy 2.4.3Oracle Health Sciences Clinical Development Center 3.1.2Oracle Retail Service Backbone 13.0Oracle Retail Order Broker Cloud Service 5.1Oracle Retail Order Broker Cloud Service 5.2Oracle Retail Order Broker Cloud Service 15.0Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management 14.1Oracle Health Sciences Clinical Development Center 3.1.1Oracle Retail Service Backbone 15.0Oracle Retail Order Broker Cloud Service 4.1Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management 13.2Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management 14.0Oracle Retail Service Backbone 14.0Oracle Retail Service Backbone 14.1Oracle Retail Service Backbone 13.1Oracle Retail Service Backbone 13.2Oracle Webcenter Sites Webcenter Sites 12.2.1
Jquery JqueryOracle Hospitality Materials Control 18.1Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Studio 3.1.0Oracle Siebel Ui Framework 18.10Oracle Siebel Ui Framework 18.11Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management For Process Agile Product Lifecycle Management For Process Retail Workforce Management Software 1.60.9Oracle Retail Workforce Management Software 1.64.0Oracle Peoplesoft Enterprise Peopletools 8.55Oracle Healthcare Foundation 7.2Oracle Business Process Management Suite Communications Webrtc Session ControllerOracle Communications Converged Application ServerOracle Jd Edwards Enterpriseone Tools 9.2Oracle Fusion Middleware Mapviewer Jdeveloper Financial Services Market Risk Measurement And Management 8.0.5Oracle Financial Services Market Risk Measurement And Management 8.0.6Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications InfrastructureOracle Primavera Gateway 17.12Oracle Banking Platform 2.6.0Oracle Webcenter Sites Healthcare Translational Research 3.1.0Oracle Primavera UnifierOracle Primavera Unifier 18.8Oracle Banking Platform 2.6.1Oracle Banking Platform 2.6.2Oracle Hospitality Guest Access 4.2.0Oracle Hospitality Guest Access 4.2.1Oracle Communications Services GatekeeperOracle Utilities FrameworkOracle Retail Customer Insights 16.0Oracle Retail Sales Audit 15.0Oracle Insurance Insbridge Rating And Underwriting 5.5Oracle Healthcare Foundation 7.1Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12.2.2Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12.3.3Oracle Real-time Scheduler 2.3.0Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management 2.3.0Oracle Financial Services Reconciliation Framework 8.0.6Oracle Financial Services Profitability ManagementOracle Financial Services Data Integration HubOracle Financial Services Asset Liability ManagementOracle Communications Interactive Session Recorder 6.2Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management For Process Retail Customer Insights 15.0Oracle Insurance Insbridge Rating And Underwriting 5.2Oracle Insurance Insbridge Rating And Underwriting 5.4Oracle Weblogic Server Weblogic Server Retail Invoice Matching 15.0Oracle Oss Support Tools 19.1Oracle Hospitality Reporting And Analytics 9.1.0Oracle Financial Services Reconciliation Framework 8.0.5Oracle Financial Services Hedge Management And Ifrs ValuationsOracle Financial Services Funds Transfer PricingOracle Communications Interactive Session Recorder 6.0Oracle Communications Interactive Session Recorder 6.1Oracle Primavera Gateway 15.2Oracle Primavera Gateway 16.2Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Studio 3.2.0Oracle Service Bus Service Bus Primavera Unifier 16.1Oracle Primavera Unifier 16.2Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management For Process Agile Product Lifecycle Management For Process Peoplesoft Enterprise Peopletools 8.56Oracle Peoplesoft Enterprise Peopletools 8.57Oracle Business Process Management Suite Business Process Management Suite Hospitality Cruise Fleet Management 9.0.11Oracle Retail Allocation 15.0.2Oracle Jdeveloper Jdeveloper Financial Services Loan Loss Forecasting And ProvisioningOracle Financial Services Liquidity Risk ManagementOracle Enterprise Operations Monitor 3.4Oracle Enterprise Operations Monitor 4.0