Published: 12/03/2020 Updated: 31/03/2020
CVSS v2 Base Score: 7.5 | Impact Score: 6.4 | Exploitability Score: 10
Vector: AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:P/I:P/A:P

Vulnerability Summary

Microsoft Server Message Block 3.1.1 (SMBv3) contains a vulnerability in the way that it handles connections that use compression. This vulnerability may allow a remote, unauthenticated malicious user to execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable system. It has been reported that this vulnerability is "wormable."

Vulnerability Trend

Affected Products

Vendor Product Versions
MicrosoftWindows 101903, 1909
MicrosoftWindows Server 20161903, 1909


# CVE-2020-0796 PoC aka CoronaBlue aka SMBGhost Download ~ githubcom/offensive-security/exploitdb-bin-sploits/raw/master/bin-sploits/48216zip ## Usage `/CVE-2020-0796py servername` This script connects to the target host, and compresses the authentication request with a bad offset field set in the transformation header, causing the ...

Mailing Lists

Microsoft Windows SMB version 311 suffers from a code execution vulnerability ...

Github Repositories

Little scanner to know if a machine is runnig SMBv3.1.1 (possible vulnerability CVE-2020-0796)

SMBv311 scanner script (can search for ip or subnet)

CVE-2020-0796 Local Privilege Escalation POC

DoS PoC for CVE-2020-0796 (SMBGhost)

CVE-2020-0796 SMBGhost

基于asyncio(协程)的CVE-2020-0796 速度还是十分可观的,方便运维师傅们对内网做下快速检测。

Lightweight PoC and Scanner for CVE-2020-0796 without authentication.

No description or website provided.

CVE-2020-0796 - Working PoC - 20200313

Windows SMBv3 LPE exploit 已编译版

CVE-2020-0796 - a wormable SMBv3 vulnerability.

Scanner for CVE-2020-0796 (SMBGhost)


CVE-2020-0796 - a wormable SMBv3 vulnerability. How to work.

This project is used for scanning cve-2020-0796 SMB vulnerability


Lightweight PoC and Scanner for CVE-2020-0796 without authentication.

Scanner for CVE-2020-0796

PoC remote code execution module for CVE-2020-0796 aka SMBGhost.

Enhancements for NMAP Script Engine SMB2/3 support

No description, website, or topics provided.

No description, website, or topics provided.

Realizando alterações no codigo juntamente com a equipe SHC

Multithread SMB scanner to check CVE-2020-0796 for SMB v3.11

Identifying and Mitigating the CVE-2020–0796 flaw in the fly

Scanner for CVE-2020-0796 - SMBv3 RCE

Weaponized PoC for SMBv3 TCP codec/compression vulnerability

NSE script to detect Potentailly vulnerable CVE-2020-0796 issue "coronablue"

PoC with remote code execution module for CVE-2020-0796 aka SMBGhost.

Coronablue exploit

Scanner script to identify hosts vulnerable to CVE-2020-0796



No description, website, or topics provided.

#comment This depository is for the cve-2020-0796 vulnerability with various canners

CVE-2020-0796 SMBGhost DOS Crash

Powershell SMBv3 Compression checker

cm' on work! ;-)

CVE-2020-0796 Flaw Mitigation - Active Directory Administrative Templates

This repository contains a test case for CVE-2020-0796

Advanced scanner for CVE-2020-0796 - SMBv3 RCE

No description, website, or topics provided.


SMBGHOST local privilege escalation

Scanners List - Microsoft Windows SMBv3 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2020-0796)

Script that checks if the system is vulnerable to CVE-2020-0796 (SMB v3.1.1)

No description, website, or topics provided.

No description, website, or topics provided.

No description, website, or topics provided.

This script will apply the workaround for the vulnerability CVE-2020-0796 for the SMBv3 unauthenticated RCE

Scanner for CVE-2020-0796 - A SMBv3.1.1 + SMB compression RCE

Advanced scanner for CVE-2020-0796 - SMBv3 RCE

No description, website, or topics provided.

CVE-2020-0796 SMBv3.1.1 Compression Capability Vulnerability Scanner

Exploiter la vulnérabilité CVE-2020-0796, Remote Code Execution du protocole SMB 3.1.1 (SMBv3).

An unauthenticated PoC for CVE-2020-0796

CVE-2020-0796 Python POC buffer overflow

Lightweight PoC and Scanner for CVE-2020-0796 without authentication.

Check system is vulnerable CVE-2020-0796 (SMB v3)

Checks for vulnerabilities


No description, website, or topics provided.

No description, website, or topics provided.

Powershell SMBv3 Compression checker

CVE-2020-0794 SMBv3.1.1 Compression Capability Vulnerability Scanner

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